1. A

    Pico 4 - Wireless PCVR at 90hz

    https://www.picoxr.com/global/products/pico4 Bought this thing on a complete whim after seeing people setting it up with Virtual Desktop and playing PCVR games at a rock solid 90fps. Can't go back now, the display is great, the setup was easy, and the tracking is surprisingly good. This is...
  2. cageymaru

    Displace TV Is a Battery Powered Wireless TV

    CNET has covered the new wireless Displace TV system that debuted at CES 2023. According to the Displace TV press release, the TV screen module weighs less than 20 lbs., completely wireless, and is powered by batteries that last a month if viewing time averages 6 hours a day. There is a PC...
  3. Thug Esquire

    FS: Razer Naga Pro RGB wireless MMO mouse and Mouse Dock Chroma charging stand

    Used/like new. $124 for both. More photos on my Heatware: Heatware listing
  4. Zarathustra[H]

    What are some Ubiquiti Unifi Alternatives? or Z's Ditching Unifi for Good Thread

    Alright, So I've about had it with Ubiquiti. The willingness to lie to customers about their massive security breach, to save their stock price while they customers were vulnerable was the start of it. The fact that they are killing Unifi Video, which you could run a local only instance of on...

    FS: Dell 27" QHD 155mhz Gaming Monitor | AMD Radeon RX 570 Reference GPU | Corsair 32GB CL16 RAM | Corsair K70 Keyboard and Ironclaw Mouse + MORE!!!

    Hey [H]ardForum family, Today I have several computer parts for sale. I'm selling these items as part of my spring cleaning to reduce storage clutter. Wife's orders lol. Items were barely used then placed in their original packaging and stored away. #1 Barely used Dell 27" QHD 155mhz FreeSync...
  6. AlphaAtlas

    Logitech M185 and Other Mice are Vulnerable to Keystroke Injection

    According to a recent post on David Sopas' security blog, the very popular, and very cheap, Logitech M185 is vulnerable to a keystroke injection attack. Using a recent version of the "Bettercap" hacking toolkit and a 2.4ghz USB dongle, the security researcher used the mouse to open a script...
  7. cageymaru

    HTC Vive Cosmos Is a Tethered Headset According to FCC Filings

    According to FCC filings, the upcoming HTC Vive Cosmos will not be a wireless headset. The 2.402-2.48 GHz frequencies used by the Cosmos are the same as what the Vive and Vive Pro devices use to connect wireless controllers to the headsets. A HTC representative told UploadVR that on "day one"...
  8. cageymaru

    CommScope Buys Arris International for $7.4 Billion

    CommScope has agreed to purchase Arris International for $7.4 billion. CommScope has announced that the headquarters for the combined company will stay in Hickory, North Carolina. CommScope is a cable manufacturer and Arris makes equipment for the wireless industry such as modems, cable...
  9. R

    External speakers for Nuvision tm1318 (Android)

    Has anyone been able to add external speakers to a nuvision tablet tm1318 which uses Android 4.4.4 and can't be upgraded. I have tried connecting to the microusb, but even though the speaker controls will move the volume indicator on the screen I don't get any sound. I've connected to the...
  10. cageymaru

    Oculus Announces the Standalone Oculus Quest VR System

    Oculus has announced the Spring 2019 availability of the $399 Oculus Quest standalone VR system. The wireless system doesn't need a PC or smartphone to experience VR content. It features six degrees of freedom touch controllers, state of the art optics and built in audio. Sensors in the...
  11. FrgMstr

    Corsair K63 Wireless Gaming Keyboard & Lapboard Review @ [H]

    Corsair K63 Wireless Gaming Keyboard & Lapboard Review Corsair leads its "Unplug and Play" initiative with the K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Corsair pairs that keyboard with a custom designed K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard. The goal here is to allow you to easily move away from your...
  12. FrgMstr

    Logitech Artemis Spectrum G933 7.1 Wireless Headset Review @ [H]

    Logitech Artemis Spectrum G933 7.1 Wireless Headset Review In our recent discussions about wireless headsets, the Logitech G933 has come up lately as one of the headsets to surely be on your $100 short list. So we bought a set, and have done a good bit gaming, movie watching, and music...
  13. schlitzbull

    Sold for now!

