1. cageymaru

    Dynamic Local Mode for the AMD Ryzen Threadripper WX Series Processors

    In a new blog post, AMD's Robert Hallock has announced Dynamic Local mode for the 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX and 2970WX processors. Dynamic Local Mode is a new piece of software that automatically migrates the system's most demanding application threads onto the Threadripper 2990WX and...
  2. AlphaAtlas

    Windows 10 October Update Supports Raytracing

    Microsoft officially released the creatively-named Windows 10 October Update today. The new Windows build finally brings DirectX Raytracing support to the masses, as it was only available in developer builds before today. Both the official Windows Blog and Nvidia's blog post claim that...
  3. cageymaru

    AMD to Showcase SMACH Z Handheld Gaming Console at the Tokyo Game Show

    The SMACH Z console has had a rough time being completed after its successful Kickstarter campaign finished in October 2016. The developers have had to contend with setbacks such as a breached manufacturing contract, but the company has rebounded to announce that they will be shipping units...
  4. AlphaAtlas

    WIndows Interrupts Chrome and Firefox to Promote Edge

    Microsoft is getting more aggressive in its attempts to push the Edge browser. In Windows 10 insider build 17744, whenever users try to install or open Firefox or Chome, they get a pop up reminding them Edge is already installed on their system. This feature isn't in mainstream builds of Windows...
  5. B00nie

    Useful tools for Windows users

    If you need tools to analyze your bluescreen crash dumps, scan folders etc. here is a list of freeware tools:
  6. cageymaru

    The State of Linux Gaming After the Advent of Steam Play and Other Tools

    Jason Evangelho has taken a deeper dive into Linux, Lies and Steam Play compatible video games. He touches on subjects such as ease of use when it comes to making Windows games run on Linux. Liam Dawe, of Gaming on Linux fame, assists Jason on his journey into gaming on the OS and it is nice...
  7. AlphaAtlas

    Another Windows Zero Day Exploit Discovered

    Big Windows security holes aren't exactly rare. Now, it seems that another Zero Day vulnerability is out in the wild. GitHub user SandboxEscaper uploaded proof-of-concept code for the attack, and announced it in a rather colorful tweet. The exploit, which is related to the Windows Task...
  8. DooKey

    You Can Now Run Windows 95 Inside Windows (or Linux or macOS)

    Slacker developer Felix Rieseberg has developed a nice little app that allows you to run Windows 95 on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It weighs in at a whole 129MB. However, a problem with Internet Explorer has been noted and you won't be able to use that to connect to the internet. Regardless, this...
  9. cageymaru

    Steam Play Evolves as Valve Adds Tools for Windows to Linux Compatibility

    Valve has been hard at work funding the creation of open source tools to make Windows games compatible with the Linux operating system (OS). The end goal is to create a better more robust version of Steam Play. The first tool called Proton is a version of Wine that is directly funded by Valve...
  10. cageymaru

    Open Data Blender Benchmark Tests Your System's Ability to Run Blender

    Blender is an free and open source 3D creation suite which appeals to a demographic ranging from professionals to amateur video editors. Now they want to assist developers with understanding their system's ability to run Blender. A Blender Benchmark has been developed and released as a beta...
  11. cageymaru

    Dolphin Emulator Is Back on the Google Play Store

    The Dolphin Emulator is back on the Google Play store after a long hiatus. As always you have to acquire and own the Gamecube and Wii games that you run on the emulator. If you're not interested in running an emulator on your potato phone, then the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions can be found...
  12. The Internal

    Why am I having to fiddle with xHCI BIOS settings to run VR?

