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Thug Esquire

May 4, 2005
My HeatWare Feedback is 100% positive with 40+ happy customers. Thank you for your business!

I accept payments via: Google Wallet, Chase QuickPay, Venmo, or Cash

Prices include shipping except where otherwise specified.

$31 - Corsair 600T white mid-ATX case with window (model CC600TWM-WHT)
This case has some signs of wear and tear but is a great option for anyone who needs space for a bunch of drives (including 5.25"), watercooling ingress/egress ports on the back, or just anyone looking for a cheap but solidly built case. It's got some visible marks and scratches on case and acrylic window. I've outfitted it with white LEDs throughout interior for better illumination. These LEDs look blue in the photo but they are actually a cool white in person. I have also installed some filter materials in the top and rear to reduce dust ingress. Unfortunately the fan controller has not been tested, and the rear watercooling tube ports do not have rubber grommets.
This case has locking side panels and built-in dust filters!
Includes most of the original parts and accessories:
  • Quick Start guide
  • Top 200mm fan (white LED)
  • Acrylic window side panel, and alternate screen/4x120mm fan mount side panel insert
  • All drive bay cages and trays (installed)
  • Case lock keys
  • PCIe slot covers (7x) (installed)
  • Adjustable PSU bracket (installed)
  • Motherboard standoffs (installed)
  • 20x original hard drive/motherboard screws
  • 18x original 2.5" SSD/HDD flat screws
Price does not include shipping. Local pickup recommended in 90066 or 91320. Shipping this would be anywhere between $58-75.
Corsair link: [Corsair Link]

$4 - BYTECC USB 2.0/eSATA 2.5-inch/3.5-inch HDD enclosure
A really cheap way to get access to your SATA drives! Comes with everything shown, including eSATA cable. Also includes USB cable (not shown). Add $7 for shipping.

$79 - 5x 750GB 7200rpm Samsung Spinpoint F1 HDD 3.5-inch, no bad sectors
Price covers ALL FIVE drives. This is a perfect starter kit for a RAID 5 array--really can't beat the price at this capacity. Add $20 for shipping.

$7 - BitFenix Spectre LED (white) 200mm case fan (200x200x20mm)
New in box! Ordered the wrong fans -- my loss is your gain. I have two of these, price is for each. Add $5 for shipping. Buy both and save $2 on total.
These are compatible with my Corsair 600T, which is also available.

$31 - Swiftech MCR-320-QPK triple 120mm radiator
In great condition, this lightly used radiator shows very little wear/tear and has no leaks. Ships in original box with original protective sleeve and port caps. Standard G1/4 ports. Add $8 for shipping.

$23 - Triple 120mm radiator
This radiator shows signs of wear and tear but has no leaks. Great option for the budget-conscious watercooler, or a project where aesthetics are less important. Has standard G1/4 ports. Add $7 for shipping.

$21 - EKWB EK-Multioption X2 RES 400 reservoir
This tall clear acrylic reservoir is fully customizable at both ends and is in good condition with no leaks. Includes everything shown (even the manual). The ends are in very good condition. The primary acrylic cylinder has signs of wear and tear (see photos) that do not interfere with the performance of the res. This is a perfect budget option for anyone who wants to build a high-capacity watercooling loop. Add $10 for shipping.

$5 - Thermaltake Flow Indicator (acrylic with red spinner)
In good condition. The fittings are 3/8" ID, 1/2" OD. Visually indicates flow activity and I'm throwing in the compatible temperature sensor with adjustable alarm for free. Includes everything shown. Add $3 for shipping.

$47 - 3/8 ID, 1/2 OD compression fittings grab bag
Includes everything shown.
  • 8x EK nickel straight compression fittings
  • 12x Koolance NZL-L10 nickel 90-degree compression fittings
  • 2x Koolance NZL-L10 dark nickel 90-degree compression fittings
I'm also throwing in some Koolance Quick Disconnect parts for free (shown). Add $7 for shipping.

$13 - 6x 3-pin 120mm clear fans (no LED)
These are 3-pin 120mm fans in good condition. They are fairly quiet and good for many applications. Price is for all 6 fans. Add $9 for shipping.

$250 - Intel Core i7 980X Extreme 3.33Ghz Socket 1366 32nm
Passmark roughly equivalent to i7-3770 Ivy Bridge 3.4Ghz
Product reference link
[Newegg Link]
the 1366 unlocked flagship. This CPU is still a beast by today's standards. Add $10 for shipping. Add $15 for shipping if you want the original packaging as well.
Add $50 and I'll throw in the Prolima Tech Megahalems cooler I'm using with it. [Newegg Link]
This CPU and air-cooled combo idle at 29-37C (85-100F) and gets to around 54 C (130F) under 100% use with low CFM Noctua 120mm. This is still a daily driver, but I can upload pics of my specific hardware if there is genuine interest. See also my ASUS LGA 1366 mobo for a killer combo.

$120 - Asus P6X58D Premium mobo
Detailed Product Reference:
[Newegg Link]
This mobo is still my daily driver, hence a lack of good pics, but I can ship with almost all original parts in original box, it still works great, and I can rip it all apart and take some good pics if there is genuine interest.
In an ideal world someone would want this mobo, the Intel 980X 6-core, and the megahalems as a combo. Add $15 for shipping.

$50 - Megahalems Rev.B CPU Cooler
Detailed product Description:
[Newegg Link]
fantastic, quiet air cooler. combined with a low CFM Noctua 120mm keeps a 32nm 6-core 3.33Ghz 980X running at 85-100F idle, and 130-135F at 100%

$65 - Corsair Triple Channel 12GB kit (3x 4GB) DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
Product reference link
[Newegg Link]
Triple channel Memory kit, used, in original packaging. I'll memtest86 it one last time before it ships and send a screenshot. Add $10 for shipping.

