970 EKWB compatible with GTX 1080?


Limp Gawd
Jul 13, 2012
I currently have 2 EVGA Gtx 670 gpus running in SLI which are watercooled using EK Waterblocks (I built the rig 6 years ago).

When I got around to cooling my cards only 2-3 years ago, it was hard to find blocks for the 670s because the 900 series cards were most current. Due to the fact that the PCB layout had not changed from the 670s to the 970s, I was able to purchase the EK-FC970 GTX waterblocks and they were fully compatible.

My question is, can I re-use these same blocks on the GTX 1080 line? I believe the 1080s have the same PCB layout. I checked the compatibility list for on EKWB and the 1080 is not listed on the EK-FC970 but that seems to be because they dont list forward compatibility on their parts, only backward.

Also, when looking at the compatibility on the EK-FC1080, it lists both the 1080, and the 1070 line. This leads me to believe that since the PCB layout hasnt changed and is interchangeable between the 1080 and 1070 line, my 970 block should work on a 1080.

I already reached out to EKWB but as you may know, their blocks are great, their customer service is poor.

Let me know guys. Thanks
Not sure I'd want to gamble with a 1080 like that. But I took a quick look at some images of reference 970 and 1080 cards. And the power supply area on the 1080 have more components that require cooling than the 970. So you may run into either clearance issues or contact issues there. Otherwise the GPU and ram seems to be pretty much similarly positioned for both cards. Again this is just eyeballing it, but I would say it does not look like a good match imho.
Thabks for looking into it. Were you looking at cards by the same mfr? I.E. both EVGA?

Unfortunately, i think eyeballing it is going to be the only way i can make a decision other than finding someone whose actually done it.

I dont think EKWB will tell me (if i can even get them to acknowledge my efforts to contact them). Maybe i could contact EVGA about it and they could give me an answer.