1. J

    FS: EK Quantum 4080 Strix/TUF Block

    Asking 200 shipped. I built my first water cooled system a few months back, and couldn’t figure out why I was having issues. Well turns out I had purchased the 4080 block by mistake instead of the 4090 block. Anyways, here is your chance to get into a 4080 block at a discount. Feel free to...
  2. Zarathustra[H]

    FS: XFX Speedster ZERO Radeon 6900XT EKWB Waterblock Edition *SOLD*

    For sale is my XFX Speedster ZERO Radeon 6900xt EKWB Waterblock Edition. It's one of the best 6900's made with a high binned chip and custom XFX board with good power delivery (three 8 pin power connectors!) Picture of actual GPU currently being flushed in preparation for sale: More pics...
  3. Zarathustra[H]

    EKWB Active Backplate Dimensions

    So, Not that I really want to spend $420 on a GPU water block, but I was curious what the clearances need to be for EK's GPU active backplates, but couldn't find that information anywhere on their site, so I reached out to their support. If anyone needs it, here is the info: They really...
  4. A

    FS: Various Water-cooling Parts - XSPC Raystorm, EVGA GTX 670

    How's it going everyone. For sale are several water-cooling parts see below for details. Prices include shipping (conus only) unless it's some outrageous price due to the holidays. Parts also come in original box unless stated otherwise. Payment accepted: PayPal Heatware: asguitarplaya CPU...
  5. W

    FS: 240mm EK Coolstream PE Radiator - White (brand new, never used) $50 shipped

    I mistakenly purchased a 240mm EK PE rad for my new build, when I meant to buy a 280. Been compiling parts for my build for a few weeks so I didn't realize it was the wrong size until after it was painted. Perfect for a white build, or gently wet sand use the white as primer and paint it...
  6. 5150Joker

    FS: New EK Fittings (Black Nickel) + EK-Coolstream CE 420 Rad for Sale! *Low bulk price*

    SOLD Bought the radiator and the compression fittings brand new direct from EK but decided not to use them (going with 12mm instead of 16mm). Everything is brand new and unused as noted in the descriptions below: Bulk Discount Price: $165 shipped for everything. Payment: PayPal or Google...
  7. babelmh13

    EVGA GTX 1080 TI hybrid Question

    Anyone know if the hybrid cooler can be removed? I already havre a custom water-cooled build and I want to buy an EKWB water-block and swap in this card for my old ones. I assume it can be removed just as easily as a fan cooler would but, want to be sure before purchasing. Thanks
  8. Armenius

    EKWB has RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti full cover waterblocks available for preorder, shipping September 20

    https://www.ekwb.com/shop/water-blocks/vga-blocks/full-cover-for-nvidia-geforce/geforce-rtx-20x0-series Backplates are also available.
  9. C

    FS: XFX Vega 64 w/EKWB+backplate+stock cooler

    I bought this card from a [H]ard member last month, it was a new card from a RMA. I used it for about 2 weeks, and haven't turned on my PC sense. As the title states, the card has a water block installed, along with a back plate. I also have the stock cooler, which is included. I registered...
  10. FrgMstr

    EK Fluid Gaming Systems

    EK, a once heralded name in the enthusiast water cool world, has come under a lot of fire in the recent years for shoddy build quality, and even we have put the spotlight on some of its underperforming and overpriced cooling components. To its credit, it did apologize for that product, and gave...
  11. N

    WTB: EK-FC GeForce GTX FE Waterblock w/ backplate

    I'm looking for a EK-FC GeForce GTX FE block with a backplate, and it needs to be the acrylic one. Either normal or rgb will work. Thanks! My Heat:
  12. babelmh13

    970 EKWB compatible with GTX 1080?

    I currently have 2 EVGA Gtx 670 gpus running in SLI which are watercooled using EK Waterblocks (I built the rig 6 years ago). When I got around to cooling my cards only 2-3 years ago, it was hard to find blocks for the 670s because the 900 series cards were most current. Due to the fact that...
  13. C

    EKWB A240 Liquid Cooling Kit

    Title Correction: This is the L240 Kit, not the A240. I've had this laying around for awhile now but I know that I will never get to installing it again and would rather it go to a new home. It was in an old computer for a couple of months before I moved to a new case and put this aside. Comes...
  14. K

    WTB: EKWB 780 classified water block and mATX combo

    Pretty straight forward with the water block. I need a EKWB for a gtx 780 classified. For the mATX combo I’m going to need a combo that will be used as a secondary gaming rig. Mostly for steam games. Let me know what you have. Will also consider a higher end MATX combo to switch with my main...
  15. DooKey

    Former EKWB CEO and CTO Move to Corsair

    It looks like Corsair is getting ready to jump into the custom water cooling market all the way. They've hired the former CEO and CTO of EKWB as VP/ BU Business Manager and Director of Engineering respectively. Corsair already has a respectable AIO business, but it sure is going to be nice to...
  16. S

    EKWB 1080ti Block installed - pics, results, + bubbles question

    A while ago I installed an EKWB kit from Microcenter, it has been great. The 1080ti I have is an EVGA FTW3, the air cooling works very well on it, but can be a bit loud and isn't nearly as cool as running a watercooled card so I bought a block for it. Keep in mind a few things before reading...
  17. C

