1. D10S

    Dice Cases: FLOW (ITX Watercooling Case!)

    Involved in this new itxcase, just as tester, and i'd like to show this "Expandable SFF Case for watercooling enthusiasts" https://dicecases.com/#home SPECIFICATIONS BASE DIMENSIONS 12.5L-21.1L VOLUME 209 X 161 X 372 MM EXPANDED DIMENSIONS 1st expand: 27mm (fans, drives) 235 X 162 X...
  2. S

    NEW CASE! Is there any interest in an SFF case capable of holding 2x 280mm radiators?

    Just as the title says: is there any interest in a case roughly the volume of the Ncase M1, but capable of holding two 30mm thick 280mm radiators? I am in the (early) process of creating such a case for myself; but since I'll be doing the work of creating the case anyway, I wanted to gauge...
  3. SHNS0

    Devotion: a Hardcore Shift X - watercooled, oc'd to the limit, RGBW custom cables.

    A huge ITX system that is all about beauty and raw power. Supported by Watercool Made with <3 by Enter Plasma Main Features: 9900K & RTX 2080 with heavy OC in a Shift X Custom, high end, high performance Watercooling Custom RGBW Cables in MDPC-X Sleeve Custom Illumination "Fixing" the Phanteks...
  4. JosiahBradley

    Finally finished this darn thing. Watercooled Lian Li Dynamic

    [This was my first successful custom water cooling loop, go gentle] So I was finally able to finish my extremely long overdue water cooling loop. I'm sure no one remembers my custom case project by this point, but I basically gave up on it until I decide to get mini itx or some nonsense. So the...
  5. 5150Joker

    FS: New EK Fittings (Black Nickel) + EK-Coolstream CE 420 Rad for Sale! *Low bulk price*

    SOLD Bought the radiator and the compression fittings brand new direct from EK but decided not to use them (going with 12mm instead of 16mm). Everything is brand new and unused as noted in the descriptions below: Bulk Discount Price: $165 shipped for everything. Payment: PayPal or Google...
  6. Z

    $2,000 PC Build - Any good?

    ***UPDATE Please see post #12 for updated parts/questions Hello Everyone! Its been some time since I have posted here, but glad to see the forum live and strong. Putting together my 1st water cooling build and need your advice/opinion/critic. I already have a GTX 1060 and will be reusing my...
  7. cageymaru

    PC Gaming Crushes Console Gaming in New Survey

    The much maligned PC gaming sector has received a boost in a new survey conducted by EEDAR. According to the 2018 Gamer Segmentation Report conducted on 5,000 US gamers, mobile gaming is the number one way to play games as 90% of those surveyed chose that option. But then it gets interesting...
  8. B

    Enigma - the rigid copper pipe watercooled Pc project build

    Hey guys (and gals)!! First timer here at hard forums, and I just had a few questions and I was hoping to run into someone who has experience. It seems that the customary thing to do is list specs (Sry I think I've only ever posted a handful of times in my life) so here they are: - I5 8600k @...
  9. S

    FS: EK Supremacy Full Copper CPU Waterblock and 2x Bitspower Black 45* Rotary 7/16ID x 5/8OD Fitting

    EK Supremacy Full Copper $60 shipped (backplate is on the way from Newegg) Bought used, just cleaned as best as I could (vinegar + ultrasonic bath), 99% of corrosion gone. Haven't actually tested it, but I have no reason to suspect it would leak. 2x Bitspower 45* Rotary Compression 7/16"ID x...
  10. FrgMstr

    HEATKILLER IV Pro Threadripper Water Block Review @ [H]

    HEATKILLER IV Pro Threadripper Water Block Review WaterCool.de does not mess around when it comes to water cooling enthusiasts computers for well over a decade now. Many of us have been waiting with bated breath for Watercool's entry into the Threadripper cooling market, and it finally is with...
  11. FrgMstr

    WaterCool.De HEATKILLER IV PRO Goes with the Flow

    We were getting the HEATKILLER IV PRO water block fired up here on the test bench for a bout of AMD Threadripper abuse and I left a bunch of extra air in the lines so we could get a look at the flow pattern during startup.
  12. cageymaru

    25% Off Orders at FrozenCPU for President's Day

    Seems that FrozenCPU is running a 25% off all orders over $100 for President's Day. The code to use at checkout is "presidents". In honor of president's day we are issuing a 25% off coupon on all in stock purchases over $100 dollars from Friday 2/16/2018 until midnight Monday 2/19/2018. Use...
  13. R

    EK Issues Apology For Threadripper Waterblocks

    Manufacturer of custom watercooling equipment EK issued an apology yesterday for it's AMD Threadripper waterblocks. The EK-Supremacy EVO Threadripper Edition CPU water blocks were "not up to EK standards so action had to be taken." EK has come up with a new cold plate for Threadripper...
  14. S

    Which coolant do I need?

