1. V

    South Australia: CRT Monitors

    Hello, I am desperately looking for flat screen CRT monitors that are at least 19" that are in working order (no scratches on the screen, no discolouration, etc.) I have been looking on and off since late last year and found none in South Australia on Gumtree, eBay, and Craigslist doesn't really...
  2. E

    32" 4K IPS for under 850?

    Hi all, I'm looking into getting a new 32" or 34" non-curved 4K monitor with good sRGB color accuracy. I've spent the last week looking at reviews and am down to a few models. I'm hoping to get some critical feedback on any of them, especially if you have had experience with multiples. Here...
  3. D

    Thoughts on Better Monitor than 2015 55" JS9000

    Would love to hear peoples thoughts as to what is better than the Samsung JS9000 55" I have been doing a lot more FPS and it would be great to have lower input lag, better colors and be able to take advantage of my 2080ti to its maximum potential. For me 55" seems to be the sweetspot. I do not...
  4. euskalzabe

    Philips 328E9FJAB review

    I recently got this Philips monitor from Newegg - it's original price is $330 and it went down to $289 a few days ago, so I figured, why not. I was debating between getting a 1440p 32" VA 144hz panel or a 75hz one with great colors, and the discount made the decision for me. Maybe my next one...
  5. euskalzabe

    HP Pavilion 27 Quantum Dot - First QDOG, out this month

    I was recently asking here about the importance of 144hz vs 10 bit color, and in the past week I've learned quite a lot from doing research online. Some important conclusions: - 144hz is not super important if you're not playing fast paced FPS games. - bit-depth and color gamut are related but...
  6. euskalzabe

    144hz VS 1 billion colors

    I've been on a 40" 4K TV for a while now. Last year I switched to an ultrawide because I wanted to try the experience without black bars when setting custom-res on the 16:9 panel. That didn't last long, as that panel ended up giving me pretty bad eye-strain issues. To eBay it went, and not it's...
  7. euskalzabe

    Eye-strain with new monitor - how did you deal with it?

    So, here's an unexpected update: in the past few months, I've been getting insane eye-strain, to the point that it's been making it hard to work home. I switched to an LG 29WK600 back in October 2018 (and I really liked it too), but I soon started to get dramatically worse discomfort. I don't...
  8. K

    FS: ViewSonic XG2402 144hz Freesync (G-Sync compatible) 1080p gaming monitor

    Up for sale is my trusty gaming monitor. Going bigger, so not needed anymore. Purchased a few months ago, the monitor is in excellent condition. No dead pixels, comes with a standard 3 year warranty from ViewSonic and comes with the original box and cables. Worked great with my RX 580 and my...
  9. Cerulean

    Difference between 4K 42" TVs vs 4K 42" Monitors?

    Howdy! What is the difference between 4K 42" TVs and 4K 42" computer monitors? Why would I want to choose a TV over a computer monitor, vice versa?
  10. Dodge245

    VRR/Freesync Nvidia Display test thread

    Hi All, Thought i would stick a new thread together now that we have the VRR drivers from Nvidia, thoughts are we could put something together to share our experiences with our monitors, to give an idea of compatibility with VRR. To keep things simple we could use a template, and catalogue our...
  11. cageymaru

    VESA Introduces DisplayHDR True Black Standard for OLED and Emissive Displays

    VESA has announced that it has created a new variant of the DisplayHDR standard that promises up to 100X deeper black levels for OLED and other emissive displays. When compared to VESA's DisplayHDR 1000 performance tier; DisplayHDR True Black allows for up to 100X deeper black levels, a greater...
  12. cageymaru

    Samsung Announces New Monitors for Gaming and Content Creation

    Samsung has announced new members to its monitor family. First there is the CRG9 49" gaming monitor that features a super ultra-wide screen and dual QHD resolution (5120x1440). The monitor meets HDR10 standards with a peak brightness of 1,000 nits and local dimming. The display uses Samsung's...
  13. cageymaru

    Here Is the Samsung C32JG53 32" Curved Gaming Monitor

    PCTechHub on YouTube has been sent the all new Samsung C32JG53 32" curved gaming monitor with AMD FreeSync support to review. While the resolution is a letdown for productivity, the 144Hz refresh rate is great for gamers according to the reviewer. He goes over the pros and cons of the monitor in...
  14. S

    Monitor 1600x900 only show 1024x768

    I have 2 monitors, and the second is a LG w2043s (a little old) 1600x900, and I decided to move it as 20 cms and when I turn on my PC, it only shows 1024x768. an important detail is that I use a VGA adapter for DisplayPort, and it worked perfectly all month, but maybe it's the problem. I want to...
  15. G

    Wtb 1440p 144hz monitor

    Looking to up my gaming experience so looking for better monitor. Willing to spend $250, is this possible or should I go sell a kidney for more money.
  16. N

    Can you provide me some quick help with picking a PC monitor?

