1. J

    MyBook Duo : Power Light Blinking RED

    Click here for details of my current Issue I am not getting much feedback from WD as if and how I can resolve this. Should I consider a RAID enclosure replacement? If so which brand/model should I get? Recommendations? Anyone? Thanks JM
  2. I

    Best way to set up 24-drive ZFS NAS?

    Hi all, Your wisdom and experience would be highly appreciated with the following query. I am setting up a 24-drive NAS (QNAP TS-h1283XU-RP). The hardware seems decent (Xeon E-2236 6-core 3.4 GHz, 128GB ECC RAM). The system volume will reside on an m.2 drive. For cold storage, there are 12...
  3. S

    Areca 1882x RAID Controller Hard Drive Recommendations

    HI, I'm a television editor and new to the forum. Years ago I built a RAID for video editing using an ARECA 1882x which has worked great. Recently the 4tb HGST drives started dying and I want to replace the drives. Is there a limit to the size of SATA drives this older card can handle? I...
  4. J

    Enabling software RAID 5 in Windows 7

    Hello, I want to do RAID 5 in SOFTWARE in windows 7 but unfortunately the option is for win server 08. It's artificial limitation. Does anyone know how to workaround this? Windows xp can do it via hack.
  5. R

    Need new drives to upgrade our 10k SAS 6Gbps 2.5 hotplugs; recommendations?

    We have a Dell PowerEdge R720 and we currently have three (3) 900GB 10K RPM SAS 6Gbps 2.5in Hot-plug Hard Drive in RAID 5 for a total of 1.8TB of storage. The server has 32GB of RAM and an Intel Xeon E5-2620 CPU @ 2.00Ghz. We would like to upgrade our drives to more storage and hopefully more...
  6. R

    FS: delete

  7. A

    HighPoint SSD7101A NVMe RAID controller fails unpredictably

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum, and I have a huge problem: I bought an HighPoint SSD7101A NVMe RAID controller (PCIe) for my hackintosh (a PC with Mojave running). I built a first raid with 4x Sabrent Rocket NVMe 2TB. After made the raid-0 via WebGUI and formatted in HFS+ in Disk Utility...
  8. Z

    FS: Black Friday $400 4x 6TB WD NAS RED (24TB)

    Hello, Just moved my home array Promise TB3 to 12TB drives. I'm looking to sell 4x WD NAS Red 6TB drvies (Warranty 2019 to 2021) As always, I include a gift (CPU, RAM, SSD, ect... just ask). Also, I have 8x 8TB that i'll be replacing as well. Ask for a bundle deal! Thanks Z! FS: 4x 6TB...
  9. B

    NAS Noob Question: Synology DS218j add new storage pool

    Disclaimer: I know jack about an NAS. I bought a Synology DS218j so I could have an always-on network storage device to stream movie and TV show files without having my PC on 24-hours a day. The Western Digital white 10 TB drive in my DS218j is getting close to capacity, so I bought and added...
  10. M

    8-port hardware RAID under Windows 7, /w 8TB drives

    Hi, I need some advice for updating my computer. I've been using a Supermicro X10SAE "Workstation" (Xeon E3 with 32GB ECC RAM) under Windows 7 for several years now, with an LSI 9211-8i (IR) card as a RAID controller. This has worked brilliantly, until I decided to replace my 1TB hard disks...
  11. A

    Using cheap SSDs in RAID in 2019?

    I'm looking for some advice on a cheap solution for fast(ish) storage for VMs. I was thinking of using 2 x 1TB Samsung 860 Evo in an MDADM RAID 1 setup on Linux. Since I will be sharing out this storage as ISCSI for ESXI (i.e. it will be a big chunk of storage shared out, not individual files...
  12. postcd

    Anyone knows about SW solution to encrypted multi HDD storage with deduplication?

    Hello, i want to speak up about my problem i am long time thinking about and unable to solve despite of searching and also asking on other sites. Sumary is in the title of this page. Currently i am having Windows system that i do not want to leave. I need to store around 7TB of data and...
  13. MavericK

    RAID Woes with Asus P6T Deluxe (v1)

    Wasn't really sure where to post this, but we'll try here. I recently rotated my i7 920 build out of "main PC" use, so I was going to reuse it as a storage / VM box to play around on. Using the Asus P6T Deluxe original version with the SAS controller. I did a full CMOS reset and started from...
  14. C

    Areca ARC-8050T - DrivePulse shows damaged areas, consistency check shows zero errors

    Hey all, I've got an Areca ARC-8050T 6-bay (less than 6 months old) with 5 Seagate Ironwolf drives in a RAID 5 array. It's been performing great. However, I've been running Drive Genius from Prosoft, which monitors drive health in the background. It recently started giving error messages...
  15. dvsman

    Only 2 drives in a Ryzen RAID array?

