alternatives to Eizo FS2434/FG2421


Dec 22, 2014
im looking for an all around ~24'' monitor for animation/printing/coding which means im interested in several features from refresh rate to color reproduction, uniformity, no flicker, low ips glow, a justified price tag, (a reasonable combination of all these)
wider gamut is not a major requirement for many reasons, i wouldn't pay extra just for that feature but it's not excluded either of course

after recommendations from other professionals i managed to test (previous years in the past) quite a few medium-hi and ultra hi-end monitors from various companies (Apple, Dell, Eizo, Benq and others - except NEC, Iiyama) and figure out the differences between the professional line and others
my conclusions were very, very different from what i had in mind before actually testing them
i have many things to share on the subject, but i don't want to flood the post

the best products for my needs (note that i tested much more expensive products) were two Eizo models which are actually directed towards gamers:
FS2434: IPS features, flicker free, awesome conf/uni-formity, low-ish but apparent ips glow, good high white, medium lower whites
FG2421: PVA features, flicker free, high refresh rate (120Hz), good high black, medium lower blacks

i love the PVA's features, r/r, lack of IPS glow, but i was also impressed with the particular IPS' conf/uni-formity
the latter is the main problem with every other IPS monitor i tested (the only PVAs i tested were Eizo)
why not buy it then? right... these two models are really, really old... there might problems from defect rate, power consumption, replacement, condition etc

and that's why im here, i haven't tested every monitor out there (especially new products) and im looking for alternatives
any recommendations?

thanks for your time