1. T

    Has anyone bought Pixio PX277 27-inch 2560x1440 144Hz FreeSync Monitor ?

    Pixio® PX277 27-inch 2560x1440 144Hz AMD FreeSync IPS Technology WQHD Gaming Monitor - QHD 1440p LED Panel DVI-D HDMI x2 Displayport Mini Displayport Built-in Speakers Pixio® PX277 27-inch 2560x1440 144Hz AMD FreeSync IPS Technology WQHD Gaming Monitor - QHD 1440p LED Panel DVI-D...
  2. P

    Looking for 40" 4K (PWM Free) display

    I'm limiting myself to VA since I'll be using this primarily for content consumption, not creation. I need 4:4:4, no PWM, VA, and under $600. **Important note, I would prefer the subpixel layout to be RGB. Heard of most wasabi mango models implementing BGR layout, have no idea why they would...
  3. P

    Help! Dual-Use 4k TV/Monitor, RTINGS' list, Alternative to Philips/Dell 43", Questions

    First post, and before I begin, thank you all in this community for existing, answering each other's questions, providing examples and feedback. There's no other place on the internet for this, and you're easily the gold standard that has prevented me from buying the Philips/Dell 43" monitors...
  4. stonewalker

    ASUS VG248QE 24" 144hz

    I'm selling a used ASUS VG248QE monitor in excellent condition. No dead pixels or light bleed. It's 24'' and does a 144hz high refresh rate for gaming. I'm selling it for $175 local pick up in Milwaukee only. No shipping.
  5. D

    How good is Freesync LFC (Low Framerate Compensation)?

    I want to get a new monitor and currently I'm looking at one that has a refresh rate of 48-144hz with freesync. I've read that LFC allows freesync to continue working below the lowest refresh rate of your monitor as long as it's 2.5x less than the maximum refresh rate. For those who have...
  6. D

    Tron Legacy Digital Clock Screen Saver

    Hi, I have been searching the internet for a screen saver that replicates the picture with no success except for a mac version (it is a .QTZ file). I would appreciate it if anyone could find (or possibly make) a screen saver like this for Windows 10. The number string goes as follows; last two...
  7. Frank Burns

    Consumer HDR Monitors

    Any Idea when consumer HDR monitors coming out? I rather have a monitor with better color reproduction than higher refresh rate!
  8. C

    CustomGamingPc, LogitechG27, BenQ RL2460HT, LogitechDrivingForceGt

    Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Logitech G27 BenQ RL2460HT 24" 1080p Gaming Monitor 1ms GTG BenQ Monitor Custom Gaming Pc Pc Logitech Driving force GT (941-000020) Joystick Logitech DF GT
  9. M

    Help me choose a monitor please!

    Hi all, I am really struggling with selecting a monitor. Reviews are all over the place, and I am really mixed on what I do on my PC. Looking for some guidance. I am looking to replace two older, aging monitors, with a new dual matching set. My current displays: Current monitor 1, CHIMEI...
  10. N

    Which of these two monitors have better picture quality?

    I can not decide between these two monitors and since both have the same connections and are at similar prices would like to know which of the two has better image quality. ViewSonic VX2252MH VX2252mh 22 ASUS VS228H-P VS228H-P - Specifications Thanks
  11. G

    Problems with Apple Studio Display (17" CRT)

    I recently bought this display off of Craigslist and when I plugged it in I noticed it has some quirks, and I want some advice on how to work them out. First off, it has a curve in the corners of the picture that seems to fluctuate with brightness. (for example, it's more severe when I have...
  12. N

    Will do a big difference this monitor?

    Hello, I'm new here and I have a question. I wanna change my old monitor is a BenQ GL2240 for this AOC G2460PG. I have a GTX 770. My question is the technologies to care the eyes will do a difference or are the same? This monitor AOC have 1ms, 144Hz, flicker free and G-Sync. I want this...
  13. G

    FS: EVGA GTX 780 x2, ASUS PB278 1440p Monitor

    I have two EVGA brand Reference cooler GPU's selling each card $200 each or $350 for both cards. Also for sale I have an ASUS PB278 1440p monitor for $250 Will accept some offers if reasonable. Price does not include shipping. I apologize for any confusion.
  14. 2

    Help partitioning Samsung se790c using their software

    Hi guys, this question is probably way easy for folks here, but after spending an hour with human robots on Samsung's "help" line, who have no idea what you're saying but continue to mindlessly read scripted questions from their screen, to no help online, to no help from memory express, I'm...
  15. W

    Please educate me about Freesync

    I've been doing a technology research for a few months, and I've learned a lot from it. One of the last things that I still don't know much about is Freesync. I've read about it a bit: It didn't started very good, but then AMD fixed it, and then improved it a lot with Crimson. There's also some...