    All prices include shipping and are OBO. CONUS only. Trades will be at the bottom. Accepting paypal only. Please have heatware. My Heatware. I will send pictures prior to shipping and/or upon request. ASUS Z170-A - $65 New from RMA. Will come in RMA box. Have I/O, driver DVD, manuals. Not...
  14. DooKey

    AT&T Rolling Out New Wireless Plans With Free WatchTV Service Included

    If you're an AT&T customer or want to be one you can sign up for their new wireless plans that include the WatchTV service for free. The Unlimited &More plan gives you unlimited 4G LTE and the WatchTV service, however, it doesn't include tethering and limits you to 480p video. The Unlimited...
  15. FrgMstr

    Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset: AW988 Review @ [H]

    Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset: AW988 Review We have spent the last few days living with the Alienware AW988 headset perched on our head and have gotten a very good idea of what the first headset from Alienware in nine years is all about. We gamed, we watched movies, and we listened to a lot...
  16. FrgMstr

    New Alienware 7.1 Surround Wireless Gaming Headset - AW988

    We have the new Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset, model number AW988, in hand and took the time to show it off in the video below before we started testing. It will get a good workout this weekend playing some Hunt Showdown. Check out the video. The dial on the headset that I could not...
  17. R

    Pentagon Cracks Down on Cell Phones

    In a report from the Associated Press, the Defense Department has approved new restrictions on electronic devices within the Pentagon. The memo, signed by Deputy Secretary Patrick Shanahan, primarily clarifies current procedures, procedures that state that phones be left in storage containers...
  18. NoxTek

    Aptoyu dual driver (stereo) bluetooth speaker $9.89 @ Amazon

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XD9ZY3F?tag=slicinc-20&ascsubtag=8e923240497a11e8a20e2a70558bfcd60INT (Note, image isn't mine... just found a decent one on GIS) Click the 'Applicable promotion' under the $16.99 listed price or use promo code N5AAKWNX at checkout to knock the price down to...
  19. R

    U.S. Said to Investigate AT&T and Verizon Over Wireless Collusion Claim

    According to an article on the New York TImes, the Justice Department has opened an antitrust investigation into AT&T, Verizon, and the G.S.M.A. The investigation is said to be into potential coordination by the companies to thwart eSIM technology. eSIM technology would allow users to switch...
  20. R

    Pizza Hut's New Shoes Let You Order Pizza And Pause Live TV

    Pizza Hut has unveiled the Pie Tops II Sneaker today. Partnering with famed sneaker designer the "Shoe Surgeon" the shoes come in either red, or what colors, and has a button on the tongue to order you a pizza. If that weren't enough there is a button inside the tongue of the other shoe that...
  21. R

    Dish Allocating $1 Billion to Build 5G Network

    FierceWireless spotted a recent SEC filing from dish network that states “In March 2017, we notified the FCC that we plan to deploy a next-generation 5G-capable network, focused on supporting narrowband Internet of Things (“IoT”). The first phase of our network deployment will be completed by...
  22. DooKey

    Supreme Court to Hear Arguments About Cellphone Data Privacy

    The Supreme Court is going to hear arguments today about the use of cellphone data in criminal investigations. This case involves a robber named Timothy Carpenter that was caught after cops requested his cell phone data (locations) from his carrier and used it to place him at the scene of...
  23. DooKey

    Aluminum Really Can Improve Your Wireless Performance

    Get rid of that Pringles can and aluminum because you can now 3-D print a cheap, customized reflector that directs wireless signals to where users need them most. A team of Dartmouth College researchers has finally solved the problem of how to inexpensively improve indoor spaces with multiple...
  24. Q

    Recommend me a wireless headset

    My Creative Labs wireless headset has just broken at one of the swivel joints. So I need a replacement. The CL headset has served me well but it's a basic wireless headset and I want something better. So recommend me something. It must be wireless and it must be durable. I will trade lower audio...
  25. Q

    Razer Thresher Ultimate wireless headphones

    Does anyone have these headphones? I could do with a better set than my Soundblaster Tactic Rage. I've not found any actual user reviews, and reviews of Razer's previous headset indicate build quality issues.
  26. M

    Ubiquiti Router & AP - PoE, SFP

    I used these for about four months before buying an all in one kit from Linksys, its just too much for my own good. I'm no bueno with networking and this setup is like bringing a sludge hammer to build a watch, overkill. Original boxes and manuals included. You will have to do a hard reset to...
  27. FrgMstr

    MSI VR ONE - Wireless VR Backpack Review @ [H]

    MSI VR ONE - Wireless VR Backpack Review - The MSI VR ONE is quite simply a full PC that comes in the form of a backpack that allows you to connect your HTC Vive for a "wireless" VR experience. This VR ONE unit packs a GTX 1070 laptop GPU to hopefully supply us with the needed 90 frames per...
  28. G

    Wireless printing problem, help?