$100 - CODE mechanic keyboard used 1wk
This keyboard is just about N.I.B.
Product Link:
[Amazon Link]
Kind of an embarrassing story. I thought I wanted a mechanical keyboard. Everyone else seems to love them, but apparently they don't love my fingers. I used this for about 1 week before giving up and going back to an old man ergonomic. Add $15 for shipping.

$65 - 16GB OEM ram kits (4x 4GB) 1866Mhz DDR3 ECC unbuffered (3 remain)
This is the ram that comes with a Mac Pro 2013 garbage can.
I have used it with zero problems with a variety of PC motherboards.
I currently use 6x 4GB @ 24GB with an ASUS P6X58D Premium mobo, no issues... other than the motherboard can't drive 6 dimms at that high Mhz.
I also use 4x 4GB @ 16GB with a Supermicro ITX Server mobo for ESXi and VMs.
It's flexible ram.
I actually have 20 dimms in total, and can make 5x 16GB kits.
there is some slight variation, some of it is Hynix, some Micron, some Elpida, etc, but I'll match each set of 4 and memtest86 them to make sure your set is happy before shipping. Add $7 for shipping.

$240 - ASUS STRIX Geforce GTX 970 Overclocked 4GB DDR5
Product Reference Link:
[Amazon Link]
$240 = 220 + 20 shipping

$400 - ABS TIGAS Full Black Anodized Aluminum 10x hotswap bays
Product reference link:
[Newegg Link]
unfortunately this case is huge, so the price is $300 + $100 shipping.
Will ship in the original box with all the accessories and parts.
this is such a special case, truly one of a kind, and sold for a very short period of time.
10 hotswap bays, really well made, sound padding on the doors. There are 3 less accessible 3.5" drive bays in the top rear of the case that can be removed for a second power supply.
I vaguely remember ABS at the time saying it was made in a partnership with Lian Li.
it has the build quality of a lian li case (which is to say you can find and fix rattles when they do pop up, and the inside doesn't try to cut you)
one tiny caveat about hotswap. The backplane is just a pass-through, so it's only hot swap if you run it into a raid card or motherboard port that actually supports hot-swap. The drives can be SATA or SAS, as long as something like an LSI/AVAGO card is doing the hotswap pickups. Most mobo onboard SATA isn't really hot-swap, and would require you reboot the machine to pick up newly added drives.

$100 - Refurb XFX R 7870 2GB
Detailed product description
[Newegg Link]
Full disclosure, there was some drama here.
XFX decided to play games with me on their "lifetime" warranty when my 6970 2GB failed.
They sent this 7870 as a refurb, said it was equivalent to the 6970... it wasn't.
This card DOES NOT like Asus Socket 1366 motherboards, so please be careful. I have tried it with MSI socket 1366, no issues. Socket 2011 mobos, no issues. But XFX just had to send me a replacement that hated Socket 1366 Asus motherboards... the motherboard I owned.
I will be as accommodating as financially possible if you have problems and need to send it back. I understand my test pool to provide info on this card is not extensive. Add $15 for shipping (not refundable).

$97 - SilverStone Grandia series GD08 HTPC case (black) in original box
The SilverStone HTPC case (GD08) is really quite nice. It's designed so that you can neatly hide a lot of drives inside a svelte exterior. It's almost exactly the same width as most A/V receivers, so it stacks nicely. The trick is that the HDD cage (which is removable) hangs over the SATA ports on the motherboard--in other words, the HDD cage is at the front of the case. There's no direct contact to the mobo or the CPU/cooler (I was using a full-size ATX mobo and APU); plenty of room there. I actually ran it with 8 3.5" hard drives for a long time. Now I'm consolidating my storage to a single NAS, so I don't need all the extra drives (I'm selling some of those, too). I have the original box for it too, so I can pack it nicely if you're interested in shipping. Or if you prefer local pickup, that's also an option (in either 90066 or 91320). I'd love to get this one to a good home, it's basically mint!

$15 - For Honor / Ghost Recon Wildlands
Your choice of either game. You get credentials to the NVIDIA account where the code is redeemed and then you get to pick which game you want. Then you link it to your Uplay account. All done!

$49 - HighPoint RocketRaid 3520 SATA II PCIe x4 8-drive RAID 6 card
This is an older card that still works great! Supports up to 8x SATA II drives. Includes both original Mini-SAS to 4x SATA fan-out cables, optional low-profile bracket, and user guide. Supports SATA 0/1/5/10/50/6 and JBOD, so you can use it as a fully-functional, Intel hardware-accelerated RAID card, such as in a NAS-type box -- or just to add 8x full-speed SATA II ports to your rig.
The Web GUI management still works in Windows 10! Ships in original box. I also have a bunch of hard drives if you're interested!
Add $10 shipping.

$10 - Intel Gigabit CT wired Ethernet PCIe 1x NIC
Great for adding an additional 1 Gbps link to your rig, such as when building a server, or if you wanted to run a dedicated link to a specific device. I used it for teaming with the onboard 1 Gbps NIC to get a 2 Gbps link. Add $7 shipping.

$30 - Samsung Spinpoint 1TB 7200rpm drive
I have two of these available, no bad sectors. Add $7 for shipping.

$50 - SeaSonic X-series 750W 80 PLUS GOLD fully modular PSU
This super-silent PSU has no issues whatsoever. I recently cleaned it. It comes with the original cables and is perfect for any rig where silence is golden, and the 80 PLUS rating means it's super efficient. Add $10 shipping.
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