1. K

    EVGA 750 Ti FTW ACX

    dccided to keep for now
  2. K

    1)Hackintosh-ready combo: 4790K/Gigabyte mATX/32GB DDR3 | 2)EVGA NVIDIA GTX 980 Hybrid

    Sale 1 (4790K combo): (sold) Sale 2 (980 hybrid): (sold on reddit)
  3. NoxTek

    HOT! EVGA 600w PSU $30 shipped!

    EVGA 600w 80+ Black PSU - $30 with FREE expedited shipping from Best Buy! EVGA - 80 PLUS 600W ATX 12V/EPS 12V Power Supply - Black This is on SD so it won't last long at all, I just bought 2. A good deal on a halfway decent backup PSU. No, it's not a $80 Corsair or Seasonic, but it's not...
  4. S

    Garage Extermination

    Updated (5/4/2016@12:57 PM EST) Hello Everyone! Long time lurker here, been building up a collection of parts to rival a Fry's warehouse and now it's time to kick it all out the curb (preferably in exchange for compensation). My HeatWare is <Link> Reviews/Feedback for Stromknight |...