1. cageymaru

    Lone Echo II 360 Experience VR Trailer

    Here is the Lone Echo II 360 Experience VR Trailer. The regular trailer can be found here and more information about the title can be found on the game's website. Jack and Liv are back! Launch into Lone Echo II with this 360 experience from Ready At Dawn and Oculus Studios. Learn more about...
  2. cageymaru

    Oculus Announces the Standalone Oculus Quest VR System

    Oculus has announced the Spring 2019 availability of the $399 Oculus Quest standalone VR system. The wireless system doesn't need a PC or smartphone to experience VR content. It features six degrees of freedom touch controllers, state of the art optics and built in audio. Sensors in the...
  3. cageymaru

    VR Shipments Decreased 33% Due to a Lack of Bundling and Discounts in 2018

    The International Data Corporation (IDC) conducted a study into 2018's decline in the number of VR headsets sold. First they found that many of the screenless viewers that were bundled with phones have been discontinued and they accounted for a large portion of the market. Tethered headsets...
  4. M

    Oculus and Lenovo Explorer on the same PC?

    I have a CV1 Rift that I've been using for years, and primarily play iRacing with some touch controller games thrown in. I really want to give the Lenovo Explorer a try, due to the higher resolution, just for iRacing and Project Cars 2 (since it's on sale for $99 at B&H). Will I have a problem...
  5. cageymaru

    Pixel Ripped 1989 Is an Indie VR Game with a Retrogaming Vibe

    Pixel Ripped 1989 is an Indie VR game where you fight the bad guys in the virtual "real world" of your classroom and again in the 2D sprite world comprised of pixel art, retrogaming inspired levels. I have a soft spot for retrogaming and the title looks like it would be a ton of fun; especially...
  6. H

    thoughts on oculus go?

    Hey guys, curious about this thing as i havent really heard much buzz around it. I got a rift for home use (racing sims is my fav).. but i travel for work every week, so im only home on weekends.. but thinking that I fly alot and stay in hotels alot, would the oculus go be pretty good in that...
  7. R

    Facebook Payout in ZeniMax Suit Cut in Half

    In the latest, and likely final development in the ongoing battle between ZeniMax and Facebook in which ZeniMax claimed that Oculus software contained stolen code. The $500 million payout that was awarded to ZeniMax in February 2017 has been cut in half according to an article on Bloomberg...
  8. R

    Watch Streaming TV On Oculus Go, With Oculus TV

    AndroidCenteral is reporting that available today on the Oculus Store is a new app called Oculus TV. Available for free after downloading the app will transport you to a virtual living room, with a 180" equivalent screen, where you can watch content from Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Pluto TV and...
  9. C

    Oculus; Xbox Controller or OR Controllers?

    Thinking of picking up a OR secondhand to tinker with but the ones I see for under $300 on sale near me include the xbox controller. I was wondering how well the experience is using the controller vs the two motion controllers or whatever?
  10. S

    Oculus headband rear infrared array

    Anyone experience a problem with that rigid, infrared array, on the back of the head strap coming unglued or unstuck? I've always grabbed that back part of the head strap to stretch it over my head and this evening the thing just popped, almost like a snap. I didn't get a picture of how far...
  11. D

    Oculus Half Dome prototype - 140° FOV and varifocal display

    Short but sweet: EDIT: Supercharged_Z06 did a write up in the Vive 2 thread that I'd missed.
  12. R

    Oculus Go Release Date Confirmed

    In more news from the annual F8 Conference, the long awaited Oculus Go standalone VR headset finally had its release date announced. Surprise, it's today! VR Focus is reporting that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 powered Oculus Go is launching with 1000 apps available sold through Oculus' website...
  13. I

    Crowdfunded controller grips, carbon fiber rifle stock, and magnetic mounts

    I caved and backed a crowdfunded VR accessory, Mamut Touch Grips, after watching a review of the prototypes. Attaching them elongates the Oculus Touch controllers, which will hopefully make them fit my hands a even better. But I'm more excited about their rifle stock. The rifle stock parts are...
  14. R

