Aptoyu dual driver (stereo) bluetooth speaker $9.89 @ Amazon


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May 27, 2002


(Note, image isn't mine... just found a decent one on GIS)

Click the 'Applicable promotion' under the $16.99 listed price or use promo code N5AAKWNX at checkout to knock the price down to just $9.89. Shipping is free with Prime or $35+ purchase.

Saw this thing the other day on Slickdeals and snagged one... finally opened it last night and given the price it's pretty damn impressive. It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be (slightly larger than my Anker Soundcore 2, it's about the size of a tallboy can and maybe slightly thicker) and the sound that comes out of it is quite rich and it can go fairly loud without distortion.

It supposedly has a 24 hour battery life (at 30% volume) and has reverse charging - meaning it can double as a power bank. It has an auxiliary 3.5mm input, a microSD card slot, and obviously is Bluetooth.

I can't find any literature listing it's water / dust proof level, but the way it's built (rubber door covering the ports) leads me to believe that it's splash proof at the very least.

For $16 it's a pretty awesome deal, for under $10 it's fucking blazing. I doubt the battery life is really 24 hours, but even at half that I'll be happy with it.

I listened to it for a couple of hours last night and am thoroughly impressed. It is true stereo and the separation and sound stage is quite good.

About the only possible negative I see is that I believe it's only using Bluetooth 2.1+EDR instead of 4.x but at this price and for the usage scenario it makes little difference.
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In for one as well. Bose Soundlink stopped working. Needs new battery for $75! Forget that. Cheap speakers from here on out. When it dies throw it away and get another. Could have bought 15 of these for what I paid for that Bose!
Thanks OP. The speakers I currently have are crapping out, so this is perfect timing. Bought 2 at that price.
I don't want to paint TOO rosy of a picture, but I was fairly impressed by the sound especially given the price. I strapped it to my bike and it sounds pretty damn fantastic for $10.

I actually bought three more. One as a backup, and two to throw in our family Christmas gift auction at the end of the year. :D
I grabbed one. Need something for listening to music and podcasts while I punch the bag etc in my garage.

Laptop and phone speakers aren't quite enough.

*I also took the "no rush" shipping option, in exchange for a $1 digital credit for music, ebooks ,etc.
Added a video to the OP, go easy guys... I did it on the fly. Just kinda wanted to give those looking at buying one an idea of the look of it and how it sounds, although the dinky mics on my Canon 110 HS don't really do it much justice.
Thanks OP. Looking for something to blow my $25 gift card from Amazon.
Update on my first unit:

Listened for most of the day today (1PM to about 10PM) and still had 2 "bars" of battery left. Good stuff!
Got mine delivered yesterday. For the price we all paid, it is a good deal. Sound is good, I hate the computer voice, still works, and holds charge well as far as from 1 day of use.
Damn that is an amazing price. How good is the bass though? These tube speakers are great in the low end, though if it is dust proof you may not be able to have the appropriate bass ports.
Damn that is an amazing price. How good is the bass though? These tube speakers are great in the low end, though if it is dust proof you may not be able to have the appropriate bass ports.


I had to turn the speaker up hahahaha, I thought it was one controlled through bluetooth only. Its pretty sweet for $10. I take back everything lol

Leaving my original post to avoid confusion lol

EDIT: I am going to try this testing again, because no one else (according to reviews) are having the same issues. Maybe I did something wrong, but these were my initial thoughts.

Awful, not punchy at all. Honestly I am pretty disappointed, if I paid more than $10 I would be upset. Its pretty quiet and the bass is suppppperrrrr lacking, the x mini speakers had better bass reproduction. I will try another source just to verify that it is an issue with the speaker.
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yeah this isn't some crazy deal where you are somehow getting JBL sound quality for $10.

but, the clarity and sound separation are better than expected. Decent midrange. So, voices sound right and you can hear the notes for guitars and basses. Gets pretty loud. Hold down the track skip buttons, to adjust volume.

I got it for listening to podcasts and radio in the garage. It will be fine for that.

you can also leech the battery for your cellphone.
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Dangit to hell this thread.
And for 86 cents more I got the 2 year square trade extended warranty.
I will never read the [H]ot|DEALS section again.
I will never read the [H]ot|DEALS section again.
I will never read the [H]ot|DEALS section again.
Thanks OP
I grabbed one with the warranty as well. Will work great for my wife's desk at work. Thanks OP.
Mine arrived in 4 days even though I selected slow boat shipping to get the $1 digital credit. Much higher quality item than I expected for $10. Thanks again OP!
Ordered one and I'll be using it in a wash bay at work. It should only be subjected to mist as I wash semi's. Thanks OP.
This is the best $10 deal I've ever seen......Got mine this morning and sound quality and volume are more than acceptable for $10.....I've seen these same units advertised for $50-60 and I think most ppl would be happy w this devices sound quality at this price. Damn good deal.
It's no match for the godly Fugoo XL that I got for $89, but it's passable for $10
I'm an idiot

Turns out there are volume buttons as the fast forward and reverse lol

Speaker is awesome for $10, I take back everything bad I said about this thing. 8/10 would recommend

Bass response isn't the best but its certainly not bad by any means..... once you turn it up hahahaha
Mine came in and the first thing i did was try to turn it on. zip nada nuthin
This was the first battery powered device I ever got that did not have enough charge to even wakeup.

Works fine after charging, but i was so comboozled that i printed out a return lable just in case because i thought it was doa.
They arrive in a nearly completely discharged state and will not power on straight out of the box. You'll need to give them a full charge when you first unbox them, using any microUSB cable (one is included, but I put it away and use a higher quality one out of my Monoprice stash). Also, like most other electronics that charge via micro USB these days, no transformer / charger is provided. Everything from your TV to your PC to your cable box has a USB port so I understand the thinking behind this.

There is a row of 4 or 5 tiny white LEDs on the flat control side of the speaker that function as a battery level and charging indicator. When all of those LEDs are lit the unit is fully charged.
Mine was dead but charged up just fine. Used it this morning while cooking breakfast and cleaning the kitchen and it works pretty good. Steaming Spotify Premium (highest bitrate) resulted in plenty of volume but the vocals are a bit muted for my tastes. For $10 I'm very happy, but if I had paid $25+ I would most likely be returning it. Thanks again OP.
Mine arrived today, incredible value for $10. These are the best bluetooth portable speaker I have heard under $40. I should have purchased 3 or 4 more as future gifts.
UPDATE After listening to it for what must be over 20 hours total, I am down to one 'dot' on the battery indicator... it might actually make the rated '24 hours of listening" listed in the features, which honestly surprises me. Being a cheap chinese speaker I figured the battery rating was probably somewhat fictitious.

Can't remember if I mentioned this before, but I went back and bought a total of 4 more units. They're gonna make awesome Christmas presents!