VR gun stock recommendation?

Why not? And if you feel that way, just move along.

What VR platform are you using? Gaim makes some compatible with the Meta Quest. That's really the only thing I've seen.
Currently rocking the Pico 4. I decided to take a chance on a gun stock that looks like it could work well and I'm waiting for it to get shipped to me. It's a Standard stock from a company called Sanlaki: https://sanlaki.shop/collections/all/products/magnetic-vr-rifle-gunstock?variant=42102444327092

Going to try this stock, but definitely looking for recommendations if it doesn't work out. I recently got into an awesome game called Ghosts of Tabor which is literally Escape From Tarkov VR and it's very addictive, but I'm always missing my shots slightly due to angling my front hand up.
I recently bought a reference design RX 7900 XT and one of the reasons I got it was in a pre release review it suggested that the USB C port on my video card would be making those who engage in VR very happy.

Are there any stocks that have the feel of an M4 carbine?
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I've been attempting to use the Sanlaki stock, but at the moment, I don't believe it's for me. Ghosts of Tabor requires basically every type of interaction you can think of and the gun stock sadly gets in the way. If I was using it with just games like Pavlov or Onward or others that rely on simply shooting it would probably work wonderfully. Going back to unhindered Pico 4 controllers for now.