USTV on YouTube Strikes Oculus with Copyright Infringement Claims


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
USTV on YouTube has hit Facebook's Oculus division with copyright infringement claims for video Oculus uploaded to YouTube from the Oculus Connect 5 event. The USTV channel has clips from the Oculus Quest reveal integrated into their news show. It is unknown if an algorithm at YouTube or USTV manually triggered the multiple copyright strikes against Oculus, but it highlights just how lame the entire copyright system is.
the funny thing is USTV is in chinese.

It's funny. But not surprising. Asian countries tend to brand aggressively on the foreign markets patriotic front.

They overcompensate. I've done some consulting with one on their US brand and the first thing I asked is "how does the giant American flag and bald eagle on the cover of your brochure/ads tie into your product?" Hint: it didn't, at all. They wanted to appeal to the US Market and put the knob to 11 on freedom. I disagreed, I felt the first impression of the brochure should be the product.

It's kinda like the in-the-closet preacher who's a huge homophobe. Instead of blending in, they go full tilt and in the opposite direction.