SSD Raid on a Lenovo TS140 using IBM M5015 RAID Card for ESXi?


Sep 1, 2015

I have a TS140 that I need to deploy ESXi onto. I also want to have some sort of RAID on the datastore that I store my VMs onto.

The system has 3 Intel DC S3500 SATA3 SSDs (1x 80GB, 2x 250GB)

I was going to install ESXi on the smaller 80GB SSD and use it for misc storage and RAID-1 the 250GB SSDs for the 2-3 VMs that will be running on there.

The issue I run into on the Lenovo TS140 is that the on-board raid is software raid and that does not work for ESXi, it does not see the RAID only presents the individual disks.

Googling around it looks like a few had success with IBM M5015 RAID cards on the TS140 so I was going to get one of those that comes with battery backup.

Couple of questions...

- Will the RAID card be able to RAID-1 my 2x Intel SATA SSDs?
- Does it require any additional "feature/license" to make this work - that is raid the SSD disk class?

Found some cheap refurb cards on ebay here, was going to connect my SATA disks to the SAS RAID ports using a SFF-8087 Male to 4 SATA 7Pin connector found here.

Would be great to get some confirmation from experts in the community if the RAID/SSD combination will work.