1. M

    Apple Building Data Center in Iowa

    Apple plans to build a $1.37 billion data center in Iowa. The company will purchase about 2,000 acres of land located in the city of Waukee and will receive a $207.8 million incentive approved by the city council. More than 550 jobs is estimated to be generated and the new data center will "play...
  2. karsten

    2012 Macbook air 13"

  3. E

    FS/FT: Galaxy Tab S w/ Accessories [-$20]

    I have a Galaxy Tab S 16GB and accessories that I've barely used. I bought it three years ago, used it for about a month or two, then it went into storage. They're esentially new. Galaxy Tab S and bluetooth keyboard have original packagaing. Heatware: eqtakeoffense Items [sold together, no...
  4. R

    Apple Refuses To Enable iPhone Emergency Settings That Could Save Lives

    Apple keeps ignoring requests to enable a feature called Advanced Mobile Location (AML) in iOS. Enabling AML would give emergency services extremely accurate locations of emergency calls made from iPhones, dramatically decreasing response time. The European Emergency Number Association (EENA)...
  5. FrgMstr

    Apple faces $506M Patent Dispute Payout

    Not that Apple would ever use someone else's technology without permission, but that seems to be exactly what happened here, and when Apple got court ordered to pay a judgment, it did not do so. Now the judge has somewhat thrown the book at Apple, basically doubling the judgement. And all of...
  6. FrgMstr

    Apple iPhone Sucks in China

    This is what happens when the name of your company means "hateful conceited snob" in another Mandarin. (I made that up.) Apple's share of the Chinese smartphone market fell last quarter, according to one analysis, representing the waning dominance of the iPhone ahead of a major milestone...
  7. FrgMstr

    I can has moar treez?

    You know what is worse than having no trees? Apple buying up all the damn trees and....planting them on their roof! For shame! In this morning's edition of "What can you find to complain about next?" please enter the San Francisco Chronicle suggesting that Apple is causing a tree shortage in...
  8. FrgMstr

    Qualcomm Profits Fall 40% in Q3: $866M Net Income

    On the heels of all the legal wrangling going on between Apple and Qualcomm, we get to see Qualcomm profits fall 40% in Q3. San Diego-based Qualcomm Wednesday reported $866 million in net income, or 58 cents per diluted share, in the third quarter of its fiscal year, compared to $1.4 billion...
  9. FrgMstr

    Four Apple Manufacturers Launch Antitrust Complaint Against Qualcomm

    So to bring your up to speed: Apple sued Qualcomm in January, then Qualcomm countersued in April looking for a ban on iPhone sales, then Apple told manufacturers to withhold licensing payments, and Qualcomm sued Apple in May, and now four of Apple's manufacturing partners (Foxconn parent Hon...
  10. N

    FS: Space Gray iPad Pro 12.9 LTE/WIFI 128 GB (GEN1)

    I have a Space Gray iPad Pro 12.9 LTE/WIFI 128 GB (GEN 1) available. It is in excellent condition. It comes with a black carbon fiber DBrand skin installed and an inexpensive case/cover I picked up from Amazon. Includes all original packaging, a power cable, and adapter. There is no iCloud...
  11. FrgMstr

    Apple Spends $1B on New China Datacenter

    Reuters is reporting that Apple is building a new datacenter in Guizhou, China. It is doing this in order to abide by China's new strict cybersecurity laws. But don't worry, no data surveillance is going to happen. None at all. An Apple spokesman in Shanghai told Reuters the center is part...
  12. FrgMstr

    Qualcomm Pushes Forward on iPhone and iPad Sales Ban

    So the squabble between Qualcomm and Apple has not exactly been a secret, but Qualcomm upped the stakes a bit yesterday by filing lawsuits for patent infringement in order to get sales injunctions against many of Apple's products in the U.S. as reported by The Register. We will keep our eyes...
  13. M

    FS: IPAD PRO 9.7” Wi-Fi 32GB Rose Gold SOLD

    Purchased on April 1st, 2016 from Apple Store 20530 N Rand Rd, Deer Park, IL 60010. Adult owned smoke free, pet free. Includes original box, with paperwork including Apple stickers. The screen is in flawless condition due to being in a case from day one, zero nicks or chipped paint. Will come...
  14. FrgMstr

