Limp Gawd
May 30, 2008
Hi all,

I'm looking into getting a new 32" or 34" non-curved 4K monitor with good sRGB color accuracy. I've spent the last week looking at reviews and am down to a few models. I'm hoping to get some critical feedback on any of them, especially if you have had experience with multiples. Here they are in increasing order of price (German Amazon prices, Q2 2019):

  • BenQ PD3200U
  • HP Z32
  • LG 32UD99
  • Dell U3219Q
The panel should be under 850 euros, preferably in the 700 range. I don't need USB-C connectivity as I'm not using any Apple products or similarly limited hardware. I also have external speakers so any embedded within the screen will be superfluous. My job is in IT and photography is my main hobby. I do some gaming, but nothing that requires more than 60hz. My current display is an Asus VS24AH, so whatever my next monitor will be, will be a significant upgrade.

If you can recommend any other 4K IPS panels with good sRGB colors that are 32"+, I'm all ears.

Just quick breakdown of what I've read and seen pertaining to each of the above-listed monitors:

BenQ PD3200U

~ €670

Oldest of the 4, this monitor has been a favorite in the semi-professional community for quite some time. As I am not a design professional, I won't be using the CAD, Animation or Dark Room modes, but the 100% sRGB and KVM switch are definitely a bonus. It's a sturdy and well-built monitor that weighs 12.5kg, with a brightness of 350cd/m², a 4ms GtG response and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. It comes with a 3 year warranty. Only downside is that I've read about issues regarding flickering, bleeding and unequal colors. How common are they?

HP Z32

~ €785

I've had a hard time finding reviews on this monitor but its specs look good. Again, it's a sturdy and well-built monitor. It weighs 12kg, with a brightness of 350cd/m² and a slower 14ms GtG response. However, it has a higher contrast ratio of 1300:1 with 99% sRGB coverage. I had trouble finding the warranty for this monitor, but I think it's only 1 year. Only drawback I've read about is that you need to deal with HP's business division for any issues as this isn't classified as a consumer product. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

LG 32UD99

~ €800

This one is popular in a lot of places, but also has some mixed reviews regarding light bleeding. This one only weighs 8.4kg, with a brightness of 350cd/m² and a 5ms GtG response. It has a wide color gamut (100% sRGB) and a similar contrast ratio to the previous one, namely 1300:1. Apart from the light bleeding, this monitor seems to only come with a 1 year warranty which I find suspect.

Dell U3219Q

~ €880

The newest and most expensive model looks beautiful and has some great specs and reviews. This one weighs in at 9.1kg with a relatively higher brightness of 400cd/m². It also covers 99% sRGB. While it does have good reviews, I have a hard time justifying the extra cost when compared to the other three.

So that's my initial run-down. I'm hoping that my little summary and, more importantly, your feedback will help people making a similar decision in the future.