    Hey all. Hoping someone with more computer science book learnin' can explain why my Rift keeps taking a dump on me. I'm doing room scale HMD + sensors, so 1 HDMI and 4 USB ports total (at least 3 USB 3.0 ports, ideally). Currently running into the issue on my Gigabyte Pheonix SLI x99 with my...
  13. DooKey

    Next Major Windows 10 Update Available April 30th

    The next major Windows 10 update will be available as a free download on Monday, April the 30th according to Microsoft. You could consider this the Spring Creators Update, but Microsoft has declined to label it as such. However, it does have a few interesting features that might make it...
  14. R

    uTorrent Flagged as Threat by Microsoft and Antivirus Vendors

    TorrentFreak is reporting that this week several Windows users that the uTorrent BitTorrent client was suddenly being flagged as a threat by Windows Defender as "Potentially Unwanted Software." The article goes on to state that other Antivirus software has been labeling uTorrent as a threat, and...
  15. R

    Microsoft Wants You Using Edge, Whether You Want to or Not

    The Register is reporting that Microsoft is about to test a new feature in Windows 10 that will force users to use the Edge browser in certain circumstances. In the upcoming Insider preview build 17623, people in the "Skip Ahead" ring will be testing a change that makes it where links clicked on...
  16. R

    Latest Windows Insider Build Shows New Privacy Screen Settings

    In a blog post yesterday Microsoft showed off a new privacy screen settings layout available now to Windows Insiders. The release will come this Spring for non-insiders, and Microsoft says "This new design conveys focused information to help our customers make focused choices about their privacy...
  17. R

    iTunes Store Dropping Windows Vista and XP Support on May 25th

    Apple has stated on a support page post that it will be dropping support for Windows Vista, XP, and the first generation of Apple TV on May 25th. Apple states that on Vista and XP machines, you will still be able to use older versions of iTunes without support, however you will not be able to...
  18. R

    No Office 2019 Without Windows 10

    A post on the Windows blog outlines changes to servicing and support of Windows and Office. The post states that Office 2019 will only be available to Windows 10, or the next long-term servicing version of Windows Server. Support will be shorter than normal well, Instead of the normal 5 years...
  19. R

    Microsoft Is Retiring the Windows Homegroup

    With the latest Windows Insider build of Windows 10, Microsoft has killed off "Windows HomeGroup." Originally a part of Windows 7 in 2009 and continuing until now, HomeGroup was a way to share files and devices between computers on your network. This change will go live in the Spring 2018 update...
  20. R

    Microsoft Releases $189 Laptops For Schools

    Microsoft is unveiling 10 new Windows 10 devices for schools starting at $189, challenging the Chromebook to keep teachers and students using Windows. The least expensive if the group is the Lenovo 100e, which is an 11.6" rugged laptop, with an unspecified Intel Celeron Apollo Lake processor, 2...
  21. K

    WTB: 8GB DDR4 RAM & Windows 10

    Hi all, I'm putting together a budget rig for my roommate and I'm looking for the following to finish it up: -8GB DDR4 RAM, 2x4 sticks for dual channel. Ripjaws preferred but brand doesn't much matter -Hard copy of Windows 10, doesn't matter what edition. I don't want to buy a key, I've always...
  22. Pieter3dnow

    Windows 10 unbootable fix meltdown spectre
  23. R

    Today Is The Last Day To Upgrade To Windows 10 Free

    Unless Microsoft decides to extend the deadline again, today is the last day to upgrade to Windows 10 for free using the assistive technologies loophole. January 9th Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 8.1, and moving it to "extended support" meaning it will get only security updates...
  24. TeK-FX

    Help understanding CALs

    I was recently hired to work for a small company that has about 80 users on a domain. I would like to setup a Skype for Business server to replace the aging Pegasus email system they use for internal communication since their licensing is running out soon. What I do not understand is the CAL...
  25. S

    Used Rift or Windows mixed?

    Hmm so i have a chance to buy a lightly used Rift w/ Touch Controller for $225.. im thinking of pulling the trigger. However i was eye balling the Windows Sets granted is it worth buying one of those newer sets for $400-$500 or at the price of $225 rift just good deal to grab?
  26. K

    What Tool for Automation?

    I am looking for something like Puppet or Chef that can be used for automation. It needs to be agentless, and preferably free or at least not very expensive. I would like it to at least work with Windows and VMware, but support for Linux and network devices would also be nice. I was considering...
  27. C

    FS: Windows 8.1 and 10 PRO Licenses

    These licenses are 'single use' or 'OEM' licenses. The PCs that they arrived on have never been online, never activated, and are scheduled to be re-imaged with our volume license. Presently I only have Windows 8.1 PRO and Windows 10 PRO. Windows 8.1 licenses will allow for an easy upgrade to...
  28. Carouselambra

    Switching back to Android from Windows. What phone?