    So I'm migrating from a 5930K setup to a 2700x+Asrock Taichi x470 setup and for the life of me I can't figure out how to move my 2 raid arrays. Using Windows and /or Intel RST I had a 4x SSD RAID0 and a 2x HD RAID1 - both were setup and worked without problems. Setting up my HD array (2x 3TB...
  16. B

    Opinions/Suggestions on Encrypting Main SSDs in Laptops & Home Server...

    I have been thinking about this for some time and am having trouble coming to a conclusion, so maybe the hive can help me out. Due to health issues, I have been a bit out of the tech loop for the last couple of years, so please bear with me. My wife and I have moved to using laptops as our main...
  17. B

    Cooling Suggestions for LSI SAS card? (LSI 9207-8i)

    I recently had an LSI 9211 SAS card die on me and i'm fairly sure it's because cooling was inadequate. Despite the whole internet telling me they need decent airflow, I decided to chance it in a tiny case (U-NAS NSC-800) with limited airflow. So while a replacement (LSI 9207-8i) is en route, i'm...
  18. C

    SSD Raid on a Lenovo TS140 using IBM M5015 RAID Card for ESXi?

    Hello, I have a TS140 that I need to deploy ESXi onto. I also want to have some sort of RAID on the datastore that I store my VMs onto. The system has 3 Intel DC S3500 SATA3 SSDs (1x 80GB, 2x 250GB) I was going to install ESXi on the smaller 80GB SSD and use it for misc storage and RAID-1 the...
  19. MavericK

    Bunch of 2 TB HDDs, best RAID/array solution?

    I've been coming into a lot of 2 TB enterprise drives recently and was thinking of getting an array going. Looking for an inexpensive (sub-$100) solution to build an array, ideally maximizing storage space with a bit of redundancy (RAID 5/6?). This would primarily be for media / general file...
  20. JesterOI

    WTB socket AM2 motherboard w/ SLI and RAID that can run Athlon II x4 645

    Hopefully not a shot in the dark... I had my ASUS M2N32 SLI Deluxe stop posting on me, but want to keep the system. An exact replacement would be easiest for me, but just getting it back up and running would be great. Thanks, Geoff
  21. Z

    FS: Pre-Cyber Monday sale! 44TB (11x4TB)

    Hello, I'm cleaning again and have 9x4TB Seagate and 2x4TB Hitachi cool-spin drives. (no warranty) As a bonus I'm throwing in an Areca raid card! (I've got many more Areca/LSI cards if interested) Get 44TB for super cheap!!! 11x 4TB +ARECA $600 + shipping (heavy box!!!) As always I'll...
  22. E

    [FS/T][USA-TN][H] HP Gen8 Microserver | Synology DS413

    What I'm looking for as far as trades purchases go: 4x SAMSUNG 8GB M393B1K70DH0-CK0 2Rx4 PC3-12800R ECC E5-2680 SR0KH 2.7Ghz 8 Core 20MB Cache Dell 1TD00 Heatsink shroud for T7600 5+ Bay Synology NAS Photos are here: HP Gen8 - Used for testing proxmox, unraid...
  23. FrgMstr

    NVME RAID is Here for AMD X399 Threadripper

    While AMD missed its originally promised date of September 25th, it has followed through on its promise of NVME RAID support on new X399 motherboard that support Ryzen Threadripper. AMD has posted full instructions for usage on its community pages. This all sounds like a very good use of all...
  24. Z

    FS: SSD GODMODE! 275GB x 84 SSD (23TB)

    Hello, Do you want to unlock GODMODE for storage? Than buy 84 SSD's at a huge discount! I have finished my SSD upgrade project and have a total of 84 new MX300 SSD's left over. This is an insane amount of drives but I have used almost 400 total in the project. I sold off some to a user on...
  25. Z


    Hello, I have a top of the line, ARECA ARC-1883IX-16 SAS 12Gb/s RAID card for sale with all cables and a Battery Backup. If you want to ball out of control with storage, this ARECA is the card! Can do any RAID level and JBOD as well as support for SSD caching. I have about 20+ RAID cards and...
  26. H

    > FreeNAS on HP ML10 v2

    Hi all, I'd please like to know how many of you succesfully run FreeNAS on the HP ML10 v2 server. What I'm trying to do is building a cheap freenas box (with 8GB RAM) to use for replication of my main freenas machine. So definitely investigating if the RAID controller works when set as AHCI. I...
  27. H

    what cable for a H310 RAID card on a Dell R710?

    Hi, I just ordered on ebay a H310 card for my R710 so that I can flash into IT mode so that I can let FreeNAS play nicely with my drives and overcome the 2TB limitation. I don't have experience at all with backplanes, SAS connection and basic server related hardware.. so I wonder if someone...
  28. A

    How can I tell if a drive fails in a RAID mSATA 2.5" enclosure?

