Oculus headband rear infrared array


Jul 24, 2005
Anyone experience a problem with that rigid, infrared array, on the back of the head strap coming unglued or unstuck?


I've always grabbed that back part of the head strap to stretch it over my head and this evening the thing just popped, almost like a snap. I didn't get a picture of how far away it gets from the strap but I can clearly see a thin ribbon cable in there and I do not want it to break the cable.

Should I just try something like super glue and take my chance that way? It looks like there is a little notch on the inside to get the plastic pieces to snap together but it doesn't matter how hard i apply pressure, the thing won't click in place (it does a little but then snaps out on the smallest bend).
We have a few damaged ones at the office, and I think one even taken down to bits. I can check in the morning to verify how it attaches. I remember reassembling a couple damaged ones into a working one, including reinstalling the back assembly, but I just can't picture it for some reason. Don't think it was an issue though as that headset is still in use today.