    VR Finally Gets a Quality RTS With "Brass Tactics"

    Brass Tactics has come out for the Oculus Rift and UploadVR is giving it a glowing review. Fans of the genre will be happy with the classic RTS style gameplay set in a steampunk setting. The game's campaign has 4-6 hours of content, and the whole game features 20 different maps, multiple armies...
  15. R

    Tobii Showing Off VR With Eye Tracking

    At CES, The Tech Report got a private demo of a prototype Vive headset with Tobii eye tracking baked in. The demo starts with an accurate setting of interpupillary distance, which with today's headsets is a bit of guesswork. After that came several demos, including robots that could tell when...
  16. DooKey

    Oculus Releases Rift Core 2.0 Beta

    Oculus has just released their Core 2.0 Beta software to the public for use. They've updated the Dash and updated the desktop app. They also are providing a new Oculus Home so you can customize your Home experience. All in all this appears to be a major software release and you can go to...
  17. D

    Does headmaster have native oculus support on steam?

    Or should I get it from the oculus store? It's on sale on steam and looked interesting. I found a "native list" on reddit and didnt see it there or in any of my searches.
  18. B

    Oculus+touch for $399 with $50 oculus store credit.

    Just a PSA. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=26-910-005 If you have a larger play area, this would allow a 3 camera Rift setup for $409, which is a great deal (imo). That or a couple of games to go with the free ones it comes with if you have a smaller area (~12'x12').
  19. D

    Echo Arena will remain free forever

    Come join us. I hear that it works well with ReVive, but we can tell who you are by the permanently upraised thumbs...
  20. S

    Elite: Dangerous

    Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS I recently bought this HOTAS as my overall pick of the market. It was designed in conjunction with Elite: Dangerous, which didn't really sell me on the stick, but did sell me on Elite this weekend while I was looking for something else to test the HOTAS with...
  21. S

    Vive to Rift

    Just, like, my opinions man. I really enjoyed my Vive but moving to the Rift w/ Touch has been a profound improvement in every way. The touch controllers are dramatically better than the Vive. The thumbsticks are the reason I moved in the first place for the game I primarily play and I hate...
  22. harsaphes

    Oculus Oct. Announcements.

    I don't own one but I was pretty impressed with everything that was spoken about yesterday. They seem to be moving forward here in their plans. https://www.vrheads.com/oculus-connect-4
  23. FrgMstr

    Oculus Rift Pricing to Stay at Promo Price of $400 and Rift Core 2.0

    Some more announcements trickling our from Oculus today on its Rift HMD for interactive VR experiences. The Rift will now stick with its previous summer promo price of $400. Oculus is also updating the Rift's underlying software and UI bones as well with Core 2.0. Check out the video. Now...
  24. FrgMstr

    Oculus Rift Releases Developers Kit 2 - DK2

    VR is getting more exciting as more and more content comes to market, but what many have been interested in also is better HMD hardware. Yesterday Oculus pushed out its new Dev Kit 2 with many upgrades. You can read about it all here. Looks like HMDs that can do roomscale VR gameplay are...
  25. D

    Oculus now refunds games in the US

    From: https://www.oculus.com/legal/rift-content-refund-policy/
  26. V

    Had my Rift + Touch now for a few days.....

    First of all...just wow, cant believe I waited this long to get this! Not only is the experience incredible but it is so freaking fun but anyway.... Just wondering if anyone else has experienced any side effects I guess you could say from their VR headsets? Like (in the real world) I felt...
  27. B

    3D Printed Prescription Lens Holder for Oculus (cheap)

    This thing works great! Image quality is better than glasses and contacts. vs contacts - bigger sweet spot and massively reduced halo vs glasses - more comfortable, larger sweet spot, less halo I don't remember if I ordered the fancy anti-reflection lens coating or not. I'll follow up after...
  28. HiCZoK

    Disabled SPUD on oculus and quality improved a lot

    I got rift in recent sale and Even though it looked ok, there was this film grain over part of the screen. Totally ruining black scenes or just dark scenes. The "dirt coat" even made normal color image look somehow worse. I disabled "SPUD" in registry and it totally removed mura calibration and...
  29. L

    Help me decide which one to buy...

