1. W

    What type of SSD is this port for and what type of interface does the bottom one have?

    Hello, Could someone explain to me the difference in connector, specs and names between the two SSD types here (male and female)? Thank you
  2. Z

    FS: Arlo Ulta (4k) 1 camera system

    Selling an "open box" Arlo Ultra 4K 1 camera system (was never used). Opened and setup to be a server room camera but never installed for client. Still has plastic on everything, battery charged 1 time, setup to test video in dark (amazing quality color!) ***As always I'll include a bonus...
  3. O

    Is it possible to predict when my SSD is going to fail ?

    Hi, I have heard that SSDs fail suddenly and without any warning. Its been some years I purchased my SSD. Is it possible to predict when my SSD is going to fail ?
  4. jds8282

    help : new mobo seems to be corrupting drives or ports dropping like flies

    just got a Asus ROG (X570) Crosshair VIII Impact, AMD - and every SATA connection i have eventually corrupts the drive or the drive never really is able to be setup. now the BIOS does not even see the drives? first is was one of my small 2.5" SSD, then a week later the second and now it will not...
  5. luisxd


    Gskill Ripjaws 2400MHZ 16GB x 2. Good condition, has been installed on the same system since new, no original box, two sticks available (each 16GB). PHOTOS RAM: $65 per stick. Prices are shipped. Paypal. Feel free to ask any question. HEATWARE EBAY
  6. luisxd

    SSD expected lifetime

    what is the expected lifetime of an ssd?, I have been using a Corsair Force ssd for years now and I've been thinking on replacing but I'm not sure if it's really neccesary. Thanks in advance
  7. B

    [Closed] WTB - Cheapest SSD > 30GB

    I'd like to buy your ancient and small SSD for cheap. I'm restoring a old computer to give to a spot in need of something that can securely provide basic web needs. This means I'm sticking a locked down Linux install on it. So 30+ GB will be enough. Its a 4C/8T Haswell so any functional SATA...
  8. Z

    FS: $800 !88TB! 8X8TB + 4X6TB + bonus

    Welcome to 2020! I've got to clear out some HHD's. I moved to a Promise array so have 4x WD NAS Red 6TB drives (Warranty 2019-2021) as well as 8x 8TB Seagates for long term storage. All drives for $SOLD shipped Bonus items worth at least $50-$100 (cellphones/SSD/RAM/CPU just ask) ]...
  9. G

    FS: Multiple Samsung 860 EVO 2.5" SSDs - 1TB and 4TB

    Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 2.5" SSDs - Qty. 4 (1 sold) $100/each OBO Brand new. in sealed packaging Samsung 860 EVO 4TB 2.5" SSDs - Qty. 5 $375/each OBO Used, all are in Good condition and around 175 TBW as reported by Samsung Magician. Will update with CDI screenshots tomorrow.
  10. luisxd

    HP ZBook 15 G2 SSD M.2 question

    I want to buy a m.2 ssd for this laptop but I've read that it has some sort of limitations in the bios when it comes to the m.2 slot, anyone has had any experience with this particular model? Thanks in advance.
  11. luisxd

    SSD Clone

    Is it recommended to clone an SSD?, I just got a new laptop and a bigger SSD with it and was wondering if it's safe to just clone my old SSD (240gb) into the new SSD (500gb)?
  12. M

    Enmotus working on SLC/QLC hybrid NVME SSDs.

    These will use the QLC flash for long term storage. They have been working with Phison, who's controller will seamlessly move things back and forth in the background. Pricing or the ratio of SLC to QLC is not yet known, but drives are already been sampled to OEMs...
  13. M

    Are Intel SSDSCKKB480G8 and SSDSCKKB480G801 the same thing?

    Hoping somebody here knows Intel SSDs... Synology specifies that the only Enterprise grade ~500 gig SSD M.2 SATA modules that are compatible with their M2D17 SSD cache card is what they list as: INTEL SSDSCKKB480G8 D3-S4510 When I search the web for that, the only thing I find available for...
  14. P

    SSD + Expansion Card Compatibility Question

    Hello! This may be an easy-to-answer question, but I am looking for experienced folks' opinions and knowledge. Are these SSDs compatible with this Expansion Card? Are there any known issues or facts I need to know about?
  15. AceGoober

