future proof strix 980 ti for 3 high res / refresh LCDs


Limp Gawd
Nov 22, 2004
edit - It just dawned on me the new monitors would support a displayport input so disregard the futureproof portion

I'm long overdue for a gpu upgrade. I am currently running two HD6950s with a triple (60hz/1080p) monitor setup (two LCDs using regular DVI cables, the third is using an active startech mini display port to DVI adapter). I plan on buying a Strix 980 ti which as you may know only has a single DVI, triple displayport, and 1 hdmi ports on it. So the adapter I have now is useless since its for mini displayport. My monitors are basic Asus 1080p and I run them as extended displays (not stretched / no eyefinity used for video editing / workstation) so 1920x1080 resolution on each.

I'm assuming I don't need an adapter per say but a new cable that's displayport on one end and DVI-D on the other? (monitors accept dvi-d) Is there such a thing still as active / passive in this regard? I read in the description of one of the cables that an "active cable" is required for more than two displays.

If you can provide a link or p/n to an exact product that would be appreciated. I don't want to waste time buying / returning something that's not going to work.
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