    So, I have a crappy 20 inch hooked up to my second PC. I am looking for a new monitor (general usage, potentially gaming but I'm not a hardcore gamer with a picky eye) and I figure the deals now (Black Friday + Cyber Monday) mean now is the time to buy. What I'm looking for: 24" or bigger...
  17. M

    34" UW vs. Dual Setup

    Hi, I have a budget of ~$1,000 for my monitor setup. I'm debating between the Dell AW 34" Ultrawide or a dual 27" monitor setup. I plan on using these for photo/video editing and gaming on the side. The allure of the AW 34" is its ability to reproduce color fairly accurately while offering a...
  18. cageymaru

    Samsung Is Bringing the Linux Environment to Smartphones

    Samsung is launching a Linux on DeX beta for certain Samsung smartphones. The Note9 and Tab S4 are the first phones that Samsung has officially sanctioned to be allowed to run a Linux environment and connect to a monitor with a single cable for a PC-like experience. This will allow users to...
  19. GoldenOne

    Tearing on secondary display when cloning displays

    So I've been trying to sort this for a while now. I have two displays, an acer x34P and an elgato 4k60 pro capture card. the x34p connected via displayport and the 4k60 pro via hdmi 2.0. (I have a dual-PC setup and am not using passthrough) When I "Clone" the displays, the display that is set...
  20. X

    Absolute best display for lawyer (price irrelevant)

    Hello I am a lawyer who spends more time than I care to admit to staring at documents on a screen. All I really use my display for is word documents text PDFs. I am looking to purchase a screen that is 27-32 inches (still narrowing that range down), and would be very grateful for your...
  21. dvsman

    New Dell 49" display

    From: "Dell designed the monitor, which boasts a 32:9 aspect ratio and 5120×1440 resolution, to be able to accommodate either one or two people comfortably. Picture-by-Picture mode allows for multi-tasking content from two...
  22. suiken_2mieu

    WTS: Monitor, Games, and Random Hardware

    I'm trying to clean out the closets and have some odds and ends. I don't mind trades. Here's my WTB Thread. Heatware under suiken_2mieu. I accept Paypal. Shipping is from 23608, I generally use UPS for big stuff, and generally USPS for small stuff. I always add insurance. Let me know if you want...
  23. cageymaru

    Google Adds Features to the Youtube App to Remind Users to Unplug and Take a Break

    Google has gone the extra mile and added features to the YouTube app to allow users to take control of their digital well-being. Many people have become obsessed with their smartphones and watching YouTube. Notifications will alert them at night to tell them that a new video from their...
  24. M

    Samsung 55" Curved NU8500

    Hey Gents, Just letting you guys know I picked up this bad boy due to my failing eyesight to replace my AOC AGON 35QCX 200hz. Gotta say once properly set up it has not skipped a beat. There's a pretty decent review, I purchased mine in...
  25. HiCZoK

    Windows has encountered a BUG

    Ah... another year, another monitor with yet another bug crawling inside. Last year my trusty IIyama xb2483hsu-b2 got a visitor: And this year, few months old HP 27ea got a little asshole roommate. I blame the summer and not enough of a tight seal on a matrix of these monitors. But mostly...
  26. cageymaru

    Intel Drones Assist in the Preservation of the Great Wall of China

    Intel has sent drones to researchers to assist in the preservation of the Great Wall of China; specifically in the Jiankou section. By conducting surveys and taking thousands of high quality images, the drones have been instrumental in helping the preservationists to monitor the current state...
  27. Pieter3dnow

    AMD clarifies a bit more FreeSync 2 HDR (DisplayHDR 600) certification

    It seems that AMD has some kind of update on what exactly Freesync 2 HDR is exactly. The monitor from Samsung described in the Guru3d article was also used in...
  28. R

