Problems with Apple Studio Display (17" CRT)


Apr 18, 2016
I recently bought this display off of Craigslist and when I plugged it in I noticed it has some quirks, and I want some advice on how to work them out.

First off, it has a curve in the corners of the picture that seems to fluctuate with brightness. (for example, it's more severe when I have a window open as opposed to sitting on my neutral desktop background)

Secondly, and this has fixed itself, but I want to prevent it from happening again, the screen jitters when it's at anything besides 60Hz refresh rate. According to some literature online it sounds like some dried out capacitors in the power supply. In fact this whole list of problems might be because of bad caps.

Finally, every once in awhile the picture shrinks and grows rapidly a few times before settling in again. This was rather alarming when it happened and I want to know what might be causing it.

I am skilled with electronics and I am familiar with working around high voltage so it shouldn't be much of a problem for me to fix this myself should it come down to replacing components.
Oh boy. I'd just toss it if I were you. What I'm reading here is a bad flyback transformer. Get a better CRT - there are tons of them available if you know where to look, and they'll run circles around that little 17-inch. If you need a mac adapter, I'm sure you can get one because at the end of the day it's just RGBHV that you're transmitting.
I think I'll just use this thing until it dies then. I should have enough for a better CRT by then. Or maybe an IPS LCD monitor.

Update: It died. That was fast...
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