    Like the title says. I have a Lumia 950 that I love. However it's gotten to the point where the app store is my breaking point. I use my phone for Calling, Texting, Pictures, and Instagram. I don't use the internet much and I don't play games on it. However, recently I've run into things I...
  29. Q

    Windows - 64 bit only?

    Is it possible to strip out all the 32 bit support in Windows 10 and run it as 64 bit only? Is there any benefit to so doing? If it's not possible now, would there be any advantages of a 64 bit-only Windows?
  30. R

    Microsoft Announces The Windows Bounty Program

    In a brief Blog post today, Microsoft has announced the "Windows Bounty Program." Microsoft have been offering bug bounties since 2012, but are now extending the program to all features of the Windows Insider Preview including Windows Defender Application Guard, and Edge. I was not aware of...
  31. Q

    Windows Surface Mobile: Microsoft might actually be getting it right

    Windows Central has a very interesting speculation piece here about the future of Windows and Microsoft in the mobile space. Whether it's correct or not, only time will tell but it makes a couple of telling points. Firstly, that for Microsoft to succeed at the next iteration it's necessary that...
  32. D

    Sadly MPC-HC may have reached the end of its development Well, it's still my go to video player on Windows, and I will continue to use it for the foreseeable future. Never liked VLC at all, never found anything else that works nearly as well and is coded so well either - in many many years...
  33. FrgMstr

    Windows Defender Application Guard to Use Virtualized Environment

    There are a lot of HardOCP readers that know the value of a virtual machine running on your desktop when it comes to security and now Microsoft seems to be following suit. In an upcoming version of Windows we will be seeing Microsoft isolate its Edge browser in a Hyper V container. This is...
  34. FrgMstr

    Why Windows Vista Sucked

    While we try to stay away from bringing up bad memories, Terry Crowley over a Hackernoon has a very good article entitled, What Really Happened with Vista. Before you start self-cutting again, Terry's take on this is much more specific than any I have read in the past, and much more technical...
  35. M

    Dead? Not Dead? Zombie? YOU DECIDE!! (GTX 780)

    I have an EVGA GTX 780 SC ACX and it kinda doesn't work but also does. On one hand, the card displays nothing until it gets into windows, and then the Monitor turns on. Still doesn't display anything, but the monitor turns on and stays on. On the other hand, I can still use nvflash, things like...
  36. Zarathustra[H]

    Ubisoft’s Uplay Ending Vista Support

    This may not come as a surprise, as Vista's official EOL is tomorrow, and only about 0.10% of Steam users actually still use Vista, but Ubisoft has just announced that Uplay is ending Vista support. Vista users will retain access to their games, but will be unable to receive future PC client...
  37. cageymaru

    Kdenlive Video Editor now has a Windows Version

    Usually you hear about applications that transition from Windows to Linux. But the developers of Kdenlive have flipped this development cycle on its head with the recent release of a Windows version in addition to the already well received Linux version. Kdenlive is non-linear video editor...
  38. FrgMstr

    AMD Ryzen and the Windows 10 Scheduler - No Silver Bullet

    So we have seen all sorts of theories batted around here for days now about why the AMD Ryzen CPUs show poor gaming performance at 1080p resolutions and below. One of the reasons that has been rumored heavily has been put to the fault of the Windows Scheduler. PCPer has a full look, with tons...
  39. Zarathustra[H]

    Microsoft Confirms Windows Issue is Holding back AMD's Ryzen?

    Well, not so fast. Guru3D has a story to this effect running today, and while it does look like Microsoft's statements suggest that they are looking to patch things for Ryzen, I have never seen anyone put so many weasel words into a single tweet before. That's impressive considering the 140...
  40. Zarathustra[H]

    Android Challenges Windows as World’s Most Popular Operating System in Terms of Internet Usage

    So there you have it. This is presumably why Microsoft has been so worried, and has been so heavy handed in trying to force people into its ecosystem, rather than just trying to rely on a traditional operating system model. If current trends continue Q1 -Q2 some time of 2017 will be when...