    PCPer Reviews the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ 4k 144Hz G-SYNC Monitor

    Ken Addison over at PC Perspective dove into ASUS' new ROG Swift PG27UQ, a 27", 4k, 144Hz, G-SYNC, HDR monitor. The 27" IPS screen can throw out 1000 nits of brightness, but only if you're willing to throw down $2,000. Check out the review here. It's a monitor.... with 3GB of DDR4-2400. What...
  29. cageymaru

    ACER Announces 49" and 55" 4K HDR Monitors

    ACER has announced 49" and 55" IPS 4K HDR monitors to be released on June 28, 2018 and June 21, 2018 respectively in Japan. Pricing isn't known on these yet. The 49" EB490QKbmiiipfx and 55" EB550Kbmiiipx displays share similar specs other than size. The HDR10 implementation on these monitors...
  30. R

    Monitor wont turn off in Windows 10

    I also had this problem under windows 7 on the same machine and it persisted through an upgrade to Win10. The monitor is set to turn off in 10 minutes, although the time doesnt matter, and sleep is set to never yet the monitor never turns off. I have tried powercfg /requests which comes up...
  31. F

    24'' (16:10) vs 27'' IPS monitor for work, help me decide

    Hello, Would you please suggest an IPS monitor for work, web and occasional photo editing next to my 1080p (16:9) gaming monitor? I am used to from my work to 24'' 1080p (16:10) however I'm willing to try the 27'' 1440p. I'm just not sure if it's worth it to my gaming monitor. I'm now...

    FS: 2x Acer GN246HL Gaming Monitors (CA, 91789)

    Local pick-up only in Los Angeles County, 91789 thru 91731. 1. Acer GN246HL 144Hz Gaming Monitor (Excellent Condition) - $100 cash Shows little to no signs of wear. Includes the power supply. 2. Acer GN246HL 144Hz Gaming Monitor (Very Good Condition) - $80 cash (No accessories included) 3...
  33. badcookies

    internet traffic monitor help

    Sooooo in unpredictable times throughout the night while im gaming (mainly FPS) my ping will spike from around 50ms to almost 2.5 seconds. The spikes resemble times when I'm gaming and say steam decides to download an update and blows up my bandwidth. (no, the above situations is not steam...
  34. L

    Nano IPS Monitors. IPS Glow? Contrast ratio

    I currently use a 27" Samsung C27F591, which is a SPVA PC monitor with around a 3000:1 static contrast ratio. I was looking for an upgrade, but I hate IPS glow and the low contrast of IPS panels. Do the new Nano IPS monitors from LG still exhibit IPS Glow and a low static contrast ratio? I...
  35. S

    Acer xb271hu - pixel brightness "shimmer" - defect or normal?

    When I turn on the monitor after it has been off for a while (1hr+) it has alternating levels of bright/dim in vertical bands. They disappear after the monitor has been on for some minutes (~5-10). The effect is more apparent at lower framerates (such as HotS being capped at 60 fps on title...
  36. S

    [FS] - ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278QR 27" 2560x1440 1ms 165Hz

    $450 OBO. I'd prefer to sell it locally (Houston). Item is in pristine condition. It will come with original box and cords. I upgraded to a 34" so this must go. SOLD
  37. G

    Best budget 32" 4K monitor?

    Hello! I'm quite curious which is the current best 32" 4K monitor. I need something that is at least 350 cd/m2 bright since something that is 300cd/m2 won't work in my current work conditions, being too dim (LOTS OF LIGHT IN My ROOM). High contrast, good colors and everything else, the...
  38. Pieter3dnow

    VESA adopts DisplayID 2.0 Seems that this will fix a lot of problems moving forward and not just monitor based.
  39. dvsman

    Itchy trigger finger on a Samsung CHG90 ... any thoughts?

    I'm going through a mixed time in my life at the moment (great professionally, not so great personally / breakup with my girl), so I figure I'll distract myself with some new shiny tech bits. I was originally going to buy a new TV for my living room but YouTube video heads have said to wait...
  40. C

    Is it time for AMD/ATi to support G-Sync?

    I was in the market for a new monitor and I will say the sheer quality of monitors that support G-Sync now is insane.. I ended up wanting to get the Asus ROG Swift PG279Q (absolutely amazing gaming monitor) and all I could think of is it really would be nice to its customers if AMD/ATi would...