D5 v DDC for this loop


May 18, 2016
I am trying to figure out which would be most appropriate, given a goal of medium-low noise for medium-strong performance. My loop consists of:

1x Bitspower ASRIX99 Monoblock for the ASRock X99E-ITX/ac
1x EK Full-cover GPU Block (for the 1080 when it comes out)
2x Black Ice Nemesis 280 GTS Xflow radiators
3/8 ID 5/8 OD tubing

I am looking at the EK XRES D5 100 PWM or EK XRES DDC3.2 100 PWM, but if there is something else that better fits the bill I would be happy to hear it. Given the form factor I would greatly prefer a single pump/res combo.

If you decouple any D5 pump, it'll be all but dead silent all the way up to full throttle. I cheapo sheet of bubble-wrap underneath the pump contact point with the case is all it takes. I have an Alphacool-top D5 running at 4800RPM right now and you can't hear it.

No matter what you do, a DDC pump will never be as quiet-even at bottom most throttle. Also the DDC pump runs warm, I had one get flaky in PWM control after 3 years because the MOSFETs aren't heat sinked.

If there's a choice between the two, get the D5....the DDC only if you are severely space constrained.
Good to know. I was originally leaning towards the D5, but I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out if my loop was too restrictive. A D5 should be fine for the above?
Yes. The X-Flow radiators are very non-restrictive as they are single pass radiators, compared to most other radiators which are dual-pass. Full cover GPU blocks generally aren't restrictive at all, and I doubt the monoblock is restrictive.
Very reassuring, thanks.

Another question- is their any consensus as to the best ordering of components? I was tentatively planning on Pump/Res->Radiator->Monoblock->Radiator->GPU->[back to pump/res]
The best routing is the routing that keeps your tubing runs the simplest and the shortest.
I have the EK d5 pwm bay res, and it is very quiet. I keep it on 100%, and find myself double checking that there is movement in the rez due to the lack of sound