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  • Hi man. I'm going to build a gaming PC in Jonsbo U1 Plus case just like you did.
    It would be nice if you can advise on a couple of topics:

    - Is NH-C14S enough to cool down this small beast? Do you experience any throttling?
    - Have you tried any other CPU heatsink orientation? Or heatpipes up is the only one that fit.
    - Does Noctua 80mm case FAN fit alongside with NH-C14S?

    Thanks in advance!
    The NH-C14S keeps it plenty cool. No throttling with my 7700k (delid) at factory clockspeeds. I tried other mounting orientations, but heatpipes up seemed to be the only way it would fit properly. For the rear case fan, a slim 15mm thick fan is needed. A full thickness fan will not fit with the NH-C14S installed.
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