FS: iPhone 6S - Cracked Screen

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May 6, 2007
Apple iPhone 6s in Rose Gold (16GB) - Was purchased in early May. Was purchased from a T-Mobile store. I did install the iOS 10 beta. Runs fairly stable. No issues in general use the past few days.

Since then, it was dropped by my wife several times... its ailments include:

1 crack down the entire screen
impact crack on the lower right corner, as shown in pictures
some knicks on the back of the iPhone
cracks on the exterior lens of the camera, but seemingly doesn't affect its performance. I can verify this if needed.

Pictures are below:

Looking for $230

Comes with original box, new outlet adapter, Lightning cable, New headphones.

heatware under Mrpawick
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Ahhhh....too bad it's a Tmo iphone. It would be worth the repair to me if it was Vzw. Maybe get her a low profile clear case next time, one that doesn't add hardly any girth or weight to the iphone.
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