    Google Hires Apple Chip Architect

    While this does not come to us from a usual tech source, Variety does seem to have all its ducks in a row after making a few calls about this this story. Google as hired Manu Gulati away from Apple. Gulati was at Apple for almost 8 years and was very active when it comes to building custom...
  15. Zarathustra[H]

    72% of Windows 10 Users use Cortana Less than Once a Month

    Today at Build 2017, Microsoft's developer conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that Windows 10 has reached a new milestone, with 500 million monthly active installations. Of course, this is about half the billion installations they had targeted reaching by now, and they reached...
  16. D

    WTB MacBook Pro 13" or 15" <= $400

    Hello [H] - Looking to buy a MacBook Pro Budget (via PayPal CC, I'll cover fees) = $400 Shipping Zip Code = 11378 Min CPU = Core i5/i7 RAM, Hard Drive = Any (will eventually replace it) User upgradable RAM & Hard Drive I believe the 2014 models are the last user-upgradable models (please...
  17. cageymaru

    Apple iPhone Sales are Down Due to Reports of Future Models According to CEO

    Apple CEO Time Cook is blaming the lower than expected iPhone sales on speculation generated about new future models. Investors are extremely confident that the major iPhone redesign due later this year will spur sales. "We’re seeing what we believe to be a pause in purchases of iPhone, which...
  18. A

    FS: Used 3rd Gen Apple TV

    Hi there, I am selling a used 3rd gen Apple TV (MD199LL/A). It's in excellent working condition. Some scratches at the bottom. It comes with the original box, remote, cord, and the TV itself. $45 shipped OBO. PM me if you are interested. I only takes PayPal. Pictures...
  19. FrgMstr

    Dictionary Definition of "Sheeple"

    Since [H]ardOCP is the Vatican of the PC Master Race, it has to be pointed out that Merrian-Webster thinks that Apple's brand-loyalists are "Sheeple." I am not sure why anyone would think that...You can't make this stuff up.
  20. FrgMstr

    Apple Teaches iCloud Users to Back Up Elsewhere

    Many of us use some sort of cloud backup for our desktops, tablets, and phones nowadays, and we just assume that it is a safe alternative to keeping control of our own data. Apple went the extra mile last week in making sure that its users are very clear on the benefits of keeping control of...
  21. Zarathustra[H]

    HARDOCP BREAKING NEWS: New Mac Pro Spotted

    With all the news lately about a new Mac Pro being in the works we are proud to break the news to you that HardOCP has spotted a prototype, obviously forgotten by Apple engineers in a Dunkin Donuts just outside of Boston. As we are posting this we are taking cover, anticipating the arrival of...
  22. cageymaru

    Apple Draws the Ire of Australian Government after Bricking 3rd Party Repaired Devices

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission or (ACCC) is seeking to sue Apple for bricking iOS devices that had been repaired by third party repairers. An update for iOS 9 started the bricking of devices as it could detect third party tampering with the home button or fingerprint...
  23. Lifelite

    PC guy. Bought my first Mac for Dev work....Surprised

    Just bought my first MBP. I found a really solid ebay deal for a 13" MBP with the touch-bar thing, 2.9Ghz i5, etc ($1200). I needed something for my freelance web development stuff (I needed to learn the OS anyways). I am not a fan of Apple, and buying it made me cringe...but now I'm...
  24. Zarathustra[H]

    Apple Claims WikiLeaks’ CIA Vault 7 'Dark Matter' iOS And Mac Exploits Are Outdated

    ...and Wikileaks doesn't quite agree. As we reported when the CIA Wikileaks Vault 7 dump first broke, the dump contained several exploits for various Apple devices. In fact, CIA has a team dedicated solely to iOS devices. Apple is claiming that all of these exploits are outdated and no longer...
  25. Zarathustra[H]

    How a Joke Tweet Brought 911 to its Knees

    I think most of us have had that experience where something intended as a joke went a little bit too far, and you regretted it. Luckily in my case, this never resulted in taking down the 911 system and potentially facing 12 years in prison. In this case, much like with Rick Rolling, a tweet...
  26. D

    FS: Macbook 12" 2016

    FS: Macbook 12" 2016, Space Grey M3 1.1ghz 8gb 1867 MHZ LPDDR3 Intel HD 515 Apple Care July 15, 2019 - just replaced keyboard due to key stuck issue. Brand new keyboard! Comes with Charger, USB-C Cable, Box Laptop has case on it Just got a pro, need to recoop some money. Asking for $850...
  27. Zarathustra[H]

    Apple Should have Taken on Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's Playstation with Apple TV

    Back when Apple was first developing the Apple TV it was originally supposed to be an entire set top box replacement device, much like a TiVo but with apps. When this fell through, Business Insider reports, Apple briefly considered bundling the Apple TV with a game controller to take on Sony...
  28. FrgMstr

    Thou Shalt Not Repair!

