1. H

    VR Funhouse Gets Two Zany New Levels, Support for Oculus Touch

    This week at Oculus Connect 3 we’re announcing that VR Funhouse — the world’s most advanced virtual reality game — will support Oculus Touch. We’re also bringing two zany new levels — Wall Walker Toss and HotShot Basketball — to our carnival-themed VR experience. We created VR Funhouse to show...
  2. H

    PlayStation Will Lead Premium VR Market

    Let's hope this doesn't come true. Those of you that have been following our GPU VR performance reviews know that doing VR right takes a good deal of GPU horsepower. This means that, in order for Sony’s PlayStation VR to become the "standard" VR titles are developed for, we'll once again be...
  3. H

    Microsoft Adds More Firepower To Its HoloLens Team

    Microsoft is adding a bunch of new people to its HoloLens team. Some of the new members come from inside Microsoft, while others are coming from the University of Southern California and have mentored the likes of Palmer Luckey. Shotton has been leading the Machine Intelligence and Perception...
  4. H

    Oculus Touch Pre-Order Listed At $250 In The UK

    Pre-orders for the Oculus Touch are listed for $250 in the UK. Damn! That's a little more than I thought they were going to go for. That still makes a complete set (Rift + Touch) about the same as buying the HTC Vive but still, I thought they would come in at around $150 or so.
  5. H

    HTC Vive Capturing Developer Attention In Volatile VR Market

    A recent survey conducted by research analyst Jessica Smith found that HTC Vive is currently the most popular platform among developers. No doubt one of the reason for this is, as Kyle has covered in our VR performance reviews, is the HTC Vive's room scale play and handheld controllers...
  6. H

    ZeniMax Versus Oculus Heats Up

    Whoa, after months of hearing nothing about this lawsuit, a simple amendment just made things really interesting again. ZeniMax is now calling John Carmack a thief and, for good measure, the lawsuit also says Palmer Luckey is taking credit for ZeniMax's work. “Instead of complying with his...
  7. FrgMstr

    Premium VR? You sure about that?

  8. H

    iRacing Expanding VR Support To HTC Vive

    It looks as though iRacing will be getting native HTC Vive support early next month. The development team is looking to add some form of AA support for both the Vive and Rift in the future. Having rolled out its initial consumer VR update in June for the Oculus Rift, iRacing will add support...
  9. H

    Minecraft Arrives On The Oculus Rift

    Microsoft announced today that Minecraft is now available for the Oculus Rift. Obviously the downside is that you still have to play with a keyboard and mouse or controller but it still looks like fun.
  10. FrgMstr

    Oculus Rift NIB

    $600 OBO shipped inside continental US. This is a headset that I ordered to be used for testing here at HardOCP and I think for now we are going to stick with Vive as our go-to for testing. This was bought directly from Oculus and the shipping box has never been opened, therefore, no pictures...
  11. P

    DSR/Supersampling for Oculus CV1

    Anyone have any experience with this? I'm getting a lot of conflicting info when researching. Apparently with the DK2, you could do the DSR option in the Nvidia Control Panel and it would work, but that might not work on the CV1. There's now a debug tool from Oculus where you can set the pixel...
  12. C

    Current room scale implimentations

    So I've moved this conversation here. In a previous thread I compared the current 'room scale' implimentation (specifically both Vive wands and the unlreleased Oculus Touch) to the Wiimotes on their initial release. I sensed hostility. :) I fully admit that I've only used the Vive wands for...
  13. R

    Disappointing Oculus Experience

    So I just tried for the first time the Oculus at the local Best Buy, and I was very disappointed. I had tried the samsung VR set with a s6 phone and it was just fine nothing great, and I thought for sure the Oculus would be a much better experience, but thats not the case. I feel that visually...
  14. H

    Oculus Removes DRM Restrictions Blocking ReVive Hack

    After taking a ton of flack over its DRM policy, it would appear that Oculus is backtracking a bit. This is a statement from an Oculus representative on the company's recent change of heart: We continually revise our entitlement and anti-piracy systems, and in the June update we’ve removed the...
  15. H

    E3 Was Secretly Terrible For The Future Of Virtual Reality

    Was this year's E3 bad for the future of virtual reality? I don't think issues like simulator sickness, timed exclusives, and locking software down to specific headsets are "bad" for the industry because, over time, all these problems will get ironed out as the industry moves forward. Your...
  16. H

    Over 30 Full Games Launching With Oculus Touch This Year

    Oculus announced today that thirty made-for-VR games will launch later this year. That number includes twenty new titles that are designed around the Oculus Touch controllers. No word on when the Oculus Touch controllers will be released nor has a price been set. Here's the trailer that...
  17. B

    Best accurate VR experience

    I have the HTC Vive and the CV1 Rift for a couple moths now. I have played almost every title on both that has been highlighted by gaming press. Just letting anyone here who wants to try some incredible stuff. Project Cars on the Rift with a Logitech race wheel is so immersive that literally I...
  18. J

    CV1 prices dropping?

    just checked rifts for sale on reddit/[H]/ebay - just a week ago everyone was asking for $1000+ now i'm seeing them top out around $800 and a lot going for just the $600 the unit originally sold for in the first place - did the last round of bad press (revive) hit that hard?
  19. P

