1. D

    No Power-On, PSU jumped or otherwise = Dead PSU?

    I am building a new machine (mid-ranger, minimal gaming, lots of storage for family "cloud"). My old machine is in my sig - it was built in 2011 or so. [Er, no sigs? Been away from [H] for so long....] Anyway, Corsair HX620W, Q9550/Gigabyte/DDR3/water-cooled/etc. It has been in storage most of...
  2. D

    EVGA GTX 980 Ti dropped dead after changing thermal paste

    Hey all! I have had quite a joyride past five days. Last Saturday I ran into an issue, that my PC crashed when I was booting up more intensive games. No biggie, maybe a temp issue right? Well, I fired up HWinfo64 monitoring and logged data to check whether it'd be a temperature issue, whilst...
  3. B

    OS or Live OS On Flash Memory Card?

    Hello, I was wondering if there are bootable flash thumb drives, would flash memory card be a good idea? I guess for main OS it won't due to constant writing of data but how about to use Live CD stuff on them like Windows, Linux for troubleshooting and repair purposes? I heard how not using...
  4. A

    GPU crashing and corrutping Win10 install

    Hello! So about a week ago I was playing Apex Legends and I got an engine failure crash (memory is grey at this point) I clicked out the error and then my GPU starting throwing artifacts on both of my monitors followed by crashing shortly after. Upon rebooting the PC went into...
  5. Cyber Akuma

    Is my PSU bad? System seems to get power OK but PSU tester fails the PG test... but all voltage rails measure ok.

    I have been having a mountain of issues with my system. It started when I tried to replace a drive and it would no longer turn on. After stripping it down to essentials, it would turn on but would display no video, so I plugged my GPU back in and I would get video. However, after this I...
  6. LGabrielPhoto

    How does Oculus rendering resolution work with SteamVR rendering resolution for Quest 2?

    Hi! Just trying to figure out what to set SteamVR too for rendering resolution if I am doing like 1.5x in Oculus for Quest 2
  7. M

    Stuttering and Poor Frame Times in Games | RTX 2080 & i7 9700k Build

    I am not sure if this is the best place to post this but here we go. I built my computer a while ago (year and half ago) for the first time and I have noticed some stuttering in my games, some worse than others. I was hoping I could get some help in identifying if this is normal and if not, how...
  8. jonathonball

    Wonky System Startup Issue

    I'm having issues during start-up of my latest PC build. First thing: this PC works! Just having some weirdness on startup. Once started it does not have performance issues. I have been able to get it to start each day, after some trouble. Here's the system in question: ASUS TUF Z490 Gaming...
  9. M

    Help troubleshooting

    System Spec: Msi b450 tomahawk max (latest bios) Sapphire nitro + vega 64(latest driver) Windows 10 1909 Ryzen 5 3600 addlink 500gb m.2 drive (windows installation drive) Crucial Ballistix ddr4 3200mhz 16gb power supply Evga 750Gq 80+ gold Past few weeks i was getting constant blue screen of...
  10. R

    Upgraded from RX 480 to Vega 56, no signal problem

    Hullo. I used to play on an RX 480 (as per title) and got a Vega 56 during Black Friday ( ). Only got around to plugging it in yesterday, expecting it to not be too difficult to get running. No such luck. I have no signal...
  11. H

    Thrustmaster Racing Wheel Help!

    Brake pedal went out and after many different troubleshooting avenues, I have the potentiometer at least responding. Unfortunately it's a on a very short throw, 5% depress or so, for two different sets of pedals (stock 2 pedal and the T3PA) -so in game they lock up as soon as sensor hits. Last...
  12. S

    Fury x may be dead.

    Just tore down my perfectly fine water-cooled rig that had a fury x, after reassembling and moving everything to air coolers tried starting up my PC bit was having Issues with Windows going into repair mode of boot looping. After troubleshooting fury x is the culprit. When cold starting PC it...
  13. P

    Need help with DRAM_LED issue

    I'll make this succinct: Have a Asus z77-M Pro mATX mobo + i5-3570k, working just fine Decided to buy a new videocard, swapped it out After swap, refuses to post, DRAM_LED either shows solid red for a seconds and then shuts back down or flashes and shuts down immediately Removed motherboard...
  14. D

    Weird power on issue

    Good morning everyone, I've had a weird power on issue with my current PC that's been happening since I built it two years ago, I believe system board is an Asus z97a, I've tried stock bios settings and messing with them and get the same results, so I'm thinking maybe it's a hardware or wiring...
  15. X

    Weird Ethernet Issues Post Power Outage - HELP

    To start out, there was a power outage this last week when a transformer blew, and after it came back on this is when everything started. Mind you, everything worked flawlessly before this happened. The relevant hardware: I have an old media server with an EVGA 780i FTW, and a Q9550. The system...
  16. Blorgon

    [Help] Constant DNS lookup failures

    A few weeks ago, I started getting intermittent DNS lookup failures. I looked into it, and everything I found suggested switching to Google's public DNS. So I switched to that in my router's settings, but I still had problems, albeit a little less frequently. Eventually I got fed up and forced...
  17. C

    Troubling Troubleshooting: Black screen on boot up -- No BIOS, No Nothing

    Hardware of note: MSI Z77A-G45 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 (4 years old, along with the CPU, RAM) Here's the scoop: Bought a new hard drive for my rig, upgraded to Windows 7 on that HDD, started installing updates for my motherboard and my computer gave up. Now, when I turn on the power to the PC...
  18. LiegePK

    Infamous Screen Freeze with multiple possible diagnosis

    I've built several computer builds over the years and in some builds, I've suffered from infamous "my screen freezes with loud buzzing noise" problems more than I liked or paid for. So my current rig (it's in my signature... but who reads those anyway?): NZXT H440 \\ XF X XXX 650W PSU \\...