1. VanGoghComplex

    Beat Saber is Awesome - I need new arms

    I know this is likely to be ancient news to most, but I don't have any friends who VR and wanted to share. For whatever reason, I held off a long time on buying Beat Saber. I think I was harboring some kind of grudge against it for being such a simple, "casual" game. A couple days ago, I finally...
  2. P

    Humble Bundle VR sale

    Humble currently has a fantastic bundle chock-full of VR's best games...the first payment tier starts at $1 and gets you Cosmic Trip and Smashbox Arena, both of which have 'Very Positive' user reviews on Steam...the next tier gets you Gorn, Budget Cuts, and Space Pirate Trainer...lastly, there's...
  3. E

    Humble VR Bundle

    Hey guys, saw this went up and immediately picked it up https://www.humblebundle.com/games/vr-bundle $1 or more Smashbox arena and cosmic trip More than average $14 currently Gorn!, Space trainer!, and Budget Cuts! 15 or more Superhot VR and Moss I have been wanting to get all of the mid...
  4. viivo

    Does the Rift S possess any features that would make it a must-have over the Odyssey+?

    Prices notwithstanding, is there anything about the Rift S which makes it objectively better than the Odyssey+, or anything about the Odyssey which makes it worse?
  5. MavericK

    The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

    Haven't picked this up yet, but may check it out with my Boneworks refund money. A bit more expensive, but apparently a lot more "game" than Boneworks from what I've heard. Anyone have any experience with this one? It's getting some pretty rave reviews.
  6. L

    VR Core Scaling (specifically 6 vs 8). Any data?

    From the information I've been able to find there is a suggestion that VR does have some more scaling with core count relative to conventional gaming. Well at least in terms of benefiting more from having >4c/8t more so than conventional gaming. What I'm unable to find is more direct...
  7. NoxTek

    Oculus Rift 2017, Best VR games?

    So I've had a 2017 era Rift kit sitting unopened in the box for over a year now. This is the version immediately previous to the Rift S and Quest releases. What games or apps are must haves or must experience in your opinion? Keep in kind that I can't do S or Quest exclusive titles - they...
  8. C

    HTC Vive Pro Headset Permanently Reduced to $600

    https://www.roadtovr.com/htc-vive-pro-headset-permanently-reduced-to-600/ A long time coming, and still missed the mark. Not at least matching the Index is a massive mistake. Will help the used market buyers at least!
  9. ibex333

    Is VR even worth it?

    My B-Day is coming up and I want to make myself a present. Whatever in $500-700 range should be ok, IF it's actually worth it. I did a quick Google search, and it doesn't look like theres very many "good" VR games out there.. i'm talking truly AAA titles like Fallout 4 or Resident Evil 7. I...
  10. babelmh13

    Oculus Quest - Chromecast

    Having an issue where my oculus quest can only see my chromecast ultra if its on my 2.4ghz channel of my router, and not if i set everything up on my 5ghz channel... Anyone else experience this? I am able to see the chromecast ultra and cast youtube from my phone on the 5ghz channel though...
  11. Youn

    Quest Hand Tracking

    users can now open a browser and flip Facebook the bird Shame there isn't a launch game, but could be they sorta cracked the code earlier than expected. Does this put Knuckles to shame, will we always want a controller for that tactile feel or haptics? I can't imagine gun hand gestures to be...
  12. B

    Oculus will now require Facebook login for social features and ad targeting

    https://gizmodo.com/oculus-will-now-require-facebook-login-to-use-social-fe-1840376657 Apparently it can be opted out of but I think we all know that that won't last:
  13. Youn

    Half-Life: Alex (VR-only)

  14. Supercharged_Z06

    Quest now supports Oculus Rift VR Games

    You can now play Oculus Rift PC VR games using just the Quest (via a single USB 3 tether cable): https://www.oculus.com/blog/play-rift-content-on-quest-with-oculus-link-available-now-in-beta/
  15. R

    A Half Life VR Game Coming Soon (RUMOR)

    Half-Life: Alyx is the next VR game from Valve, to be announced next month, releases in March 2020 https://www.dsogaming.com/news/rumour-half-life-alyx-is-the-next-vr-game-from-valve-to-be-announced-next-month-releases-in-march-2020/
  16. Supercharged_Z06

    AAA VR titles are starting to deliver...

    OK, AAA VR titles are now really starting to gain some solid traction... and attention. Asgard's Wrath: Stormland: Boneworks:
  17. FrgMstr

    New Events

    This guy was my business partner before we had to deal with cancer. He has been live in person events for a year now in Cali. He is taking it online now and setting up competitions. His focus has been rally, but he is now getting into the drifting community.
  18. modi123

    DreamWalker - A short walk closer to rejecting your reality and substituting a new one..

