Sadly MPC-HC may have reached the end of its development


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Well, it's still my go to video player on Windows, and I will continue to use it for the foreseeable future. Never liked VLC at all, never found anything else that works nearly as well and is coded so well either - in many many years of use I cannot honestly recall a single instance of MPC-HC crashing on me, not one. VLC? Almost every time I attempt to use it it'll have some issue of some kind so I rarely ever fire it up (portable, as most of my software is). I know there are other media players out there as well but, MPC-HC is a great program and I for one will keep this last version stashed in several locations for safe-keeping. ;)

So long, MPC-HC, and thanks for all the vids...
Same, go to player also. Had some issues with subtitles being picked up though but that's it. Perfect otherwise!
Sad to see it go. But really, winamp finished development ages ago and still in daily use so, I don't see MPC disappearing in a hurry.
Does MPC have a high-speed playback feature that leaves dialog intelligible? That's what I couldn't find. It's why I use VLC. I can play back a video at 2x in VLC like you can on YouTube(even a little faster) and still make sense out of dialog. Really handy with instructional videos or whatever. But, I keep MPC on standby, since sometimes VLC will choke on a random file here or there.
I switched over to MPC-BE years ago; it's still actively developed and looks better than MPC-HC.
mpc-hc isn't going anywhere.. It has new devs now..