    Hola, I have two Intel 525 mSATA drives in a Syba dual mSATA to 2.5" SATA adapter/enclosure hosting a few critical VMs for ESXi. Here's a link to the enclosure: I'm just wondering, does anyone know of a way I can figure...
  29. Cyber Akuma

    Are you out of luck now if you need drivers or firmware for older LSI cards?

    I was trying to go the LSI's page for my raid card (Megaraid 9260-8i) to check if there were any updates.... and was surprised that I got redirected to Broadcom's page. I guess Broadcom bought LSI recently? Anyway, so I tried navigating their site... and the oldest card they would list in that...
  30. sinisterDei

    FS: 850 EVO 1TB, DDR3 RAM, GPUs, RAID Controller

    I've got a bunch of stuff for sale! All prices include shipping unless noted otherwise. In this thread; scroll down for specifics Corsair 16 GB DDR3 1600 Radeon 7850 Radeon 7750 Areca ARC-1216-4i 4-port RAID card Highpoint 2720SGL 8-port RAID card Highpoint 2640x4 4-port RAID card 16 GB...
  31. D

    35 Disk ZFS Pool, Go or no?

    Ok, I am about to upgrade my last set of 2TB hard drives to 4TB and am wondering how bad of an idea is it to make just one large pool instead of 3 smaller vdevs Right now I have 3 vdev at 11 raidz3 disk each (11x4TB, 11x4TB, 11x2TB), I want to go to one 35x4TB raidz3 + hot spare (36 disk...
  32. B

    Advice & guidance on Render/Video Editing Server + Workstation (10Gbe workflow)

    (Long, robust & complex Video/Rendering thread, sorry in advance!) - Repost from Tom's as well; Hello everyone, thanks in advance for your help! I just build my dream office at home and went for the gusto with upgrading my 5 yo media server too. Ive not got an abundance of storage drives + RAID...
  33. W

    ASRock UEFI RAID Setup - No Driver Mapping / Detected?

    RAID setup instructions I've been following: Pro3+/English.pdf Hoping someone can point me in the right direction as I feel like I've tried every combination of settings I can think of in the UEFI control panel and I'm still at a loss...
  34. J

    Does Areca 1320 HBA card work on a desktop board: Asus z97 Pro-Gamer

    I have a empty pcie slot in which I plan to put a card that'll add to the SATA ports I have. I read about SATA ards and I want to buy this Areca card. But I've read that these things don't work on desktop boards. Please let me know. Since I'll have to import my card I can't experiment much.
  35. A

    Windows 10 - RAID 10

    I currently have Windows 10 installed on a Kingston HyperX 3k 120GB SSD and have a WD 1TB HDD for storage. I am adding 3 more HyperX SSD's to make a RAID 10 array. I will put the OS and programs on the array and continue to use the other drive for storage. In the future I may add a second 1TB...
  36. B

    [How To] Tape Drive + WHS

    Hello Everyone, I bought a HP StorageWorks Ultrium 1760 LTO4 Tape Drive with external SFF8088 and a few LTO4 tapes. I pretend to do backups to my 12TB share and keep them on these tapes in a separated physical location. I though it would be possible to connect the tape drive to my Areca 1880i...
  37. S

    sas hardware raid card?

    I got a user server off of ebay that has this backplane: SAS826EL1 2x SAS connectors Anyone recommend a hardware raid card I could use with this? The server has 12 3.5 slots which I plan to put 4 8tb sata drives in with raid 5 then 6 1tb ssd's in raid 1+0 and finally 2 512gb ssd's in raid 1...
  38. A

    PCIe sharing IRQ's??? - I'm guessing?

    I have an Asus P8B75-V motherboard. My GPU is using the PCIe x16 3.0 slot. I installed a 3ware 9650se in the PCIx x16 2.0 slot and it didn't work. Contacted Asus and they told me that only a graphics card would work in that 2.0 slot. Apparently I can only use the two slots for the same purpose...
  39. B

    File Integrity @ WHS 2011

    Hi all, I'm interested in knowing a little bit more about file integrity with Windows systems. I have a WHS2011 with 16TB in Raid6, I don't feel any problems with loosing data since I am running Raid6 and will also start to make monthly (enough for me) backups to LTO5 Tape. I am curious...
  40. I

    ARECA - Forced to Rebuild Array or another Option?

    I have an Areca 1880 with 12 drives. I believe I'm having power issues as occasionally I'll have drives "fail" randomly. There appears to be nothing wrong with the drive based on the SMART data. My guess is a faulty power connector. My question is, every time a drive "fails", it comes back...