    New build/loop for my x7800

    This WC build will be for my 7800x. Wish me luck :) Case *TBD* but the cases top on my list will support the below build. EK-COOLSTREAM XE 360 (TRIPLE) $99.99 1 $99.99 MODMYTOYS RED CARBON FIBER ENHANCED COMPRESSION FITTINGS, 3/8" X 1/2" SIX PACK - CHROME $35.95 1 $35.95 KOOLANCE QD3 QUICK...
  18. RedWagnum

    New EKWB available for Threadripper and Vega

    Performance-PCs has new EK waterblocks available for pre-order for Threadripper and Vega.
  19. RedWagnum

    EK Threadripper Waterblocks available

    For those interested Threadripper waterblocks by EK are available for pre-order at Performance PCs.
  20. Kattstrumpa

    [Album] Finished my NCASE M1 build yesterday..

    So I just finished this mITX build in the NCASE M1. I'm very satisfied with the results and the PC works great. The idea sprung from seeing Bluehandstech's M1 build, I instantly knew I had to get this case and watercool it. I decided early on that I was to use hardline tubing only, and with...
  21. Thug Esquire

    NEW PRICE DROPS: watercooling, HDDs, CPUs, mobos, RAM, RAID, cases and MORE

    My HeatWare Feedback is 100% positive with 40+ happy customers. Thank you for your business! Payment: I accept payments via: Google Wallet, Chase QuickPay, Venmo, or Cash Shipping: Prices include shipping except where otherwise specified. $31 - Corsair 600T white mid-ATX case with window...
  22. Thug Esquire

    Deal central: 980 Ti, OWC Thunderbolt 2 dock, watercooling & more

    Most everything is in very good condition. All prices include shipping to continental US unless specified otherwise, and everything includes the original box unless specified otherwise. Most items include their original accessories as well. Everything will arrive clean. Package 1, Intel X79...
  23. magnux

    FS: Pre-filled EKWB STRIX 1080/1070 Full-cover water block w/ QDCs and backplate.

    The 1080 has been sold and now the block needs to go, too. EKWB EK-FC1080 GTX Strix Acetal+Nickel. Pre-filled w/ QDCs (Quick Disconnect Coupling). If you have a Predator AIO w/ QDC, this is plug and play. If you have a custom loop, you can of course drain it and install it as usual. Includes...
  24. Thug Esquire

    FS: GTX 980Ti, EK Waterblocks, M.2 NVMe SSD

    Make an offer! All in great shape. 1 TB Toshiba XG3 NVMe SSD THNSN51T02DU7 $351 shipped Creative X-Fi PCIe x1 sound card $15 shipped With original box: OWC Thunderbolt 2 dock $150 shipped EVGA GTX 980 Ti ACX 2.0+ $290 shipped Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti $280 shipped EK-VGA Supreme HF Nickel $32 Buy...
  25. C

    FS: ASUS RX480 8GB+EK Block and Backplate.

    Bought the card new Sept 24, between work and trips this card may have been powered up for a week. With my current setup, I can get the core stable at 1475Mhz, I forget the voltage. I did not get a chance to overclock the ram. Also comes with stock cooler, which was used long enough to...
  26. L

    Watercooling, Air cooling, CaseLabs TH10 and S3

    Hey all just doing some cleaning and move along my watercooling items and couple of computer cases to fund some other hobbies and dreams. Feedback: Heatware: LastLegion Ebay: LastLegionnaire OCN: LastLegion Possible Trades: -Not currently looking for trades but offers are welcome. Other...
  27. C


    I bought this card on day of release and only used the stock cooler for about 5 min. Card runs cool in my setup, with max temps hitting around 36C with a room temp of 21C. I had to remove the fitting block from the water block so it would fit in the box. Fitting block, hardware, and gasket is...
  28. magnux

    WTB: EK Predator 360 (incl. QDC)

    Long shot, but I thought I'd check to see if anyone has a EK-XLC Predator 360 w/ QDC they may be looking to get out of. I'm looking to upgrade my Corsair H110, as I'd like to add another loop for my 1080. I'm hoping for a 360, but I'll consider a 240 -- provided it, too, has QDC. Looking to buy...
  29. C

    D5 v DDC for this loop

    I am trying to figure out which would be most appropriate, given a goal of medium-low noise for medium-strong performance. My loop consists of: 1x Bitspower ASRIX99 Monoblock for the ASRock X99E-ITX/ac 1x EK Full-cover GPU Block (for the 1080 when it comes out) 2x Black Ice Nemesis 280 GTS...
  30. cageymaru

    EK releases monoblock for ASUS® SABERTOOTH Z170 S motherboard

    EK releases monoblock for ASUS® SABERTOOTH Z170 S motherboard. Figured this would appeal to someone. If old I apologize; saw the announcement on Twitter. EK releases monoblock for ASUS® SABERTOOTH Z170 S motherboard! - ekwb.com EK-FB ASUS Z170S Monoblock – Nickel 119.95€
  31. babelmh13

    FS: (2) GTX 670 Watercooled SLI, i7-2600k

    Thinking about upgrading my rig so I'm posting my GPUs with waterblocks and backplates along with my i7-2600k. I am willing to listen to offers and might be willing to sell the blocks seperate from the cards for the right price. Send me any reasonable offers. Items: (2) EVGA GTX 670...