Oculus and Lenovo Explorer on the same PC?


Limp Gawd
Oct 2, 2015
I have a CV1 Rift that I've been using for years, and primarily play iRacing with some touch controller games thrown in. I really want to give the Lenovo Explorer a try, due to the higher resolution, just for iRacing and Project Cars 2 (since it's on sale for $99 at B&H). Will I have a problem using two headsets on the same computer? If so, any recommendations on how to alleviate the headache? Thanks!

If you want your Mixed reality to have access to the oculus library you will need to get the revive for steam. I do not have both on the same machine but I would not think there is a problem, as the windows portal thing should kick on when you get power to the Lenovo, and then you could launch steam VR from the desktop app which should get you to your library or within steam launch revive if they are in the oculus store. Just a guess though,
Shouldn't be a big deal - you'll just manually have to switch out the HDMI/USB connectors depending on which headset you are using at the time. I do it all the time for my Rift/Vive setup. Best to do this swap before launching anything VR related though.... better yet, before booting up your system. While hot swapping often works just fine, I've had it get confused every so often, but a quick reboot of the system always seems to set things straight again.) Like mentioned above, you'll probably want to explore using revive if you want to use anything out of your Oculus library with the Lenovo.
Thanks for the input! I ordered a Lenovo Explorer a few days ago and can't wait to give it a shot for iRacing.