Oculus CV1 Calibration


Oct 8, 2010
Anyone have tips for calibrating this thing? Couple specific items that are troubling me so far:

1. It seems like in some apps/games I really have to crank my neck and head upwards to actually be able to see things. I looked into this a bit and I guess it's because those apps/games assume you are standing. and I'm usually sitting? When I run through the initial calibration with the sensor and whatnot, should I be standing or sitting? Should the height value be my standing height or sitting height? It's all very vague and I'm surprised there's not separate instructions for each.

2. No matter what I do I cannot get the green horizontal and vertical lines clear. It seems like I can get the outside ends of both clear, or one or the other, but not the entirety of both. Is it even possible or am I just trying to perfect it too much?