Apple and Amazon are Going After the James Bond Franchise


Jun 22, 2008
According to the Hollywood Reporter, both tech giants, Apple and Amazon pursuing the distribution rights for future Bond films. The companies are among a larger group trying to contend for the franchise rights after Sony's deal expired in 2015.

Observers are speculating that the franchise can expand beyond the realm of the mainline films and join the rest of Hollywood in exploiting the film series with its own spin-offs and other mediums. It's been awhile since the last video game adaptation.

"In the world of Lucasfilm and Marvel, Bond feels really underdeveloped," says someone familiar with the bidding process. Sources say that, along with the tech giants, Chinese companies could come in from the cold to pursue not just movie rights but massive licensing rights that could push deals into the billions of dollars.
Welp, I hope Amazon wins, unless they're just bidding the price up so Apple gets a new anchor.