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    Combining USB-C to OTG with USB to LAN Work?

    Hello, I want to buy USB-C to LAN adapter so I could connect and configure routers using either smartphone or tablet: I checked a few reviews on AE and they mentioned that those adapters do not work with Macs and smartphones. Other reviews said that they work but none mention what brand of...
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    Monitor 1600x900 only show 1024x768

    I have 2 monitors, and the second is a LG w2043s (a little old) 1600x900, and I decided to move it as 20 cms and when I turn on my PC, it only shows 1024x768. an important detail is that I use a VGA adapter for DisplayPort, and it worked perfectly all month, but maybe it's the problem. I want to...
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    Displayport to HDMI adapters?

    I just ordered myself Oculus Rift + Touch Bundle and suddenly noticed that I have only one HDMI port in my graphics card and that is reserved for my Samsung TV that I use as a monitor. So question is, what is the cheapest option to convert one of my DP ports into HDMI? I know there are some...
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    Gigabyte GV-N75TOC-2GI on 350W power supply with 4 pin Molex to 6 pin PCI-E adapter, is it safe?

    I have a Gigabyte GV-N75TOC-2GI that I have to use with a proprietary 350W 80+ White power supply (see this thread), the issue is that the graphics card specifications indicates that it requires at least a 400W power supply, it also has a 6 pin PCI-E power connector, and the power supply doesn't...
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    3D Printed Adapters

    Hello, I offer 3d Printed adapters for: C7 and LP53. They allow you to use any 92mm fans with them. I also sell them at my online store: 3d printed. Works great. Heatsink is 32mm. Adapter is 2mm, using Noctua's A9x14...
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    SSD suppliers that reliably provide a spacer or adapter

    After doing some digging I have found that Crucial and Adata are good about providing a 7 to 9.5 millimeter spacer or adapter with most if not all of their current SSD models. Are there others I should be aware of?
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    future proof strix 980 ti for 3 high res / refresh LCDs

    edit - It just dawned on me the new monitors would support a displayport input so disregard the futureproof portion I'm long overdue for a gpu upgrade. I am currently running two HD6950s with a triple (60hz/1080p) monitor setup (two LCDs using regular DVI cables, the third is using an active...