    Been out of the loop with VR and haven't kept up with the developments or what's happening. But last weekend I tried my brother-in-law's Vive room scale setup and loved it and the wife told me I could buy a system. I'm seeing the deep discounted Rift package and honestly don't know which way to...
  30. S

    Restore/roll back steamvr injector oculus tray tool

    I used the oculus tray tool to inject steamvr in place of toy box. But now with oculus allowing for games to launch direct from oculus home I don't need this and I'd like toy box back. I tried to use the restore button in oculus tray tool but it doesn't seem to work, when I click it nothing...
  31. S

    3 display port monitors + oculus rift together

    Im trying to hook up 3 monitors and my rift to a GTX 1080 (Gigabyte extreme gaming). I have to buy an HDMI to DP adapter for 1 of the monitors which is an hdmi one. I wanted to know if I did do that, would all 3 monitors work for normal desktop purposes via displayport while the rift is...
  32. R

    Oculus Shows Hand Tracking Gloves

    Oculus Chief Scientist Michael Abrash recently made a blog post highlighting some amazing technology being developed by the Oculus team, as well as his thoughts about VR moving into the future. Technologies shown here include adaptive optics, eye, facial, and skeletal tracking, and advanced hand...
  33. B

    Just Buy One

    I sat on the sidelines reading of SDE, lack of 4k per eye, and the usual gripes. I figured I'd wait for second gen. My interest was restricted to driving sims and maybe sit-down RPG. I had less than zero interest in room scale, thinking it was a gimmick. The Rift Touch bundle dropped. I...
  34. T

    Oculus + Touch for 1 week while my buddy is on vacation

    I just brought it home and looked at Steam before even opening the box. My first task will be to update my vid card drivers & swap cables to free up an HDMI port. My 1st question - can I just install Steam VR (+ Steam 360 video player?) or do I need to register w/ Oculus to DL their drivers (I...
  35. T

    Confimed: TPCast is coming to Oculus Rift

    Stated by TPCast themselves in this interview: http://www.revvrstudios.com/rev-vr-podcast-ep-146-evening-tpcast The interviewer asks "Is it coming for the Oculus Rift?" and they said it'll be ready for Rift in a couple of months.
  36. S

    SLI + 4k TV + Oculus Rift...How? Only one active HDMI output.

    Hi All, The sale on Rift has got me thinking about snagging one but I have a few questions. 1. Each card only has 1 x HDMI output but am I right in saying that only the primary card's outputs will work? 2. My main monitor is a 4k TV which only has HDMI inputs. 3. How do I go about connecting...
  37. R

    New rift+touch bundle to exclude Xbox controller and remote

    Just a heads up to anyone else interested in ordering the rift+ touch bundle. Do so now as once Oculus runs out of stock they will be shipping their new all in one package that doesn't contain a XBox one controller or Oculus remote. They have said they planned on including a XBox controller with...
  38. T

    Rift announces "Summer Sale", drops Rift + Touch price to $400

    https://www.vrfocus.com/2017/07/oculus-announce-rift-touch-price-drop-to-399-for-summer-sale/ I've long heard that $400 is the sweet spot to achive widespread adoption of VR.
  39. FrgMstr

    Oculus Founder Backs Revive

    Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, who was forced to leave Facebook (which purchased Oculus) for his right-leaning political views, has now joined forces with Revive. Revive is a "hack" that allows HTC Vive owners to play "Oculus only" VR content. It was birthed by Jules Blok who is currently...
  40. FrgMstr

    MSI VR ONE - Wireless VR Backpack Review @ [H]

    MSI VR ONE - Wireless VR Backpack Review - The MSI VR ONE is quite simply a full PC that comes in the form of a backpack that allows you to connect your HTC Vive for a "wireless" VR experience. This VR ONE unit packs a GTX 1070 laptop GPU to hopefully supply us with the needed 90 frames per...