    Hello, haven't been to this forum for a while, but I came across a problem recently and thought this to be the best place to get some feedback. Also, I was not sure where to put something like this on the forum... Here is my problem. My network is as follows... ISP -Modem (Arris DG860)...
  29. FrgMstr

    HTC Vive Wireless Shown Off by Intel at Computex

    Hopefully we can expect some sort of variant of this WiGig (Wireless Gigabit) HTC Vive headset in the first half of 2018. I have spent countless hours with the Vive headset on, and I can assure you, that while the wired headset in manageable, if I could go wireless, I certainly would. The huge...
  30. Cerulean

    Wi-Fi stopped working properly in my 5-year old DD-WRT Netgear N600 WNDR3700v2

    I live in an apartment on the top-most floor (3rd), and the Wi-Fi on my Netgear N600 WNDR3700v2 is no longer working properly anymore (both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), but is still able to perform all other functions. I don't really want to spend money, but if I must the budget is $135 (about how much I...
  31. MavericK

    Vive Wireless Kit

    http://uploadvr.com/htc-vive-wireless-kit/ Coming soon...$220 and 1.5 hour battery life with a larger pocket battery coming later. Thoughts? Personally getting rid of the cable is not worth $220 to me, and the battery life of abysmal. But it's progress and I can appreciate that.
  32. RedWagnum

    Help linking D-Link DIR655 and Asus AC1900

    I need to link my DIR655 to an AC1900. I am currently connected to the AC1900 via cable direct to my PC but running a cable is not a permanent option. I don't have a wireless adapter for my PC so I want to try to connect my DIR655 to the AC1900. Can that be done? I plan on getting a wireless...
  33. D

    Bluetooth Transmitters and Multiple Speakers

    I bought a Denon AVR-x4200w last week and got everything hooked up. I am very satisfied. Thanks for the help. I've got my family room wired up with 5.1 surround and the pair of speakers over my back deck/patio set up as zone 2. It worked great for a neighborhood get-together/cookout that I...
  34. Cerulean

    Ubiquiti for guest network in business environment

    Greetings! This is a learning opportunity for me. At the present time the client has a Netgear AC1900 DD-WRT router with an HP server running DHCP, DNS, AD/DC, file server, print server, Quickbooks server functions. All the workstations connect via 5GHz Wi-Fi. Owner has agreed to grant access...
  35. H

    Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Trade for Wired (or WTB Xbox 360 Wireless PC Adapter)

    Hi All, I'm looking to trade my Xbox 360 Wireless controller (white color) which is in excellent condition (barely used, with the rubber nubs still on the control sticks) for a Xbox 360 wired USB controller (also in similar condition if possible). I can toss in a Xbox 360 standard headset+mic...
  36. B

    Why are contacts missing on this M.2 module?

    I want to replace a preinstalled Qualcomm Atheros WiFi/Bluetooth M.2 2230 card on my motherboard (ASUS Maximus VIII Impact) with another that has better driver support. This is what the card I want to replace looks like. As you can see, its edge connector has all of its contacts (the...
  37. E

    F/S: Ubiquiti Unifi AC 5 Pack UAP-AC-LITE-5-US + more

    Hi there - I ended up with an extra Unifi AC Lite 5 Pack from a project. This was used for less than 12 hours (Special event we needed WiFi for). Still in box. Still under manufacturer warranty. I missed my return window due to some things that came up in life. These do not come with the PoE...
  38. B

    FS: Plantronics Backbeat Pro w/ box

    SOLD. Heatware: Reviews/Feedback for blade12 | HeatWare.com Ebay: harsh_one on eBay Terms: -Must have heatware or Ebay feedback. -Only US Continental 48. No international shipping. -Paypal only (I won’t use another method) For Sale: Plantronics Backbeat Pro BackBeat PRO - Plantronics Class...
  39. Cerulean

    Recommendation for WiFi directional WAP?

    Scenario: User has a big but long property and wants to be able to use his home WiFi 60 meters away from the house (think 'end of driveway'). I'm looking for a product that supports 2.4GHz WiFi and can be wired into the network, not some cheap WiFi extender that connects to a wireless network...