    I did some looking on Reddit and some other forms and didn't come up with anything solid. My question is about the liquid I need for my parts. A nickel plated mono block on my impact 8. A nickel plated fury x block. And a nexxos xt 45 full copped rad. Tubing is ek-zmt. Any help would be...
  15. FrgMstr

    Reeven NAIA 240 All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler Review @ [H]

    Reeven NAIA 240 All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler Review Today we are reviewing Reeven's first AIO cooler to come to market, the NAIA 240. It breaks with tradition a bit in that it is a refillable system rather than permanently closed as we see in many others. Let's see if its Frag-Harder lights and...
  16. FrgMstr

    Phanteks GLACIER G1080 FOUNDERS EDITION TI Unboxing

    When we took delivery of the Phanteks Threadripper waterblock, we also asked Phanteks to send over its waterblock for the GTX 1080 Ti. We are getting it out onto the test bench and show you what is in the box. Damn that is purty.
  17. FrgMstr

    More Threadripper Waterblocks Come to Market - Watercool and Swiftech

    We have seen huge delta in Threadripper cooling since launch (TR4 cooing reviews here, here, here and here), and along with what has been a very narrow market, we are now seeing some more players show up. Watercool has announced its new TR4 block and has it up for pre-buy as of tomorrow...
  18. FrgMstr

    XSPC RayStorm Threadripper Waterblock on Ryzen 7 @ [H]

    XSPC RayStorm Threadripper Waterblock on Ryzen 7 If you could mount your Threadripper custom cooling waterblock on your socket AM4 Ryzen 7 CPU, wouldn't you? Of course the answer is yes. However, the results turned out a bit different than we thought those might.
  19. C

    New build/loop for my x7800

    This WC build will be for my 7800x. Wish me luck :) Case *TBD* but the cases top on my list will support the below build. EK-COOLSTREAM XE 360 (TRIPLE) $99.99 1 $99.99 MODMYTOYS RED CARBON FIBER ENHANCED COMPRESSION FITTINGS, 3/8" X 1/2" SIX PACK - CHROME $35.95 1 $35.95 KOOLANCE QD3 QUICK...
  20. FrgMstr

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper XSPC RayStorm Neo Waterblock Unboxing

  21. N

    FS: 4TB HDDs—Corsair H100—Geforce 1070

    Corsair H100 (not i): Just removed from my i7 3930K. Comes with original box. $60 + shipping. 4TB HDDs: These are around 1-2 years old. Working fine in my current system but I'm upgrading it. External = external enclosures included. TOSHIBA MD04ACA400 : 4TB (External) — $90 + shipping In...
  22. FrgMstr

    ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 1080 Ti Platinum Edition - Part 2 @ [H]

    ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 1080 Ti Platinum Edition - Part 2 - It’s time to let the liquid flow and put the ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 1080 Ti Platinum Edition to the ultimate test. We will connect a Koolance Liquid Cooling System and test GPU frequency, gaming performance, and of course push the video...
  23. K

    AMD R9 290 Watercooled - Kraken G10, Kraken x31, Gelid VRM Kit

    AMD R9 290 Watercooled - Kraken G10, Kraken x31, Gelid VRM Kit I don't have a lot of Ebay feedback since I don't use it much, but here is my heatware. Feel free to PM or respond with any questions. Good condition. Had this card for less than 2 years, bought a Kraken G10, Kraken x31 and Gelid...
  24. P

    Dry ice in combination with Custom Loop?!

    Hi Yall, I have spare Aquacomputer GTX Titax X ( 700 series ) waterblock. I was thinking (out side the box a little) what would happen if i added it into my custom loop, have it placed GPU side facing up inside tub and fill it with "dry ice" . Thoughts ? Added pic of the PC, PS 2nd strix is...
  25. C

    My "Show" Build: Hard Line Watercooled/5 GHz/RGB/Android monitor/P5 open case PIC HEAVY

    Thank you for checking out my build! More pics below, or here: http://imgur.com/a/xFLZx First watercooled rig. First time overclocking. Second PC build for me. Many parts were reused from my previous build and bought on sale. Used for daily work (teleconferencing) and 4k 60hz gaming. I also do...
  26. Kattstrumpa

    [Album] Finished my NCASE M1 build yesterday..