    Patch, or your (HP Enterprise) solid state drives (could) roll over and die

    Note: original article title edited for pertenance to hardware affected. Hackaday is reporting certain models of HP Enterprise SSD drives suffer from a software bug which could cause the drives to stop working after 32,768 hours of uptime. The drives are supplied by a third party manufacturer...
  16. Z

    FS: $650 Thinkpad X1 Carbon i7 + Thinkpad E560 i7 + Bonus

    Hello, Just moving into a new laptop so clearing out 2x Thinkpads that I no longer need. The X1 is a 4th gen and was used for about 1 year with some wear on the top lid. The E560 was used for less than 1 month and is basically in new condition. Both have fresh Windows 10 installs and ready...
  17. roshanx

    Hyundai SSD 120GB ! $15.99 w/ code GPC3 @ Rakuten
  18. R

    SOLD - Combo ASUS Z97-AR + Intel i5-4690K + Crucial 16Gb + 250GB Samsung SSD + Win 10 Pro

    SOLD!!! Motherboard - ASUS Z97-AR CPU - Intel i5-4690K Monster CoolerMaster 120mm HS Fan - very quiet Memory - Crucial Ballistix 16Gb (8Gb x 2) Samsung SSD - 840EVO 250Gb with activated Windows 10 Pro on this system Just get any decent power supply and case (large enough for heatsink), plug it...
  19. Z

    FS: Black Friday $400 4x 6TB WD NAS RED (24TB)

    Hello, Just moved my home array Promise TB3 to 12TB drives. I'm looking to sell 4x WD NAS Red 6TB drvies (Warranty 2019 to 2021) As always, I include a gift (CPU, RAM, SSD, ect... just ask). Also, I have 8x 8TB that i'll be replacing as well. Ask for a bundle deal! Thanks Z! FS: 4x 6TB...
  20. S

    FS: Old & Used hardware: DDR3, CPU, DTX motherboard

    Just trying to clean my closet of old hardware that I no longer use from ~10 years ago. Everything is tested prior. Heat is 121-0-0 under SOSTrooper ( ). Shipping from So Cali 90630. I take Paypal. For Sale: Intel i3 4340 LGA 1150 CPU - $35 shipped - bare...
  21. A

    SOLD - If Powerful PCs Scare You, Please Don't Click

    I built a content creation rig a little over a week ago, dubbed the PWR Ranger and it's WAY more computing power than I can handle. You can view pictures and the complete specs of the PWR Ranger here: * The PWR Ranger - AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X CPU, X399 Aorus Xtreme motherboard, G.SKILL...
  22. X

    What do you do with your old SSDs?

    Because I've upgraded my various systems, I have several 120 and 240 GB SSDs that I'm not using. I feel that I should be able to put them to some good use. What do you guys do?
  23. Z

    FS: 4x Nuc i7/i5 + bonus Samsung S7/Note 10.1

    Left over from projects, I've put together 4x nuc's (2x i7s and 2x i5s) that have been used as basic desktops. I'm throwing in an used S7 and Note 10.1 tablet as well as 16GB Intel optane. I have slightly different specs for the i7s ram/SSD. All Nuc's have windows 10pro installed but not...
  24. N

    NVMe SSD no longer recognized

    I took out a Samsung 950 M.2 NVMe that was working fine as my boot drive, reinstalled it, and now neither BIOS nor Windows 10 recognizes it. It heats up when the computer is on. I've taken it out and reinstalled it several times to no avail. I live in a small city and don't think I know...
  25. Z

    FS: 22TB + SSD's (bonus Intel Optane and Samsung 10.1 tablet)

    Hello, Sell extra drives from Dell pulls / cold storage 8TB. All wiped and zeroed drives with GPT NTFS formatting. Selling as bundle for huge savings but might break up (22TB+ SSD) FS: SOLD 2x 8TB WD80EZAZ 2TB ST2000LM007 1TB ST1000LM049 1TB HGST HTS721010AE630 2x 500GB ST500LM021 2x...
  26. cageymaru

    Lexar NM600 M.2 2280 NVMe 480GB SSD Is $72

    Amazon has the Lexar NM600 M.2 2280 NVMe 480GB Solid-State Drive (LNM600-480RBNA) for $72. Also there is a Lexar NS100 2.5” SATA III (6Gb/s) Solid-State Drive 480GB for $45. Saw it over on PCPer.
  27. Z

    FS: 120 SSD+ Seagate 2TB+ 1TB+ 500GB+ Bonus Intel Optane 16GB

  28. A

    Using cheap SSDs in RAID in 2019?

