Oculus Founder Backs Revive


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May 18, 1997
Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, who was forced to leave Facebook (which purchased Oculus) for his right-leaning political views, has now joined forces with Revive. Revive is a "hack" that allows HTC Vive owners to play "Oculus only" VR content. It was birthed by Jules Blok who is currently funding the "CrossVR" program development through Patreon. Given Palmer's past association with Facebook, and the circumstances that he left under, this certainly seems to be a thumb in the eye to some of his past business partners. CrossVR is hoping to use the funding to push his Revive project further by using some of the money to become a member of the Khronos Group's OpenXR working group that is working on open standards for VR applications, which has a fairly impressive member list.

Finally, if we reach the last milestone on Patreon I will invest $3,500 to join the Khronos Group as an Associate Member and help shape the OpenXR standard. By joining the Khronos Group I can represent your interests to help ensure that the next generation of VR headsets will have a truly open standard. However, since this standard is being developed behind closed doors; progress on OpenXR cannot be discussed in the monthly progress report.
Cool. I guess I do wonder about a standard being developed behind closed doors while so much VR development is going on. There is often a natural struggle between innovation and standards but both are necessary.
Whelp, I guess I know what I'm doing when I get home, what's the goal? (I'm sure it's somewhere but I'm too lazy/stupid to find it readily)
Fuck pride, dude is worth tres commas. He can throw money wherever he wants, albeit smelling like dingleberrys from his usage of cleansing the sphincter with ben franklins brow. I'd outright buy into partnership with Vive and bang out some fab lenses. What we really need is a monitor replacement headset for casual gaming and vr.