Areca 1882x RAID Controller Hard Drive Recommendations


May 25, 2020

I'm a television editor and new to the forum. Years ago I built a RAID for video editing using an ARECA 1882x which has worked great. Recently the 4tb HGST drives started dying and I want to replace the drives.

Is there a limit to the size of SATA drives this older card can handle? I have my eye on the Toshiba MG06ACA800E or Seagate Iron Wolf 8tb drives. I wrote Areca and all they told me was that the 1882x handles up to 128TB. Has anyone used 8TB drives with the Areca 1882x? Any Drive recommendations?

I've had 6TB drives on the 1880, and up to 12TB drives on the 1882. I want to say I've had 8TB drives on the 1225-8i, which is sort of the 1882x's baby brother, but I can't remember for 100%.

I would guess you would be fine!
Large drives aren't an issue. The 128TB limit is drive size, nor array size as well (I have one larger than that on my card as we speak).