    Microsoft researchers have made some leaps with VR with a project called 'DreamWalker'. These cats strapped on a VR head set, told it where they wanted to go, and the VR set navigated them to their destination but in the meantime the displayed information is a city and what not. The program...
  19. cageymaru

    Tetris Effect Is Available for Preorder

    The Tetris Effect is available for preorder on the Epic Games Store. The game will have support for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It is $39.99 with a limited time discount to $31.99.
  20. cageymaru

    Tetris Effect Is Coming to PC

    The Tetris Effect is coming to PC on July 23, 2019. The Epic Games Store exclusive will have VR support for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. There is a 20% discount that will lower the price from $39.99 to $31.99. The discount offer ends on August 6th.
  21. Supercharged_Z06

    VR HTC Vive HMD + controllers + Deluxe audio headstrap. (No Lighthouses

    Upgraded to the Index, so selling my Vive, minus the Lighthouses. HMD is in excellent shape - like new condition. https://www.ebay.com/itm/VR-HTC-Vive-with-controllers-Deluxe-audio-headstrap-Sold-WITHOUT-Lighthouses/113817010440
  22. cageymaru

    Tetris Effect - PlayStation 4 with PSVR Support Is $20

    Tetris Effect - PlayStation 4 is $20 at Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Tetris-Effect-PlayStation-4/dp/B07DK4T1X1/ Tetris Effect - PlayStation 4 at Best Buy is $20. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/tetris-effect-playstation-4/6307105.p?skuId=6307105
  23. C

    Refurbished Samsung Odyssey+ on Amazon w/free shipping and 90 day Amazon warranty - $259

  24. Dayaks

    Steam Summer Sale!!

    I picked up Super Hot, Doom VR, and Five Nights at Freddys (which was full price but the kids are going to lose their shit.) You guys find any good deals on must haves? I am a bit out of the loop on VR games.
  25. cageymaru

    Borderlands VR PC Port [Rumor]

    Well known Twitter user Wario64 says he saw a listing for Borderlands VR.
  26. D

    PC Deidicated For VR Gaming

    So I’m new to the whole VR world, I kinda dipped into it a little back when oculus was first announced years ago but never tried again. Now I want to build a dedicated rig just for VR gaming and VR movies. What would I be looking at in terms of specs. Is the processor important or the GPU more...
  27. lostinseganet

    The beginning of 4K (Per Eye) VR gaming...The Pimax 8Kx

    This will be the rez level that would make me take the plunge.
  28. Factum

    The state of VR - Lost it's steam?

    I have seen VR being promised a lot of times (I think the first time was around 20 years ago): Now I see the same patteren emerge once again...first major publicity, an influx of hardware...and then it kinda dies off again. The pace of news slows down...then the hardware options slows...
  29. cageymaru

    Varjo Creates a VR Display Suitable for Use While Driving

    Varjo has announced a partnership with Volvo to create a VR HMD that is suitable for use while driving. It is already in use on Scandinavian roads according to Volvo. The goal of the project is to create mixed reality apps that integrate seamlessly into the real world. Press release from...
  30. cageymaru

    Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition Is a Stylus for Your Virtual World

    The Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition is a Stylus that designers, modelers, artists and more can use in VR. Since it uses a physical pen shape, users will instantly become familiar with using it. Here are some of the videos that Logitech released demonstrating the stylus in use. It works with the...
  31. Supercharged_Z06

    Oculus Quest

    Picked up a Quest so that my kids would leave my PC VR rig alone... well that worked great for about a day until the wife stole the Quest to start watching Netflix with it. Portability on the Quest is pretty awesome. Here she is eating a rice crispy treat and binge watching Netflix while...
  32. Z

    Extensions cords for Oculus Rift to use in other room?

    I can't be the only one who has thought of this, but my room is not that far from the living room and I want to know if there was a way I could extend the HDMI and the USBs that I need for the sensor hmd into the living room without there being any problems. Is there a length limit that I could...
  33. kniwor

    What is the time split for your use of VR Headsets

    Hi, I want to own one, but I am not sure what I would be using this for. Someone gave me an Oculus GO as a gift and it is cool, but has limited use for me. Though I am curious about buying a Rfit. For those who own a Rfit/some other VR headset, what is the breakdown of time spent on it? Movies...
  34. C

    Samsung Odyssey+ back on sale for $300 w/free shipping and returns

    https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/samsung-hmd-odyssey/8n2d0nk20p8m/jtx4 This is the lowest price I've seen for the O+ since the Black Friday sale. It's probably the best portable VR headset currently out there and compares very favorably against the Vive and Rift. I have one and definitely...
  35. D

    Any HTC VIVE charging and headsets mount available

    I have two questions I have a htc vive and am wondering if there is any good mount or stand for it eather 3d printed or one i buy and is there any good vive controller charging dock 3d printed or one i buy And is there anyplace online I can still buy a Oculus Rift new because most are sold out
  36. N

    I am not sure if VR is for me

    I don't feel like watching a movie is immerse enough. I am using the default player like media viewer. Any way to change this ?
  37. N

    Do you need a dedicated video card for vr headset?

    If I am only want to watch big budget movies and tv shows ?
  38. A

    Valve Index

    https://store.steampowered.com/sale/valve_index/ Looks like it's finally happening!
  39. cageymaru

    Oculus Rift S Dumps IPD Adjustment in Favor of Marketing

    Palmer Luckey has released a new blog post entitled "I can’t use Rift S, and neither can you." where he discusses Facebook's decision to save money in the design of the Oculus Rift S by getting rid of the interpupillary adjustment feature. IPD (interpupillary distance, the distance between your...
  40. cageymaru

    VRoamer Generates On-The-Fly VR Experiences While Walking Through Buildings

    VRoamer is a new Microsoft Research project that generates VR worlds on-the-fly while users walk through unknown building environments. Players can wear their HMD and no longer have to rely on artificial locomotion techniques such as teleportation. They simply walk through their environment and...