    I'm looking for some advice on a cheap solution for fast(ish) storage for VMs. I was thinking of using 2 x 1TB Samsung 860 Evo in an MDADM RAID 1 setup on Linux. Since I will be sharing out this storage as ISCSI for ESXI (i.e. it will be a big chunk of storage shared out, not individual files...
  29. W

    FS: Intel 8700K, ASUS Z370-I, Samsung 960 EVO 250GB, Corsair H100i V2, RM 850x PSU & DDR4 RAM

    It's been good [H] but things have changed around here.
  30. P

    VMs, Guest-to-Host Writes & bcache

    Background My workstation serves as a VirtualBox host for several Linux desktop VMs. The workstation has a Samsung 970 Pro as its boot device, with two Samsung 850 EVOs as a RAID 0 scratch drive. I have an external drive (two 1TB mechanicals in RAID 1) connected to the host which exposes its...
  31. magnux

    WTB: Up to 4 250GB Samsung EVO 850 SSDs

    Like the topic says, need up to 4 of these particular models. Let me know what you’ve got! :)
  32. wolfofone


    The wife's older Macbook could seriously use an SSD upgrade from the 5400 rpm hard drive. I'd like to find something cheap, it doesn't have to be super fast or new, just better than spinning rust :-). Unfortunately it needs to be 1TB+ as she has a lot of crap on there haha. Thanks, stay [H}ard...
  33. K

    [WTB] 256GB-512GB Sata SSD

    Looking to upgrade my wife's old AMD x2 desktop running win 10. HD should pep it up as she doesn't want to spring for a new rig. I'm in Rhode Island 02864 and heatware is my username. Anyone have an 2.5" ssd kicking around to unload? Best, Chris
  34. LFaWolf

    WTB or Trade for: one or several 1TB 2.5 SATA 6G SSDs

    I am looking for one or several 1TB 2.5 SATA 6G SSDs. No M.2 or NVMe please. Please provide Crystal Disk Info. Strong preference given to Crucial MX500, Western Digital WDS100T2B0A, or Samsung 850 EVO. PM me your price and Heatware. Please keep in mind what brand new 1TB SSDs are selling for...
  35. AlphaAtlas

    PCIe SSDs Will Overtake SATA in 2019

    A recent report from Digitimes claims that PCIe SSDs could finally overtake SATA SSD shipments in 2019. Unit prices for 512GB PCIe SSDs have supposedly fallen 11% sequentially, down to a price of $55 in Q1 2019, while SATA SSD prices only dropped 9%. The price gap between the different SSDs was...
  36. S

    SSD RAID 0 Issue - One of them is bad, but which one?...

    Let me start off by saying I know RAID 0 is frowned upon, I shouldn't have done this in the first place, etc etc... Data loss wasn't a real concern and I needed the speed bump. Please spare me the posts about what a dumb idea this was. Okay, I had 4 Samsung 860 Evo's in a RAID0 config in Ubuntu...
  37. B

    File organization and management in an SSD world

    Many computer systems these days have a dual drive config: a small ssd with OS and larger mechanical drive for "other". It has taken me a while to determine how to organize the "other" files between drives. Example, I have an MSI laptop with a 128 gb nvme ssd. Stores the OS, drivers...
  38. Y

    FS: 2x RTX 2080 Asus DUAL o8g cards, 860 evo SSD's - NIB

    Selling two Asus Dual O8G Overclocked RTX 2080 cards, both new/unopened, asking for $650 each plus shipping. I'll cover Paypal fees. Willing to discount if you take both and I can throw in a cheap Asus bridge. Keep in mind that these are essentially 3-slot cards, so you may not be able to SLI...
  39. AlphaAtlas

    Samsung Launches 970 EVO Plus

    Today, Samsung launched a new addition to their already extensive SSD lineup. Samsung tells us the 970 EVO Plus SSD features "up to 53 percent" faster write speeds than its predecessor, the 970 EVO, and is more power efficient overall. The new drive is supposedly good for 3500 MB/s and 3200 MB/s...
  40. AlphaAtlas

    RGB LED SSDs are Good for Gaming

    Do RGB LEDs on your SSD make gaming better? Apparently, the answer is yes, because Digitimes says that gamers are buying them by the boatload. More specifically, in what is supposedly a noticeable boost to LED manufacturers, their sources claim that "about 5% of gaming SSD modules are equipped...