1. W

    [FS] MacBook Pro Retina 15" (mid-2014) - SOLD!

  2. M

    FS: iPhone 6S - Cracked Screen

    Apple iPhone 6s in Rose Gold (16GB) - Was purchased in early May. Was purchased from a T-Mobile store. I did install the iOS 10 beta. Runs fairly stable. No issues in general use the past few days. Since then, it was dropped by my wife several times... its ailments include: 1 crack down the...
  3. karsten

    Apple Macbook Pro 15" Retina 16GB 256GB

  4. W

    Anyone explain how/why iPhone wifi?

    So here's the pickle. (And first post) TWC router with built-in wifi right. Come home every night, fire up PS4 (connected via CAT 5), nothing else is on my router wirelessly at this point ( have a Tablet but it has been off for months and was put in airplane mode before I turned it off)...
  5. G

    WTB: Nest Thermostat, Apple Watch, Mechanical Keyboard

    Looking for... Not interested in playing the perpetual bumping game with multiple threads, so will toss a few sale items as well. Movado Museum - Stainless Skagen Watches
  6. Q

    Windows PC better than comparable Mac at content creation with Lightroom

    Lightroom Mac vs PC Speed Test | $4k iMac vs $4k Custom PC Performance Test TLDR:
  7. Yakk

    Apple going full Polaris?

    Per wccftech Apple is going full Polaris on their next refresh : AMD Radeon 400 Series Polaris GPUs Land Major Apple Design Wins - Perf Per Watt & Perf Per Dollar Strides Pay Off Apple strives for low power, so Polaris does make sense. Might be why AMD is going full production on Polaris...
  8. G

    Problems with Apple Studio Display (17" CRT)

    I recently bought this display off of Craigslist and when I plugged it in I noticed it has some quirks, and I want some advice on how to work them out. First off, it has a curve in the corners of the picture that seems to fluctuate with brightness. (for example, it's more severe when I have...
  9. johnj189

    FS: Patriot DDR3 8GB RAM, Apple Store Gift Card, & Candywirez Lightning Cable

    Candywirez Apple MFi Certified Nylon Fabric Braided Lightning Cable - 10 Feet Brand new. Easily charge & sync iPhones & iPads via USB with this braided lightning cable. - Apple MFi certified for reliable charge and sync compatibility - Flat cable design resists tangles - Compatible with iPod...
  10. K

    Apple Watch, Canon L,Escort Passport Ipad mini3

    These prices are shipped. I prefer amazon gift cards as payment. 42mm S Gry Al Blk sport Apple watch is in perfect condition other than 2 small scratches on the dial it comes with an extra black metallic band that was only worn once, orginal s/m and m/l bands. The s/m band has not been used...
  11. Archer1212

    2010 13" MacBook Pro $500 OBO

    EDIT: PRICE DROP Selling my 2010 Macbook Pro 13" been a pretty faithful machine for the last 5 years, but its been sitting around not doing much for a while. Has some small dents and scratches from use but no major damage. Specs 2.4ghz Core 2 Duo 4GB ram 256GB Samsung 840 SSD GeForce 320M...
  12. D

    FS: ipad Pro 32gb w/ applecare & Pencil & Keyboard + Paperwhite

    Heatware Acceptable Payments: Amazon Payments, Paypal Shipping Method: USPS Priority, Fedex **All items are retail box with all accessories, manuals and CDs** **All items are in pristine working condition, unless otherwise stated** Apple Pencil Sell Price: $60 shipped Missing Lightning...
  13. R

    WTB: iPad Mini and/or iPod Touch

    Looking for a good condition iPad Mini (older is fine) and iPod Touch (again older is fine).
  14. H

    Apple CEO Opposes Court Order To Help FBI Unlock iPhone

    It should be interesting to see how this plays out. We're talking about a legally binding court order from a judge. Pass the popcorn please. :D Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook said his company opposed a demand from a U.S. judge to help the FBI break into an iPhone recovered from one of the...