SLC or enterprise SSD


Aug 18, 2020
I am interested to buy an SSD for my server to do web hosting. I want something they won't fail quickly. I heard that an SLC SSD is made to say longer. But when I look at what do enterprise use, I realize they don't use SLC but enterprise TLC SSDs. TLC is usually cheaper than SLC, but enterprise TLC costs mutch more than SLC.

So my questions are:
1) What is the advantage to go with an enterprise TLC?
2) That is the best for me between SLC and enterprise TLC? and why.
Thank you for your answer
SLC (single-bit) SSDs are fairly rare anymore, and generally very expensive. Where are you seeing SLC units, especially at less cost than MLC (2-bit) or TLC (3-bit) (outside small used units)?

The main advantage of SLC over MLC over TLC is write endurance. But for general web hosting, this is going to be largely irrelevant. You're more concerned about read speed/IOPS, and there you should probably be caching as much as possible into RAM.
SLC isn't used outside of niche industrial applications these days. Most people greatly overestimate how much they will write to a disk on any given day, so you probably don't even need an enterprise SSD. Are you going to be writing (not reading) multiple TB every single day for years? If not, don't worry about it and get a cheaper consumer SSD.
And for that matter, write-endurance has been improved so much that you generally don't need to worry about it on anything now.
Get a decent TLC drive with twice the capacity than you would need, then only make a half-sized partition. The controller's wear-leveling will use the unpartitioned space to double the life of the drive.
but remember, reads are essentially free when it comes to endurance, you just need to make sure the controller is being adequately cooled. I would assume most traffic in average web hosting is going to be reads over writes anyway.