Acer Predator XB271HU 27" - $549 from Best Buy eBay [DEAL DEAD]


Sep 16, 2008
Acer - Predator XB271HU 27" IPS LED HD GSync Monitor - Black

I've been waiting for it to go on sale for a while and it's the cheapest I've seen it go.

It is possible to return to a B&M store if you had any issues with it, Returns items in OfficialBestBuy store on eBay!

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The following applies to all returned items:

How Do I Return An Item?
The original receipt or packing slip is required for all returns and exchanges. Items purchased from Best Buy on eBay are eligible for returns or exchanges by bringing the product into a Best Buy store located within the United States or by mail.
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You can return or exchange almost everything within 15 days of date of delivery for a full refund. Simply bring your item(s) to us with all contents and packaging, proof of purchase and ID, and we will process your return or exchange.
I got an alert for this as well.
There's a 21 page thread the Acer support forum about a vertical line shift that shows up in the center of the screen fairly frequently. There's a lot of people reporting the issue.

Acer just came up with a firmware solution, but users must ship it to a service center. Their US center is in Texas and they provided 2 day shipping to and from to the people who posted in that thread.

Line down the middle, overlapping image - Page 11 - Acer Community - 418751

Apparently they will cover shipping costs though. I've been anxious to get a new 1440p LCD with G-sync, and this is the first time I've seen the XB271HU go on sale.

The Dell S2716DG goes on sale for $450-480, so it might be worth waiting for a deal on that.
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Great Offer
well that's disappointing. I hope mine doesn't get cancelled. very lame, best buy.
I tried calling, but they said the item isn't in their system anymore so there's nothing they can do.

I'm sure it'll magically re-appear in stock soon at full price.
I just went to my local BB and they said they couldn't order it either. I showed them the paperwork for the BB eBay order and the current $900 listing on eBay. They said sorry, nothing we can do because It's a different branch of BB.

Well fuck them. I'm filing a BBB complaint
I think it was a typo, doubt they will honor it. I never seen that screen drop below $680