Ghosts of Tabor - VR Escape from Tarkov


Limp Gawd
Nov 9, 2013
Pretty much, if you played Escape from Tarkov, you've played Ghosts of Tabor, but with a twist. Ghosts of Tabor is pure VR of the best variety. It's complex, engaging, fun, and quite intensive. This is a hardcore military extraction shooter where you suit up in whatever you gear you have or can buy, head into a raid, and get out with anything and everything you can find. The developers of this game are making sure that every aspect is full VR and unique from other VR FPS games. One of the coolest is the fact that all your loot is real and has to be placed in your safehouse leading to awesome shots of walls of guns, counters filled with attachments, grenades, food, etc. and mannequins sporting your favorite helmets and armor. The game has it's bugs, but damn, no other game comes CLOSE to what this is doing and every single raid you go into will be completely different, you could meet brand new players just starting out who you can help, kill, or even betray or meet heavily armed squads who are armed to the teeth ready to wreck your ****. Game is in alpha, but DAMN, it's got an incredibly solid foundation and the future looks amazing with new levels, equipment, and even craftable weapons coming in the future. It's a real, genuine time sink that will keep sucking you in with incredible highs to devastating lows.