Recommend me a wireless headset


Supreme [H]ardness
May 20, 2011
My Creative Labs wireless headset has just broken at one of the swivel joints. So I need a replacement. The CL headset has served me well but it's a basic wireless headset and I want something better. So recommend me something. It must be wireless and it must be durable. I will trade lower audio sound quality for durability.

My PC has the usual outputs and an optical out. The Creative Labs headset is USB which is fantastic.

And which glue should I use to repair my current headset?
What's your price point?
Are you looking for a "Gamer" headset that includes a microphone?
Are you partial to RGB?

Upload a picture of the damage.
In for recommendations. I also am looking for a new gaming headset. Wireless is a plus and I'll even take PS4 compatibility if available.

I'm currently looking at the Razer Man O' War is $114 (wired)/$140 (wireless) at Amazon. Personally I'm not interested in spending $200+.
I've been reading the reviews of the SS 840 and it doesn't do well on reliability and the microphone. The Razer looks interesting but it's for the XB1 and I can't spot any confirmation of PC compatibility. Any thoughts on the Astro A50? I see it uses the 5 GHz band: does that mean increased audio fidelity over 2.4 GHz and BT?
I have just ordered an Astro A50. I really didn't like the 840's apparent reliability issues.
I had the A50s and not too long ago either. I updated the firmware and all that jazz so keep that in mind:

1. Don't get the mod kit. You'll get a much better sound stage without it. Also, the mod kit made my ears itchy and sweaty.
2. I'm not real fond of the ear controls.
3. I mostly returned the A50s after I spent more time trying to get them to work or keep working.
4. The charging base station is a nice idea in theory. In practice, it sucks. The headphones need to be in a very specific position and stay in that position. It's music easier and much less of a headache to use a cable to charge them.
5. Software EQ didn't really seem to change anything.

1. Generally comfortable. even with glasses.
2. Doesn't touch my ears

These headphones were my gateway headphones. They really allowed me to appreciate and viscerally understand the difference of "Open back" versus "Closed Back" headphones. Without changing anything but the pads, you quickly get much better low-frequency/Bass and you can feel the bass. But the increase of bass makes the high frequency harder to distinguish and a much closer sound stage. It's still accurate in the general direction a sound was intended to come from but the sound was much less accurate to the exact place. (IE: It's on my left vs It's to my left but in just a few meters to my front-center.). Goodness guess what people describe the differences between Closed and Open- headphones? Listening to music is okay if you're gaming. Listening to only music isn't enjoyable.

Most wireless headphones are going to suffer reliability issues. Atleast from my experience all my wireless headphones suffered from reliability issues. The only ones that didn't were my old RF-Wireless turtle beaches which broke. After spending too much money on finding poor reliability wifi headphones.

After having issues with Wireless headsets, I decided to suck it up and use wired headphones. I just want them to work. First time. Every Time. I don't want to spend hours trying to fiddle with them to make them work.
I broke more than one wired headset by forgetting that I was wearing it and doing something that tore out the cable or otherwise damaged the headset, so I really do need a wireless headset. And I need a microphone.
Prava likes his g933. So you should try that one, if you find the A50s not to your liking.

Looking at the G933, the ability to mix different sources together would be good for streaming. You can play your music while your audience only hears what you want them to hear which would help you avoid copyrights and all that. No one wants to hear a repeat of Britney Spears one more time.

...Not that I would have experience with that.