Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Trade for Wired (or WTB Xbox 360 Wireless PC Adapter)


Jul 28, 2004
Hi All,

I'm looking to trade my Xbox 360 Wireless controller (white color) which is in excellent condition (barely used, with the rubber nubs still on the control sticks) for a Xbox 360 wired USB controller (also in similar condition if possible). I can toss in a Xbox 360 standard headset+mic if you want.

I would also be interested in buying an official Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless USB adapter for PC (the little white/black puck).

Please PM me if interested, thank you!
Just tossing this in there, I have both an official and an unofficial Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter (not for sale). The point of my post is that they both work well, and the unofficial one was like... $15 on Amazon or Newegg back whenever I bought it.

Neither of them will automatically pick up their drivers - they have to be manually selected, but the drivers are built-in to Windows 8 and beyond, and easily downloaded for Win7. This looks to be the one I have -