    So I just finished this mITX build in the NCASE M1. I'm very satisfied with the results and the PC works great. The idea sprung from seeing Bluehandstech's M1 build, I instantly knew I had to get this case and watercool it. I decided early on that I was to use hardline tubing only, and with...
  27. S

    How big of a reservoir do I need?

    I am planning my water cooling setup now for when I build my new PC. I decided to water cool this one since i have not done that in 15 years or so. I know what I want to use for my reservoir, but not sure how much volume of liquid I will need. I am only planning on cooling the CPU, GPU, and...
  28. Thug Esquire


    Everything is in good or very good condition, some is nearly mint. All prices include shipping to the lower 48 unless specified otherwise, and everything includes the original box unless specified otherwise. Most items include their original accessories as well. Everything will arrive clean. As...
  29. W

    AMD Ryzen and WC

    So I have a box of bitspower fittings, extra D5 pumps, and 2-3 fan rads that were semi-retired (or put away for the time being) after my last build... I've moved over to an easy to manage AIO H100i and lightly OC'ing the 2600K and am running my 980ti on the stock cooler... suits my needs atm...
  30. E

    White case that can support a 360mm and a huge 980ti?

    I have a Swiftech 360mm rad, a Swiftech pump, and a swiftech res I'd all need to fit in this case, as well as my 13+ inch Zotac 980ti. I would prefer a white case, a window works but isn't necessary. Any suggestions?
  31. M

    FS/FT: PC Water Cooling setup

    Used this on an AMD FX-8350 setup that pushes 4.4GHz. Everything works just fine. I'm just getting too old/busy to bother with the maintenance required for a water cooling setup. Heatware: MrBaz UPDATED PRICES Items: EK-Supermecy EVO -- $45 D5 Photon 170 Reservoir/Pump Combo (Pump has 5...
  32. L

    Watercooling, Air cooling, CaseLabs TH10 and S3

    Hey all just doing some cleaning and move along my watercooling items and couple of computer cases to fund some other hobbies and dreams. Feedback: Heatware: LastLegion Ebay: LastLegionnaire OCN: LastLegion Possible Trades: -Not currently looking for trades but offers are welcome. Other...
  33. magnux

    FS: ASUS MAXIMUS VII HERO, Corsair Vengeance Pro 32GB (4x8GB) 2400 DDR3 Kit, Corsair H110 Extreme

    I unnecessarily upgraded to a Skylake setup, so it's time to unload my Devil's Canyon gear. Local pickup available in Miami, FL (33196). ASUS MAXIMUS VII Hero Motherboard - $120 shipped SOLD Board + I/O plate. Beautiful board. The silly PCI-e retention clip on the top slot is broken (see...
  34. N

    FS: Water Cooling Parts

    *NO LONGER AVAILABLE* I am selling my water cooling parts as I'm moving and it would be a waste to have them sit and collect dust, and too expensive to ship. I've had these parts about two years and I used them to cool my 4770k - 4.6GHz 1.35v with max temps in the 70s. I cleaned and rinsed the...
  35. D

    First watercooled build

    Hi, I'm building my first custom loop. I've build some closed loop Corsair-type systems before, but this is a bit more complicated. - I just got all my parts, but I am not sure how can I make sure that all my parts are working before I start building the loops. There is no cooler that comes...
  36. babelmh13

    Corrosion in Reservoir?

    So I was cleaning my case yesterday when I noticed what appeared to be some corrosion on the silver in my reservoir.. In my loop I use: -EKWB copper/acrylic blocks -Silver bitspower compression fittings -EKWB Coolstream XTX240, XSPC RX360 V3 radiators -A Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 250...
  37. W

    FS:The big unload

    I have two cases and water cooling parts. I just want them gone. Thermaltake Armor: Its an older case and I have most all of the parts. A well-built full-tower case that will take pretty much any equipment you throw at it. The window has been replaced. Comes with every accessory I could find to...
  38. W

    My CPU is too hot. Watercooling advice needed.

    I've just put together my new PC. Specs: GA-Z170X-SOC FORCE i7 6700k (not overclocked atm.) EK-CoolStream PE 240 (dual block) EK-CoolStream SE 120 (single block) EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 PWM (pump) NB-eLoop Fan B12-PS - 120mm PWM (fans on the blocks) My idle is 40C and under stress it is stable at...
  39. hotdun

    WTB: Used 4790K, 16GB DDR3 (2 x 8GB), GTX 670 or 970 Waterblock, CPU Waterblock

    Looking for the following: Used 4790K 16GB DDR3 (2 x 8GB) GTX 670 or 970 Waterblock CPU Waterblock Pump 240mm Radiator Heatware: hotdun | HeatWare.com Can pickup in Los Angeles