3 display port monitors + oculus rift together


Limp Gawd
Dec 26, 2010
Im trying to hook up 3 monitors and my rift to a GTX 1080 (Gigabyte extreme gaming). I have to buy an HDMI to DP adapter for 1 of the monitors which is an hdmi one. I wanted to know if I did do that, would all 3 monitors work for normal desktop purposes via displayport while the rift is connected to the 1 hdmi port in the gtx 1080?

For Nvidia I recall that at least 1 of the screens will not have active GPU acceleration, but I can't remember if you get to choose which one.
It should be fine, I have 3 DP monitors connected along with my Vive via HDMI and it worked fine with the 1080 FE when I was running a pair of those.