    Oculus CV1 Calibration

    Anyone have tips for calibrating this thing? Couple specific items that are troubling me so far: 1. It seems like in some apps/games I really have to crank my neck and head upwards to actually be able to see things. I looked into this a bit and I guess it's because those apps/games assume you...
  20. H

    Intel and Oculus Bring Virtual Reality Experience to Best Buy Stores across the US

    On May 7, Intel and Oculus will unveil the first retail demo of Oculus Rift, giving people an opportunity to try out the long-awaited virtual reality headset, connected to an Intel-powered PC. The demo will take place in 48 Best Buy locations nationwide, exclusively those with The Intel...
  21. Solitude

    FS: Oculus Rift DK2

    SOLD LOCALLY! Thanks for looking!
  22. H

    Oculus Reacts To Virtual Reality Privacy Questions

    The powers-that-be at Oculus don’t seem too concerned about all the privacy policy questions they have received lately, even with politicians breathing down their necks. A representative from the company told the Associated Press that all those questions will be answered “in due time.” Jason...
  23. H

    Facebook’s Jaw-Dropping Social VR Demo Really Is The Future

    I don't know if this Oculus social VR demo is "the future" but it is pretty damn cool. The demo started out like any other cheesy presentation until they got to the part where they were interacting with the pictures. Watch the video below and you'll know what I mean.
  24. Armenius

    Oculus Home is collecting data for Targeted Ads?

    Via Reddit: Oculus's services are always on and you should be concerned. • /r/oculus When you install Oculus Home a background service with full permissions is spun up and never spun down. This service is used to detect when the rift is turned on so it can automatically launch the rift, but it...
  25. H

    Oculus Rift CV1 Teardown

    I've been waiting for the crew at iFixit to get their hands on the consumer version of the Oculus Rift and tear into it. Overall it looks fairly easy to get into but some of the stuff on the inside looks pretty delicate. I found it a bit odd that you have to cut through the fabric on the headset...
  26. H

    Oculus Rift Review

    Eurogamer has a review of the Oculus Rift posted today for those of you interested. Any of you guys get your pre-order yet? It's been almost three years since I first took delivery of my DK1 Kickstarter unit. Back then, the hardware wasn't up to scratch, the experience didn't live up to...
  27. H

    Oculus Rift Review

    The crew at Engadget have quick and dirty review of the Oculus Rift posted today for those of you interested. Any of you got your headsets in yet? As a first-generation VR product, the Oculus Rift delivers an impressive amount of immersion. The big downside is its price, as well as the fact...
  28. D

    Oculus Rift Shipping Notice

    Hi Daniel, Your Rift is almost ready to ship, and your order will be processed in the next 1-3 weeks. For some customers, your actual ship date may differ from the estimate you saw when ordering. Your payment will be processed when your order ships so we want to make sure we have your details...
  29. Morphes

    [H] Poll: Which HMD did you order?

    Just curious what the guys on [H] are going with and why. I went with the Oculus Rift because it looks more comfy and they have had so much time to perfect their SDK. Plus as shitty as it sounds, they seem to have exclusive titles but steam doesn't. I want to play games, so I went with Rift. I...
  30. H

    Virtual Reality: The True Cost of Admission

    For those of us that are still a little confused about what it takes to run each of the upcoming VR headsets, what each one comes with and how much they cost, this article should come in handy. What seems pretty cut-and-dry gets complicated in a hurry when you consider that none of these are...
  31. P

    How I Felt After An Entire Day Of VR (Kotaku)

    On Monday I ran an endurance gauntlet of VR demos: 10 games, 30 minutes each, one after the other It was a showcase of all the Oculus Rift’s launch games, many of which I really liked...but it also brought up a question I’ve had for a while about VR: can you endure being immersed in it for more...
  32. H

    VR: The Time For Tech Demos Is Over

    While everyone is buzzing about VR right now, I honestly don't think any of the platforms have anything close to what you could call a line-up of games just yet. I think realistically we are looking at next holiday season and beyond. The next few months are crucial; if Sony continues to execute...
  33. Z

    Quake VR / Sideload VR

    For any of those interested, You can get more Gear VR Apps through this app... I have tried the Quake VR and Youtube VR app and both are worth trying. SideloadVR for GearVR - Android Apps on Google Play. - Sideload VR App Link - Installation instructions if needed. - Video of Quake VR Gameplay.
  34. H

    Valve: What We Learned Porting TF2 to Virtual Reality

    In this video from GDC, Valve's Joe Ludwig describes lessons learned from Valve's experience porting Team Fortress 2 to virtual reality. The video itself runs about thirty two minutes.
  35. w1retap

    Oculus founder: No Mac is powerful enough to run the Rift

    Oculus founder says no Mac is powerful enough to run the Rift
  36. Modred189

    How do VR systems work?

    So, you have a single scene to show in two slightly different ways in the headset to give a stereoscopic effect. Does the scene have to be rendered twice? Or, is it rendered once, and the game inserts two "cameras," one for each image? Do different setting have to be applied more than once...