Infamous Screen Freeze with multiple possible diagnosis


Nov 2, 2007
I've built several computer builds over the years and in some builds, I've suffered from infamous "my screen freezes with loud buzzing noise" problems more than I liked or paid for.

So my current rig (it's in my signature... but who reads those anyway?):
NZXT H440 \\ XF X XXX 650W PSU \\ GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 \\ AMD Phenom II 965 Black Quad 3.4GHz \\ CORSAIR Vengeance Pro 16GB \\ GTX 760 EVGA \\ H100i cooled \\ Windows 10 x64 \\ Ubuntu

But my current rig isn't really important.
I wanted to start this post hoping that it can collect success stories of how people got to fix this stupid problem.

If you had this problem, you know that there are so many posts, yahoo questions, google forum talk.. so on and on.. myriads of pages discussing possible causes. Just to list some:
insufficient power wattage
faulty video card
wrong overclock... just wrong
faulty memory sticks
faulty psu
faulty screen
and any possible other things that you can imagine...

For me, after 4 builds or so, I got to a point in my building career, where I thought I knew what I was doing when building. So it frustrated me to no end to have my new build to have this problem.
I've tried so many different things:
re-installing windows, buying a new graphic card (returning them), buying uninterrupted power supply, resetting overclock, switching from water cool to air cool... on and on..

I finally fixed mine by swapping out my wireless lan pci card (linksys WMP110) to Gigabyte wifi/bluetooth pci card (GC-WB867D-I) figuring that if anything should be compatible with my gigabyte board, it should be gigabyte card.
Anyway, I am sure... no... I know that there are other solutions because this "my screen freezes with loud buzzing noise" problem is the result of many different issues.

For those of you who have this problem, best of luck!
And that's why it's so important to keep spare parts or at least a compatible PC around so that you can basically start swapping everything except for the CPU and mobo most likely. That's pretty much the main way I've solved that problem over the years as the reasons are extremely varied.