Thrustmaster Racing Wheel Help!


Nov 11, 2011
Brake pedal went out and after many different troubleshooting avenues, I have the potentiometer at least responding. Unfortunately it's a on a very short throw, 5% depress or so, for two different sets of pedals (stock 2 pedal and the T3PA) -so in game they lock up as soon as sensor hits.

Last ditch effort, I know there are a handful of guys racing around here. I've tried everything I can think of and at this point leaning toward something haywire in the wheel base. If you guys have any insight I would greatly appreciate any input or ideas.

Wheel: TMX
Pedals used: T3PA and stock 2 pedal

BTW - not sure if this is the best spot for this thread; if moderate wants to move it please do!