    This is an interesting case that comes as news to me. Nebraska is leading a number of states that are involved with requiring Apple and cell phone makers to supply the information needed to fix broken phones. This brings up a lot of questions around the phone being yours or not. That all...
  29. W

    iPod Classic 160gb (Gen 5)

    Working, cosmetic wear only. Freshly formatted. $105 shipped.
  30. Zarathustra[H]

    Apple Hires Amazon’s Fire TV Head to Run Apple TV Business

    Apparently Apple has hired Timothy D. Twerdahl, Amazon's former head of Fire TV as Vice President in charge of the Apple TV. (Warning, linked page contains a video which plays automatically.) Twerdahl has previously also held roles at both Roku and Netflix. The Apple TV is a part of Apples...
  31. XcPNehVYlE4A3C

    FS: 32G (2x16G) DDR4 SO-DIMM RAM Corsair

    everything sold! my heat:
  32. W

    [FS] Apple iPad Mini 2, Apple TV 4th Gen, KBT Race 75%

    - KBT Race 75% Mech Keyboard - White LED - Red Cherry MX [ Asking $70 shipped and paypal'd ] Sitting in my storage closet. Used maybe once or twice. Red MX switches arent' my thing. - Apple iPad Mini 2 32GB Cellular - NEW [box is opened but ipad is sealed], received as a gift. Dont need it as...
  33. Cerulean

    WTB: iPad

    Needing something to give to grandma to help her keep up with family via Facebook/e-mail. Wi-Fi only. Does not need to have more than 16 GB of space but it's ok if it has more space. Our budget is 200 USD
  34. N

    Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB Space Grey - Extras - Original Owner - 10 Months Old Excellent Condition

    Edit: looks to be sold, if that changes I'll reopen thread. For Sale By Original Owner: Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB Space Grey - Extras - Original Owner - 10 Months Old Excellent Condition Included: 01. Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128GB Space Grey cellphone (I can email you pics of the hardware if...
  35. magnux

    FS: EK Predator 240 (incl. QDC), BNIB Apple Watch 38mm Stainless Steel w/ Link Band

    Got a few things for sale. All items are from a non-smoking, non-pet household: SOLD ASUS STRIX GTX 970 - $165 shipped [front, back] STRIX-GTX-970-DC2OC-4GD5, Card only. EK Predator 240 (incl. QDC) - $160 + shipping [pic] Includes retail box and all accessories. Received on 9/7 from...
  36. J

    FS: Slightly Damaged Silver iPhone 6+ 64GB (Unlocked)

    Upgraded to an iPhone 7 and need to get rid of this phone. The phone has been in a case all of its life but has slight cracks on the top left and bottom right due to being dropped. The case took the brunt of the force but I guess since it fell on a corner it still cracked slightly in those...
  37. R

    FT - Airport Express, Apple TV 3, Networking/Telcom Equipment

    new thread
  38. T

    alternatives to Eizo FS2434/FG2421

    hi, im looking for an all around ~24'' monitor for animation/printing/coding which means im interested in several features from refresh rate to color reproduction, uniformity, no flicker, low ips glow, a justified price tag, (a reasonable combination of all these) wider gamut is not a major...
  39. karsten

    FS/FT: 2009-10 Apple Mac Pro 3.46 GHz 6-Core 24GB DDR3 1333 BT/wifi

    -Apple Mac Pro specs as above- 3.46 hexacore, 24GB RAM, comes with GT120. Case scuffed/scratched but no dents. $650 Paypal/Google Wallet shipped Fedex Comes with all 4 drive sleds and one 2.5" SSD adapter. Also includes cables for hooking up a more powerful graphics card...
  40. D

    FS: 2015 Macbook Retina 13" i7/512GB/16GB

    Heatware Acceptable Payments: Paypal Shipping Method: Fedex, UPS: Insured **All items are retail box with all accessories, manuals and CDs** **All items are in pristine working condition, unless otherwise stated** Apple Macbook Pro Retina 13" 2015 Sell Price: $1600 shipped OBO pending...