Monitor 1600x900 only show 1024x768

Nov 4, 2018
I have 2 monitors, and the second is a LG w2043s (a little old) 1600x900, and I decided to move it as 20 cms and when I turn on my PC, it only shows 1024x768. an important detail is that I use a VGA adapter for DisplayPort, and it worked perfectly all month, but maybe it's the problem. I want to make sure of that first before buying another one.

I tried reinstalling the drivers and without drivers.
I tried to configure the monitor as the main monitor.
I tried to boot in safe mode (win10) to make sure that some software was not the problem.
I tried using the official screen drivers.

Unfortunately I have no other way to test the adapter or the VGA cable, but I hope that there may be another solution.

I hope you can help me, thanks



Why are you using a VGA adapter? That is almost surely the problem. Can you get a digital cable?