WTB MacBook Pro 13" or 15" <= $400

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Darkh Prophet

Aug 10, 2006
Hello [H] - Looking to buy a MacBook Pro
  • Budget (via PayPal CC, I'll cover fees) = $400
  • Shipping Zip Code = 11378
  • Min CPU = Core i5/i7
  • RAM, Hard Drive = Any (will eventually replace it)
  • User upgradable RAM & Hard Drive
  • I believe the 2014 models are the last user-upgradable models (please correct me if I'm wrong)
  • Accessories not necessary, but message me what you have I may be interested
  • Would entertain offers over budget, for a great deal
PM me. Looking forward to closing a deal. Thank you!
mid 2012 is the last user-upgradeable model.
2012 Pro you can still upgrade RAM and HD
2012-early 2013 Retina you can't upgrade the RAM but you can replace the SSD with an mSATA SSD + adapter
late 2013-2015 you can't upgrade RAM but you can upgrade the SSD with an MCE/OWC drive or OEM Apple drive
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