Help partitioning Samsung se790c using their software


Mar 6, 2016
Hi guys, this question is probably way easy for folks here, but after spending an hour with human robots on Samsung's "help" line, who have no idea what you're saying but continue to mindlessly read scripted questions from their screen, to no help online, to no help from memory express, I'm ending up here.

I have the 29" Samsung SE790C monitor, it comes with a program called Easy Setting Box, that allows you to partition your monitor into multiple areas. It SEEMS that you should be able to do so and use the screen with only one input, rather than doing a picture in picture using multiple sources, but I may be wrong. If I'm right , then I can't figure out how to do it. I check "monitor 1", then click on a config, like Double horizontal, it shows the areas outlines in red with screens 1.1 and 1.2, but then the screen operates like before, one screen , not partitioned. The guy in memory Express told me he thinks you can only do this using multiple inputs, but the config program allows a Hexa config, with 6 partitions, and there's only 2 HDMI inputs in the back, so you can't even have six inputs, so it MUST allow you to partition with the same input.

I'd appreciate any assistance.

Thanks Kindly.