Razer Thresher Ultimate wireless headphones


Supreme [H]ardness
May 20, 2011
Does anyone have these headphones? I could do with a better set than my Soundblaster Tactic Rage. I've not found any actual user reviews, and reviews of Razer's previous headset indicate build quality issues.
I don't know anything about these, except that they are really expensive for what is probably very marginal audio quality.

Of course, you're paying for the whole package, so you can't compare them as a solution directly to decent hi-fi headphones, but I'd certainly look at Sennheiser Game Zero/Game One headsets before Razer if you can stand the wires.

If you can't stand wires, get ready to pay.
They look like they might be a decent pair of headphones. Razer has been in the audio market for a while now so I think they would have the pedigree to put out a decent audio product. However, I notice that they're not really putting the headset front and center on the website. It's the very last headset. That makes me question the product.

I preferred wireless too. ...Until I had wireless headphones that kept dying on me from interference or windows drivers or dies from battery and then becomes a wired headset anyways. I've owned several pairs of Tutlebeach wireless headsets, then moved to the A50.

But then I went to Sennheiser Game One, then and never looked back to wireless.