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  1. H

    I'm new to VR and looking for a setup to play Steam games. Please advise ...

    Hello all, The title says it all. I am heavily invested in Valve's Steam platform and am looking for a good, but reasonably priced solution to try out VR. The games played will mostly be from Steam. If it helps, I wear glasses. I was looking at buying the Oculus Quest II set that is...
  2. cageymaru

    3dSenVR Adds 3D and VR to NES Games

    3dSenVR is now in Early Access on Steam. 3dSenVR is a unique NES emulator that converts your favorite games into Full 3D & allows you to play it in VR! Previous owners who bought it on Itch.io will receive Steam keys according to this post. For the EA release 48 of the most well known...
  3. cageymaru

    HTC Vive Pro Eye and HTC Vive Cosmos HMDs Announced at CES 2019

    HTC has announced the all new HTC Vive Pro Eye with foveated rendering and eye tracking. It will blur the details of the screen where the user isn't staring to save system resources. This also allows the image details in the area where the user is staring to be sharper as system resources can be...
  4. cageymaru

    The Steam Blog Documents Its "Best of 2018" Lists

    The Steam Blog has released its "Best of 2018" list that cover the following categories: Top Selling Games of 2018, Top Selling New Releases of 2018, Top Selling VR Titles of 2018, Top Early Access Grads of 2018, and the Most Played Games of 2018. Valve has grouped the games into four...
  5. Hagrid

    Fallout 4 VR only for Vive?

    I was reading that they are going to remake Fallout 4 into VR using the core game. So they are going to lose quite a bit of money they could be making from the Oculus crowd. I read something about a lawsuit from Zenimax or some crap. Who cares. I thought that they would rather make money than...
  6. R

    Killing floor incursion, thoughts?

    Just seen this pop up https://www.oculus.com/blog/killing-floor-incursion-pre-orders-now-live/ Any thoughts? Looks like it could be big fun. Might preorder just to get the discount lol
  7. Supercharged_Z06

    My 11 year old doing 128mph in a go-gart

    Gotta love VR! :D
  8. Z

    HTC Vive Review and Impressions (Long)

    Been reading through the threads and i'll give my impressions after having the Vive and playing with virtually all the best games on the Steam Store. Setup: The setup was super easy. Little work had to go into it to mount the lighthouses, and I had a little issue only that the space I had...
  9. O

    Elite: Dangerous Locked to 44fps while using Vive

    Hi guys, I am having serious trouble getting Elite: Dangerous to work on the HTC Vive. I get lots of stuttering when looking around (though not while moving, oddly). EVGA precision reports 44fps in the game window that displays on the monitor. I don't know if this framerate is necessarily the...
  10. G

    Starbreeze teams up with Acer to manufacture the StarVR headset

    Starbreeze partners with Acer for StarVR headset manufacture - Graphics - News - HEXUS.net I personally thought this VR headset would never make it into production, happily it looks like I was wrong.
  11. Supercharged_Z06

    VR Sim Chair build for Vive/Rift

    Well, I've gotten a few questions from folks on how I built this, so I thought I'd post a few more pics and share some info. Here's the completed Sim Chair: Not counting the HOTAS, wheel and pedals, it cost just under $500 to build. Got the leather seat from a local pick-n-pull junk yard out...
  12. M


    anyone here having any luck getting REVIVE to work with the VIVE. I keep getting headtset not detected and controller issues :\
  13. dr.stevil

    So I wonder what the future of VR holds once people start hurting themselves

    saw this over on reddit lol While it's pretty humorous, I wonder how long it will take before someone seriously hurts themselves and, legally, goes after the hardware manufacturers or even software developer. A few feet to the right and she could of thrown herself through a glass door...
  14. S

    Any non VR games that work on Oculus/Vive?

    Are there any non vr games that work with vr headsets? I was thinking in 3d vision compatible games or games that support head tracking like flight simulator.
  15. U

    Favorite VR experiences

    As I'm messing around with Vive, wanted to see what are you guys liking the most on both platforms? So far, my top 3 would be: Fantastic Contraption - great use of roomscale and controllers, and seems like an actual full fun game so far Virtual Desktop - cause you need one, SteamVR desktop...
  16. grifter_66

    Vive/Rift Audio Setup Questions

    Quick question... My primary gaming PC is in my living room and doubles as an HTPC. I have it hooked up to my receiver via HDMI which is required for Dolby Digital HD/Atmos and DTS-MA/DTS-X. Originally I planned on just plugging in the headset as a display but use my existing speakers for audio...
  17. Chaos Machine

    HTC Vive Owners Thread

    Who has one and how do you like it? I'd trust a hardocp forum members review over the likes of fortune or Gizmodo any day lol. Post thoughts, insights, and whatever else comes to mind here.
  18. Nebell

    I'm sitting very close to a 48" 4k tv, is there any point in getting VR?

    Excuse the stupid question, but I have never tried VR and probably won't have a chance to try it. So I had to ask this question since I have no experience with VR. My TV is slighly curved and takes pretty much my whole view. That's why I'm thinking that VR might not impress me that much? What do...
  19. U

    Eve: Valkyrie

    Just got done playing a few rounds online with the DK2 and I gotta say, combat flight sim in VR is just as cool as I always imagined it to be. I seriously can't wait to try it out on the consumer model. The SDE completely bleeds away, don't even notice it so I can only imagine how much better...