Bluetooth Transmitters and Multiple Speakers


Limp Gawd
Jan 12, 2009
I bought a Denon AVR-x4200w last week and got everything hooked up. I am very satisfied. Thanks for the help.

I've got my family room wired up with 5.1 surround and the pair of speakers over my back deck/patio set up as zone 2. It worked great for a neighborhood get-together/cookout that I hosted this past weekend (was able to play a movie for some of the younger kids inside and music for the drunken adults outside).

I'm now thinking about using the 3rd zone pre-outs to drive a BlueTooth transmitter (something like the Miccus Home RTX) to allow for a couple of wireless speakers to be placeable around the house in random rooms as needed (like the kitchen/sun room/dining room) to expand the music coverage outside of the family room when indoors (the family room needs to be turned up much too loudly to be heard elsewhere on the first floor). Does anyone have experience with/recommendations for these sorts of transmitters?

From what I can tell, the Miccus will only pair with one device at a time, so it would only be good for transmitting to a single speaker (okay, but 2-3 would be better).

Am I stuck going with something much more expensive, like a Sonos system (using a Sonos Connect and some Play:1's)?

Would wifi be a better option than BlueTooth?
Wifi is your only option. The BT standard has low bandwidth and I'm not aware of any transmitters that would stream to multiple devices. You can use them as a sensor, some museums do but I don't think you'd get more than one device on a single transmission.